At the 19th DMI, the Academic Design Management Conference, which will take place in London from 2 to 4 September, four members of the Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) from SAP will conduct workshops about Design Management sharing their expertise, skills, and knowledge from working in UX and Design at SAP.


To approach innovation in an era of disruption, user research is largely being used, but the methods to collect, to understand, and to get inspired by the user insights vary due to the questions and the pursued challenge. The DCC team is constantly rethinking and redesigning the co-creation methods used to engage with customers as usual research tools often do not fulfill the daily needs. “Co-creation workshops are a way to engage with customers, users and stakeholders during the design process”, explains Marion Fröhlich. However, due to the diverse and complex nature of the projects every workshop has to be designed with specific requirements”, addss Mauro Rego. In their workshop they will present the Workshop Canvas, a tool to better plan co-creation workshops. The participants will learn how to build a workshop and to get the maximum value and insights out of it, both for the participants and for the project. The hands-on session will be accompanied by inputs on real cases in Cancer research and Energy Management projects.


In accordance to this year’s topic “Design Management in an Era of Disruption”, Moritz Gekeler and Alessandro Sposato from the DCC will offer insights into “Creating Futures of Design Management.” “We cannot be sure how the future is going to evolve. From the perspective of today there is not one future, but there are many possibilities”, says Moritz Gekeler. In order to prepare for possible futures for a specific topic, the team developed a tool similar to the Leporello. With this template they will guide the participants through a scenario process thinking about how the landscape for Design Management in the future could look like. “This tool can provide great value: It is not restricted to Design Management, but can also be applied onto other futures, such as mobility or mobile communication”, adds Alessandro Sposato. The participants of the workshop can look forward to a fun experience thinking about the future: Moritz and Alessandro took inspiration from speed dating and highly collaborative design thinking concepts. The participants will be able to create an analysis of future opportunities and threads while getting to know the futuristic side of the other participants.


Interested in learning from the DCC team and participating in the workshops?

More information about the DMI and registration can be found on the official webpage.

Of course we will also share the team’s impressions of the DMI London right after the conference here. Stay tuned!

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