The Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) is only the newest chapter in SAP’s long history of design. As the saying goes, we are “standing on the shoulders of giants” and our successes are only possible through the focused design efforts happening throughout the company. There is no longer a fight between profitability and creativity, rather an interplay which truly enables designing for scale. As design spread throughout SAP, the natural limits of well-designed standard software became clearer – as well as the high dependency upon how customers and partners managed implementation and design adaptations. With this in mind, the Design & Co-Innovation Center set out to empower SAP’s entire ecosystem and create awareness about the value that design can bring to companies.

We have shown the power of virtual reality in hospitals and warehouses, redefined how sports cars are planned and produced, helped governments simplify their processes, helped oil refineries run simpler, streamlined the work lives of pilots and flight attendants, improved Europe’s largest jazz festival experience, triggered entry into new markets, and helped embed design, design thinking, and innovation practices in companies around the globe.

In this review we would like to share our biggest successes and greatest experiences of the year with you.

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By establishing an adaptive, creative team around a meaningful purpose, adopting an emergent management style which controls direction but not its path, and designing conditions which nurture strategic improvisation, the Design & Co-Innovation Center has been incredibly successful in 2014. But these have just been the first steps on our mission to revolutionize the user experience design from SAP! As the approach, focus, and services expand throughout the SAP ecosystem, the DCC will remain at the forefront of defining how to bring design to businesses and ultimately to business software users.

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