One of the challenges of rolling out new enterprise software is getting the user population up-to-speed on it. As well as learning a new application users have to accept the changes to their daily work that new software can bring. No matter how well designed the new application is, or how much the user experience has been improved, we all like to stick to what we know because we have learned to be efficient with our current software and processes.

But the world is changing rapidly and the way we work with software applications is evolving at a phenomenal pace. Cloud-based solutions mean immediate availability of software on our computers and seamless, frequent updates. To keep up, we need fast and efficient ways to learn our way around these software applications and their new and updated features.

SAP’s new onboarding function is making this smooth, simple, and pain-free.

Take a guided tour!

When you first open a new SAP application, a short guided tour points out the key elements of the user interface, and the key functions that will help get your job done. If a new feature is added or something has changed, a guided tour points out the differences the next time you open the app. Those who prefer can jump right into the app at the end of the tour. Those who want more background information can check out links to more documentation and interactive tutorials.


When Molly isn’t there

It’s Q4 closing and Molly, the fountain of all knowledge, is out of the office. What do you do? This stuff has to be finished this evening. No panic, assistance is one click away.

When you click help button, integrated user assistance overlays the app. A help panel slides in from the right and green bubbles highlight areas of the user interface that have assistance attached to them.

If you select a bubble on the UI, a help popover appears with concise and context-relevant assistance. This can include text descriptions and procedures, how-to videos and explanations, or links to further information and learning resources, or even chat with recognized experts. All this content is related to the chosen bubble so you don’t have to sift through pages of information to get to the relevant point.


Alternatively, you can browse through the tiles on the help panel. As you move your mouse over a tile, a green line connects it to the associated bubble so you can quickly see which information is related to which part of the UI.

Or you can find what you need by typing in a search term. The tiles are filtered to only display those relevant to the search.

When you have what you need, you turn the help layer off and get back to finishing the task you were stuck on. If you need help again later, it’s just one click away.

In no time at all, you’ll be at ease with the new SAP app. And maybe you’ll even be rivalling Molly soon as the fountain of all knowledge.

You can trial the onboarding experience here by signing up for a free trial of SAP Simple Finance.

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