SAP Fiori launchpad is a role based, personalized, real-time and contextual aggregation point for business applications and analytics. It is designed according to the simple and intuitive SAP Fiori user experience and following the responsive design development paradigm, hence running on multiple devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones. It enables end user to build their own device specific personalized home page aggregating the most frequently used applications used to perform their daily work.

Fiori launchpad is running on multiple platforms – ABAP, Enterprise Portal, HANA and Cloud (planned) providing an aligned user experience across SAP platforms. This multi-platform deployment option provides customers the flexibility to run their web entry point on their platform of choice, depending on their current requirements and existing SAP landscape, while keeping end user’s experience intact and un-changed when running on new platforms such as SAP HANA Cloud and SAP HANA. Fiori launchpad provides a web entry point aggregating Fiori, Fiori-like applications and established UIs such as: Web Dynpro ABAP and SAP Screen Personas. Integration of additional established UI technologies is planned for the coming releases.

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