SAP CoPilot is the first step towards a true digital assistant for the enterprise. It empowers business users and helps them quickly complete their everyday tasks. While evaluating SAP CoPilot Merck, based in Darmstadt, Germany, identified several opportunities to leverage SAP CoPilot to optimize their business processes.

Benefits of SAP CoPilot at a Glance

SAP CoPilot gives you what you need, when you need it, and even reminds you of things you may have forgotten.

  • Conversational: SAP CoPilot communicates with you in natural language and it enables you to converse with others within your business context.
  • Business Context Awareness: SAP CoPilot offers relevant insights when you need them based on your role, context and current business situation. It can recognize business objects on your screen or within the on-screen conversation.
  • Quick Actions: CoPilot offers insights and suggestions to help you decide on the proper course of action when you need it. It enables you to quickly create a business object.
  • Learns and Recommends: Starting with pre-defined business rules and gradually learning from behavioral data, SAP CoPilot can recommend to the user the next best course of Action.

Next Generation User Experience with SAP CoPilot at Merck

Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Merck was founded in 1668 and is the world`s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. Merck`s ambitious goal is to provide a higher quality of life through technological progress.

Merck was eager to evaluate SAP CoPilot to optimize their business processes and to help users work more efficiently. They saw a tremendous potential in the product to

  • Bring user experience to the next level
  • Boost the support process by increasing the ticket quality and reduce ticket routing time
  • Increase automation and efficiency in their SAP systems

Evaluation of Scenarios at Merck

Oliver Mößner, UX architect at Merck, was working with SAP on their S/4HANA implementation project when he was introduced to SAP’s Digital Support Experience project. As SAP CoPilot is a key enabler Merck decided to become part of the SAP CoPilot Guided Beta program. The focus of the evaluation of SAP CoPilot would be optimizing Merck`s ticketing support process.

In December 2016, Merck attended the scoping workshop which was the kickoff for the Guided Beta program. During the workshop, the team created a persona and identified the use cases to be optimized with SAP CoPilot. The team chose to optimize the process of adding a new Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) element to a project. This job typically needs two additional departments to be involved. Using SAP CoPilot, the WBS can be integrated into the workflow and automatically forwarded to the right place. According to Oliver, the biggest advantage of SAP CoPilot for Merck, is in the availability of the required applications.

A second important use case pertained to invoicing, which comes after project completion and is a time-consuming task. SAP CoPilot could be leveraged to integrate several processes and workflows – a tremendous simplification boost for users.

Working Side by Side

During the Guided Beta program, Merck and SAP were in regular contact. Based on the feedback given in weekly calls, colleagues from SAP could react immediately to the needs and concerns of the customer. The Guided Beta program has since been turned into a co-innovation project, so Merck could start to work on and develop their use cases.

“The general process of the Guided Beta program was ideal. SAP was very engaged and very committed. I would definitely recommend it.” (Oliver Mößner)

The Exciting Potential of SAP CoPilot

Merck participated in the Guided Beta program with the hope of learning more about SAP CoPilot and how to use the product to simplify their processes, especially their ticketing support process. Even though there was a chance that SAP CoPilot would never have advanced beyond the beta phase, they took the risk. Oliver highlighted that they were aware of the risk that in the worst case they can`t use SAP CoPilot. But the possibilities of SAP CoPilot were that convincing and he would take this risk again.

Through the Guided Beta program and co-innovation project, Merck found that several tasks of their project managers could be streamlined and they decided to develop a showcase for an adapted business process using SAP CoPilot – tailored to their needs.

Vision for the Future

“SAP CoPilot makes you dream. After seeing SAP CoPilot, you want to have it and use it right away so it actually makes me sad that I can`t get it immediately. – You see the opportunities, and you know what`s on the agenda, but you also know that the possibilities remain closed for the moment.” (Oliver Mößner)

Although SAP CoPilot cannot yet actively be used at Merck, they are very convinced that it is the right solution for their business. They are planning to implement SAP CoPilot next year. They will have the advantage of already knowing this innovative product and the scenarios which can immediately be integrated to drive their digital transformation strategy. Merck also intends to use SAP CoPilot as a Bot Integration Hub, so that they can connect third party productivity tools such as Skype directly in SAP applications.

Bjoern Ebeling, Innovation Manager at Merck, is also impressed:

„SAP CoPilot has the potential to enhance the whole user experience, automation and efficiency in ERP and the SAP business environment. What I like is that via SAP CoPilot, functionalities we already know from our everyday life, such as chatting are integrated in the business environment.”

On the pictures you see Bjoern (on the left) and Oliver (on the right) in their office in Darmstadt. On the wall behind Oliver you can see the game plan from the scoping workshop.

Watch the full story including a demo from SAP CoPilot in this video:


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