In 2013, Coca-Cola HBC turned to the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) to open a web channel. After the implementation, Coca-Cola Hellenic asked their end-users about their experience with the new web channel design and made a video capturing it.

Coca-Cola HBC is one of the largest bottlers of the brands of the Coca-Cola Company in the world. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Coca-Cola HBC serves business customers in 28 countries by offering more than 136 brands, including soft drinks, juices, water, and sports and energy drinks.

So far customers mainly ordered via phone. Instead, Coca-Cola HBC wanted to offer a web shop to enable customers to place orders in a few clicks. The primarily challenge was to ensure high customer acceptance of the future web shop. To make the ordering of beverages very easy for customers throughout Europe, Africa and Russia, the real needs and requirements of the end users had to be discovered. The team of the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) successfully took over that task. The design team created an easy-to-use interaction and visual design based on the findings from the workshops, user research, user tests and interviews, creating a completely new way of online shopping for the users.

With the newly designed web channel that uses the Coca-Cola HBC corporate identity, a pleasant experience was created to order online. The appealing visual design allows now fast online orderings.


What Are They Saying About the New Design After The Implementation?

Coca-Cola HBC asked their end-users to share how their experience when interacting with the Coca-Cola Hellenic Web Portal is. They were mainly questioned for what they use the new portal, which features they like most and what further services they would wish for in the future. Jan Pína, Manager at Beer Factory & Zephyr mentioned as a reason for using the Coca-Cola Hellenic web portal: “For us it was the only option. In the sense that technology is moving forward and since we are running a mainly night-time operation, in addition to a daily-operated restaurant, we needed a 24-hour possibility to make orders. The web portal was the way to deal with that. It is also our everyday assistant, because whenever I have access to a computer I can order products, which alleviated a number of worries. The portal is functional for the whole team.”

For Katarína Goldyniaková, Food & Beverage Manager at Bombay Bar the most used feature is the order section of the portal. This happens especially for restaurants that are open until late. The online function of the web portal is essential, because orders can be realized also during the night. “This simplifies our work and, what’s more important, we have 24/7 access to the site, which clearly helps our company.” says Jan Pína, Manager at Beer Factory & Zephyr.

So far, end-users are pleased with the newly designed web portal of Coca-Cola Hellenic and would not wish for anything else. As the following statement shows, end-users have now a better user-experience thanks to the collaboration of the DCC and Coca-Cola Hellenic. Jan Pína shares: “What to improve… I do not know really. Considering the fact that I was personally involved in the preparatory phase for the web portal I think that as it is, also thanks to some of my ideas, which have been incorporated, I would not improve it at the moment. Given the possibility to order 24/7, to have clarity about available products and invoices, I really cannot think of anything right now. So let’s wait and see how technology will evolve in the future then there could be a number of things added. For me the web portal of Coca Cola Hellenic is perfect!”

This story is an example of what an impact it has to include end-users in projects for further business improvements and a better user experience.

Find here the full video with further information on the process and more comments from the web channel end-users. Check also the case study for more details about the project.

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