SAP is proud to introduce Build, a key element of user experience as a service (UXaaS) on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.  Build offers design tools and content to enhance the value proposition for customers vested in SAP technology. It includes native support for Fiori design language, SAP UI5 controls and integration with HCP services. Customers can easily export code from Build into WebIDE to easily jumpstart development. 

Build is offered free of charge to everyone with up to 5 projects remaining active at one time.  Build is also available via the HCP developer trial cockpit and Enterprise HCP resource packages and is also referred to as “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Build Service”.

With the introduction of Build, enterprises can now address the challenge of delivering a great user experience across a large number of apps by designing beautiful apps that truly meet end-user needs. Business analysts and other nontechnical users can use Build to quickly and iteratively develop a prototype, collect user feedback and leverage a gallery of ready-to-go templates. Build enables enterprises to address usability and adoption issues at the early phases of app development through effective needs discovery and app design with high-fidelity prototypes that developers can easily work with.

What is Build

Build provides business analysts with the ability to:

  • Create interactive prototypes collaboratively, leveraging a rich library of embedded design patterns and controls, and simple drag-and-drop features
  • Gather continual feedback from end users as well as track usage analytics
  • Leverage a growing gallery of application prototypes from SAP and the community to modify for their own needs
  • Learn from a robust catalog of design content ranging from online learning around the core principles of design thinking to practical design best practices that can be implemented immediately
  • Jump-start development with auto-generated starter code, which can be quickly developed into a fully running application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

What Customers and Partners are saying

A large number of customers and partners are already successfully using Build to design applications that delight end-users.

Whistler Blackcomb is North America’s largest ski resort with a large workforce of seasonal employees focused on customer service needing access to operation services.  “We want our staff to be up in the hills and on the slopes with our guests, not behind a desk being trained to do administrative work. With Build and SAP Fiori, they can easily create transactions quickly and with fewer errors. No training is needed.” – Veronica Smith, Enterprise Resource Planning Manager, IT, Whistler Blackcomb

Linklaters LLP is a multinational law firm headquartered in London, UK with over 2,000 lawyers world-wide.  Engaging with end users was a critical challenge for the business.“Build enabled our stakeholders and users to visualize design and help shape the front end before any development was started,” said Jo Rose, SAP and business systems manager at Linklaters. “We found it really valuable for creating prototypes and analyzing feedback.

BackOffice Associates is an SAP partner finding Build useful in the requirements process. “Creating realistic prototypes is a key way for Business Users to understand how their requirements are going to be implemented by IT.  Build allows these to be be quickly created and tested, avoiding the costs associated with re-work during user testing of the real application” says Owen Pettiford, SVP Digital Transformation.

Sana Salam, Founder and President Sodales Solutions has found that “Build has significantly transformed the way our customers innovate.  The developers can easily create tangible prototypes, gather user feedback and confirm technical feasibility prior to building new apps. Without using any development or design skills, these prototypes give us a jump start to WebIDE based app development.”

Where to find out more

Everyone can begin using Build at  Additional details on Build are located on the Build overview page here: SCN Build Overview.

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