This free online course focuses on design testing, also known as user testing, usability testing, user acceptance testing, validation, among other terms. You’ll learn about the importance of testing your software designs with real users and implementing their feedback early in the design phase.

Learn how to test your designs and design ideas with feedback from potential users. This course, taught by design research experts from SAP, introduces all the steps, from planning a test through moderating it, with a special focus on asking good questions and taking proper notes. You will also learn how to analyze the notes you collected to iterate your designs.

In This Course You Will:

  • Understand when to test your design to get the most impact
  • Discover more about the logistics of planning and running a test
  • Learn how to select the right people to give feedback
  • Learn how to design good questions and elicit useful feedback
  • Understand how to include team members as note-takers and observers
  • Learn how to analyze your notes and pick the top issues to fix in your designs

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