With management consultants and industry experts promising to solve challenges facing organizations, how could design thinking be used to tackle strategic issues facing large and small companies?

Having orchestrated numerous such strategic engagements at SAP’s Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC), I have a unique first hand experience of the superior value design thinking is able to generate for these organizations and their executive management team. Here is a small list of strategic issues that we have tackled using design thinking:

  • Sales Strategy for achieving aggressive growth targets in an emerging region.
  • Joint Go To Market Strategy between organizations around technological platform, industry and geographic synergies, distribution and value added reseller arrangements and others.
  • User Experience Strategy across a large organization.
  • Analytics Strategy across large multi-billion dollar business.
  • Operational efficiency for Oil & Gas provider.
  • BIG Data Strategy for a bank.
  • Patient centricity for a specialist hospital.
  • Sales Innovation for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Finance-operation alignment for an electric and construction equipment manufacturer.
  • Account Planning and strategy for key accounts.
  • Enterprise transformation for large and small enterprises.
  • Product and market strategy for start-ups.

To learn more about what was so different about these engagement, checkout the detailed blog here.

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