Join this free, openSAP online course “Be Visual! Sketching Basic for IT Business” and start learning the very basics of sketching. By applying the practice-oriented tips and tricks in this course, you’ll gain the confidence to present your ideas visually.

The course “Be Visual! Sketching Basic for IT Business” is a 4-week online course where you can learn tips and tricks to communicate visually.

The course starts February 6, 2018! Enroll here for free!

Here is a brief overview of the course content – check out if there’s something in it for you!

Let’s start with sketching basics and improve your handwriting in Week 1!

Here we speak about visual communication basics and tips and tricks for writing. We show tips and tricks for sketching in a larger format (flipchart/whiteboard). In writing the focus is on improving your own handwriting by applying easy tips.

Combine text and container for flow charts and create low-fi screen prototypes in Week 2!

The week two topics cover processes, flow charts, and screen sketches. We practice the combination of text and containers. Within screen sketches we will practice wireframes and teach you some useful techniques for producing low-fidelity prototypes that can be tested with your users.

The marker of choice? Get to know the palette of materials and sketch easy objects for various situations in Week 3!

Here we cover the use of materials in different sketching scenarios. We talk about pens, markers and their use in given situations; post-its, A4/letter-size paper, and larger formats such as flipcharts and whiteboards. After that we walk you through a collection of objects that can be used for enriching post-its, storyboards, and flipcharts. Here you can practice objects from the area of workspaces, interiors, and buildings, transportation, symbols, and text frames.

Try storyboarding with your customers! In Week 4 you learn tips and tricks how to sketch people and create simple storyboards!

These lessons prepare you perfectly for storyboarding. We show you how to sketch people with emotions. Then we provide a brief overview of the history of storytelling and how stories are designed nowadays, e.g. in filmmaking and comics. Finally, you will design your own storyboard where you can apply all your learnings from the course.

Participant’s feedback from former courses:

“With this course I saw that is possible also for somebody like me, without art skills, to sketch!! In some way now i have dare to try to start sketching !!…”

“First a big thank you for providing this course! Even as an advanced sketcher I learned some interesting things and will use some tips for my future work.“

“With sketching, you have opened for me, a new door in the business communication….”

Enrollment is now open and the course is accessible, for free, to everyone interested in improving their sketching skills. All you need to sign up is a valid email address.

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