The International eXperience Design Committee (IXDC), which is currently the largest professional UX organization in China, is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 that has garnered the support of over 20 well-known companies and universities in China. Its primary responsibility is to promote the value of innovation, and its significant task is to construct an international platform for the exhibition and communication of this value.

In January of 2017, a 20-person delegation of IXDC embarked on a week-long Innovation Tour of Silicon Valley, during which they visited leading tech companies, including SAP.

Tina Tuan, Program Director at AppHaus Palo Alto, and Dexin Shi of SAP UX GTM, led the delegation on a tour of SAP and explained SAP’s design and innovation journey throughout the past decade. Austin Meyer, from the SAP UX team, welcomed the guests with a simple, yet engaging game called Game Ball. This was a fun exercise to help guests memorize each other’s names quickly, which is an important milestone in all human relationships.

The next stop on the delegation’s tour was the D-shop, SAP’s internal maker space for developers to tryout 3D printing, AR/VR, and other emerging technologies. The group then ascended to the SAP AppHaus, an innovative space where customers can collaborate with SAP’s designers. The stairwell to the AppHaus highlights Silicon Valley’s design history throughout the past century, including Steve Job’s time working in the AppHaus during his NeXT years.

Once in the AppHaus, the IXDC delegation was briefed by Tuan on SAP’s design services and customer success stories before the conclusion of their tour. Anamarie Franc, who leads the SAP UX GTM team, then gave an overview of SAP’s design strategy, followed by a presentation by Rana Chakrabarti about SAP’s engagement with Higher Ed institutions. The guests and the SAP team had a very lively Q&A afterwards; there were many questions about how the delegation could further engage with SAP, and how they could leverage SAP’s free resource, a new assessment, to foster a culture of innovation.

This my second week as an intern here at the SAP AppHaus Palo Alto, and I already feel fortunate to work in an environment that allows new ideas, collaborations, and innovations come to life. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come in 2017!

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