SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2018 are starting soon – we hope you will have the chance to meet us there.

Design and the future of UX (User Experience) will be featured very prominently. Meet our experts and learn how SAP Design is helping the enterprise to take advantage of the digital transformation.

Over three days, we offer more than 60 sessions in different campuses and on multiple stages. There is a lot to explore, so please find below some recommendations for you to get the most of your conference experience.

Maricel Cabahug, SAP’s Chief Design Officer, holds a keynote session on “Design for a Better Future with Digital Ethics in Mind” on Wednesday 1:30 – 1:50pm in the Best Run Theater. She will talk about creating efficiencies using AI and automation, but with a human-centered approach.

These are just a few of the most important UX and design sessions at the event. There are many more in the session catalog, so please check there if there is something else you are looking for by a specific customer or on a specific topic.


Session # and title




Advance to the Future with a Natural User Experience

Take a look into the intelligent enterprise of the future and consider how the user experience (UX) is going to change. See for yourself how SAP is getting ready for these changes with our latest award-winning UX innovations.   Maricel Cabahug, SAP’s Chief Design Officer


Be Prepared to Take the Next Big Step in the Evolution of Work

Look into the future of business software, and make sure you are ready. See how SAP continues to evolve the SAP Fiori user experience within the context of digital transformation. Experience a new breed of intelligent enterprise solutions, made for the digital world, that are personal, adaptive, proactive, and available even beyond SAP products.   Emil Voutta, Chief User Experience, Design Expert

Discover a More Natural User Experience for Analytics

Naturalize person-to-machine communication. Find out how project “E-Quill,” the newest SAP Fiori user experience innovation, combines the experience of writing on paper with the intelligence of SAP software to help you get your work done. Write, scribble, or doodle to explore business data, receive intelligent responses, and take action.   Rithvik Lagisetti, Product Manager


Remodel Your Digital Workplace with SAP Cloud Platform

See why improving the employee experience is growing in importance in today’s digital world. Learn how to build well-curated and accessible portals, collaboration sites, and mobile apps that focus on extending content and data. Explore and view a demo of the latest innovations in the SAP Cloud Platform Portal service and SAP Fiori launch.   Ornulf Kittelsen, Product Manager

UX Strategy for Digital Transformation at SAP

Hear how the UX strategy at SAP enables you to bring completely new solutions and experiences incorporating the powerful and modular underlying technology stack of SAP Cloud Platform. We will cover the road map for SAP Fiori, the SAP Build tool, SAPUI5, and SAP Web IDE to effectively create better experiences and the SAP CoPilot digital assistant.   Michael Falk, Global Head of UX Customer Office

and Product Manager of SAP Fiori and SAP CoPilot


Augment What You Know About Design Thinking with What You Can Do

Understand how design thinking is different from other ways of thinking. Experience design thinking through a hands-on exercise, learn about the neuroscience behind it, and find out more about the resources and tools to continue your transformative journey.   Sally Lawler Kennedy, Director Innovation and

Design Research


Realize the Future Enterprise with Digital Assistants and Conversational UX

Learn how digital assistants make businesses smarter and change business processes. Explore the latest trends in user experience (UX) and see how our interactions with software are altered by conversational UX. Find out how the SAP CoPilot digital assistant helps users interact more efficiently with SAP solutions.   Eugen Winschel, VP Product Management, SAP CoPilot

Road map: SAP user interface technologies

Hear an overview of the road map for the key user interface technologies from SAP. The session will briefly touch on all the key technologies and tools, including SAPUI5, SAP Web IDE, SAP Fiori launchpad, and more. The focus will be on how they play together, opening a lively discussion based on the questions and interests of the audience.   Ingo Deck, Director Product Management, SAP Cloud

Platform and UX Services


The Future of SAP Fiori and Human Computer Interaction

In this presentation, we shed some light on how SAP tackles future SAP Fiori designs, conversational UIs and how techniques like machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) approaches enable users to communicate with software in an intuitive way. Beside this we will present you with the latest and upcoming innovations in this area.  Vanessa Micelli Schmidt, Product Expert SAP

and Emil Voutta, Chief UX Design expert


SAP Screen Personas as part of the Fiori User Experience

With the latest version of SAP Screen Personas, we have made it even easier to create Fiori-inspired flavors that run on your desktop, tablet, or phone. Themes, templates and best practice guides allow many customers to create a seamless user experience and go live with Fiori-inspired screens within weeks, often with no development resources.  Peter Spielvogel, Sr. Dir. Product Marketing,

Sebastian Steinhauer, Product Owner – SAP Screen Personas

Tobias Queck, Architect

­ASUG 10333

Drive innovation with SAP Leonardo, SAP Build and Design Thinking

SAP Leonardo, our digital innovation system, unites breakthrough technologies and the design thinking methodology to support you in scaling and integrating your digital business transformation. Learn how Build engages end users as part of the Leonardo exploration and design process.  Keith Fischer, VP Product Management and

Santosh Kikkeri, Product Manager


ASUG 10888

Create Next Generation Mobile Experiences with SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker Services

Mobile access to business information is a critical first step in any company’s digital transformation. Designing next-gen mobile apps involves a deep understanding of the user and the problems to solve. When transitioning to the dev phase, it is important to pick the right UX technology. This session guides attendees through the UX technologies supported by SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and provide best practices for selecting the right technology for many scenarios.   Britt Womelsdorf, Area Product Manager

You can also read this blog post on to get more detailed recommendations.

Finally, the agenda builder site of the SAPPHIRENOW and ASUG2018 website provides a few filters to help you navigate the hundreds of sessions.

See you at SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference 2018!

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