Hi BUILDers,

We’re excited to announce the release of BUILD Beta 3 which is available immediately to existing BUILD beta customers.  Highlights of the new features in Beta 3 include:

Introduction to BUILD Prototyping

Beta 3 includes the much anticipated introduction of the prototyping module. This initial release allows you to:

    1. Drag and drop real SAP UI5 controls to compose prototypes. Add interactions and navigation between pages to bring your ideas to life.
    2. Start with blank freestyle and responsive page templates. More templates on the way soon!
    3. Enrich your prototypes with sample data – Import from excel or build data models from scratch and then bind your sample data to your prototype with drag-n-drop goodness.
    4. Publish and share your prototypes with colleagues.
    5. Create user research studies directly from your prototypes to get user feedback fast.

Enhanced User Experience for User Research

We’ve extended the user research study analytics we provided in Beta 2 release (heat map for user clicks, Sankey diagram for page flow) and have included numerous UX improvements based on your feedback.

Jumpstart Your Development with WebIDE Integration

Based on BUILD prototypes, you can jump-start your development in WebIDE by importing BUILD prototypes using the BUILD WebIDE plugin. Because BUILD prototypes are created with real controls, the resulting WebIDE project will have the initial UI layout including interactions and sample data. This code is kind of like a specification for your app, which can help smooth the transition from design to development.

That’s Not All…

Beta 3 also includes:

    1. Seamless migration of Beta 2 projects to Beta 3
    2. Opt out of email notification from BUILD
    3. Improved performance and tons of bugs squashed

Coming Soon

We are busy at work with Beta 4 and plan to have something in your paws soon. Stay tuned for more templates, more features and more fun!

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  • Anonym  5 years ago

    Hi, Do we know when SAP is planning to release this? Or at least can making this beta open for someone like me to try?

  • Anonym  5 years ago

    Hi Laeeq – We’ve just released beta 4, which includes open registration. Head over to https://www.experiencesplash.com and please sign up