Marion Fröhlich and Tobias Haug from SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center, part of SAP User Experience Design Services, gave a 45 minutes talk about design and co-innovation with SAP customers at the Intersection 14, a conference about strategic design in the enterprise, which took place in Paris in April 2014 for the first time.  Have a look at their presentation on Slideshare. The international professional conference gathered enterprises, practitioners, and experts from a large variety of fields, such as experience design, to discuss innovation through design. The event followed the success of the book Intersection by Milan Guenther, published in 2012, which outlines how enterprise design bridges the gap between business, technology, and people.


As design innovation happens at the intersection of these elements, the Design & Co-Innovation Center at SAP works together with customers to help them transform their business into a more human and efficient experience. At the Intersection conference, Marion Fröhlich and Tobias Haug presented how to move user experience to the next level within various organizations, providing both examples and insights on the topic. “We recognized the fact that is not sufficient to implement software for our customers, but that it is also vital to support our customers in establishing design practices within their organizations,” explains Marion Fröhlich, Senior Strategic Design Consultant at SAP. This is not a destination, but a journey. She adds: “It is essential that we design with our customers and not for them.”User experience is of crucial importance to companies. They have to offer functional, usable, and desirable software within their organizations to keep qualified employees and to strengthen employee satisfaction.

The presentation triggered an interesting discussion among the attendees who ranged from students and small startups to large consultancy firms. The cross-disciplinary spirit of Intersection was also reflected in the conference’s program, which featured keynote speeches, case studies on innovation and transformation by design, and master classes with practical exercises. intersection_05[3]-edited“The Intersection conference represented a great opportunity to see how other companies operate and to exchange perspectives on Enterprise Design”, reflects Marion Fröhlich. “Such events also increase transparency. We have not only presented our team and work, but also our learnings from previous projects. Most importantly, we established contacts on an international level and maintained our network. Intersection 14 allowed for conversations in a relaxed atmosphere,” says Tobias Haug, Head of Design & Co-Innovation Center Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at SAP.

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