You probably already know that SAP is a multinational provider of enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations, but did you also know that we do much more? For instance, we also create innovative applications for the Cloud and the retail sector like the Smart Fitting Room, which we developed together with Hybris, a subsidiary of SAP.

The Smart Fitting Room is specially designed for fitting rooms at retail stores. It uses RFID technology and a touch screen to improve the in-store shopping experience for customers.

By using simple RFID tags, the system detects which clothes the customer has taken into the fitting room. This information is displayed on a touch screen in the fitting room itself. The interface allows the customer to get more information about the product and makes it possible for him to ask for another size or color or an additional article of clothing without having to leave the fitting room. The system also recommends complementary items for cross-selling purposes.

Business benefits

  • Improves the customer shopping experience
  • Provides recommendations
  • Generates information about user interests
  • The content and user interface can be remotely updated
  • Easy connection and installation

User benefits

  • Fun and easy to use
  • Speeds up the process of getting a different size or color
  • Overall improved in-store shopping experience

Step into the Hybris labs Changing Room:

The Smart Fitting Room showcases how the shopping of the future looks like – your customers will love this way of shopping …

Advances in digital technology continue to influence spending habits as more and more shoppers buy online. Social shopping is also rapidly increasing in popularity with more than 30% of social network users having made a purchase after coming to a site via social media. With the Smart Fitting Room your friends can accompany you on your shopping tour virtually if you share what you are trying on in real-time through social media. Even if you are alone on your shopping spree you, can ask your best friend what s/he thinks – whether it fits or just share it that you found a great new item at a special price.

According to a recent survey, consumers buy more items and do so more often when provided with personalized service. And consumers are more likely to shop in places that offer exclusive promotions in-store through Beacon technology which sends data to smartphones via Bluetooth (check also this article:  Making Stores Smart with Beacon Technology).

We are living in an era of big changes – changing from ‘place bound’ to omnipresent, to an era in which everything is connected to the internet, where wearable computing allows us to share wherever, whenever and whatever we like.

The goal is to give shoppers the best of both the online and brick-and-mortar retail worlds.

That’s what we are doing at SAP – bringing together retails’ big data opportunities with customers’ big expectations regarding user experience.

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