The purpose of SAP Screen Personas is to give users the ability to simplify classic transactions and business processes to make their end-users’ daily lives easier, faster, and less complicated. Using SAP Screen Personas offers these three key benefits.


1. Streamlining the business process

SAP Screen Personas reduces the number of clicks through the simplification of SAPGUI transactions by allowing users to rearrange and hide fields and other screen elements. Simplified user interfaces make tasks more intuitive, improve user productivity and data quality, as well as decrease training time for SAP users.


2. Making working on the go a breeze

Not only is SAP Screen Personas for desktop use, but it gives users more flexibility on where and how they use SAP. Now, end-users can easily access data and fill-out information on their mobile devices. SAP Screen Personas has improved the work experience on the road and in dynamic work environments, such as the factory floor.


3. Creating a comprehensive SAP user experience with SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas can be leveraged to bring the award-winning SAP Fiori user experience to classic transactions and SAP S/4HANA. When accessed from the SAP Fiori launchpad, the SAP Screen Personas flavors can be used alongside other SAP Fiori apps. These SAP Fiori apps can be downloaded from the SAP Fiori apps reference library, developed freestyle or created using SAP Fiori elements.


To get a sense of how SAP Screen Personas can enhance your business check out the SAP UX Engineering YouTube channel to learn more about SAP Screen Personas, e.g. by watching the SAP Screen Personas customer stories.



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