Learn about user experience (UX) and design from SAP experts at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 and at the ASUG Annual Conference.

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Meet Thomas Reiss

With 23 years of SAP-experience under his belt, Thomas Reiss is a member of the User Experience and SAP Fiori product management. He has mainly worked in the area of development and has a passion for driving innovation: “I love applications and how they help people to get their work done.” That’s why Thomas focuses on getting design innovation adapted by SAP application teams and also on the SAP Fiori roadmap.

Meet Thomas at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 and at the ASUG Annual Conference:

  • Experience State-of-the-Art App Design and Development Efficiency

5/17/16, 1:00-1:20 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

Improve users’ efficiency and reduce your total cost of development. Explore the power of smart templates and the productivity gains of design patterns such as the SAP Fiori overview page.

  • Explore an Award-Winning User Experience in SAP S/4HANA

5/18/16, 11:00-11:20 a.m., Lines of Business

5/19/16, 1:00-1:20 p.m., Lines of Business

Engage your users and encourage productivity with minimal training. Discover the SAP Fiori user experience (UX) included in SAP S/4HANA software and its value for end users. Get a simple, intuitive experience from the SAP Fiori launchpad and visual harmonization across lines of business. See the role-based UX live and watch our latest demos.

  • How to Best Start Your Journey with SAP Fiori

5/19/16, 12:30-1:30 p.m., Roundtable 5

The first step of implementing SAP Fiori in your company can be a pretty cumbersome one. Where do I find the right information? What do I have to consider in terms of requirements and constraints? What do my end users really want, and how can I support them? Join us in this roundtable to discuss the questions you have.

  • SAP Fiori and User Interface (UI) Technologies Roadmap

5/19/16, 3:30-4:30 p.m., S210C

Learn about latest developments and future directions of SAP Fiori: concept, design, user experience (UX) guidelines, programming models, platforms, and services. We also cover the main UI tools and technologies from SAP complementing SAP Fiori. The goal is not just to inform you about news and plans but also to help you define your path toward SAP Fiori UX.

On stage: Michael Falk

Michael is a software product manager with more than 16 years of broad international experience in product definition, product development, and management. He joined SAP in 2001 as senior software developer and architect. After managing parts of the SAP NetWeaver composition environment development, he finally became a product manager for SAP UX and SAP UI technologies. In this role he acted as the principle founder and lead of the SAP UI work group for the German SAP User Group (DSAG) and is one of the SAP contacts for the American SAP User Group (ASUG).

As a passionate UX evangelist, Michael recently joined the Global Design UX & SAP Fiori product management team and took over responsibility for external event and communication planning, Fiori 2.0 product management and continues to lead the UX track for the SAP TechEd conference.

Meet Michael at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 and at the ASUG Annual Conference:

  • Improve User Productivity with a Contextual and Intuitive Experience

5/17/16, 10:30-10:50 a.m., S330B

5/18/16, 12:30-12:50 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

Put your users in the center of their daily work for ultimate productivity. Experience the SAP Fiori user experience concept and design in action. Learn how innovative features bridge the gap between predefined application functionality and the user’s intuitive way of working.

  • Strengthen Role-Based User Experience for Line-of-Business Applications

5/17/16, 12:00-12:20 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

5/19/16, 12:30-12:50 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

Bring the role of the user to the center of application design. See how applied design principles deliver simple and intuitive line-of-business applications with the user-centered SAP Fiori user experience for SAP S/4HANA software.

  • SAP Fiori 2.0

5/17/16, 3:00-4:00 p.m., S330C

SAP Fiori 2.0 is an evolution of SAP’s highly successful first generation SAP Fiori, which is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles and follows the latest design trends for a completely reimagined UX. It is designed for global reach on every device, every user, everywhere.

  • Interactive ASUG Influencing Session: The new Fiori 2.0 concept

5/18/16, 3:30-4:30 p.m., ASUG HUB

Interactive ASUG Influence: SAP Fiori 2.0 will be the future User Experience that empowers YOU and how you want to conduct your business activities. The applied design concepts support the user with context switching, decision making, planned vs ad-hoc tasks, collaboration with team members, fluid navigation and managing interruptions during primary business activities.

  • Three Years of SAP Fiori: Share Your Experiences

5/19/16, 2:00-3:00 p.m., Roundtable 5

After three years of SAP Fiori, we are keen to hear from you. Please tell us the experiences you had, the obstacles you faced, what you like, and what you don’t. We want to use this roundtable as an open channel for you to discuss with the experts from SAP.

Do you already know Dan Watters?

As a senior UX Designer and Design Thinking strategist Dan Watts is convinced that good design helps people solve their problems and achieve their goals. Often, product or engineering teams begin development before fully understanding the problem they are trying to solve and for whom they are trying to solve it. Rather than beginning with lists of features and functional requirements, Dan utilizes the power of empathy, a core Design Thinking methodology that observes real-life needs of end-users. “Turn findings into insights that lead to solutions in a fun and creative hands-on workshop that turns your design ideas into a full-featured Fiori prototype you can share with colleagues for feedback.”

Meet Dan at the ASUG Annual Conference:

  • Design for Non-Designers

5/18/16, 2:15-3:15 p.m., S330B

This interactive session is a subset of our popular \”Design for Non-Designers” course. We will focus on practical examples of basic user experience principles you should watch for when developing or modifying software applications. You will learn about some basic heuristics to practice and avoid when developing or adapting software solutions.

May I introduce – Janaki Kumar

Janaki Kumar is the VP and Head of Design and Co-Innovation Center in SAP Labs Palo Alto. She is passionate about delivering innovation by combining business and technology strategy with customer experience design. She is a thought leader in nurturing creative cultures in organizations, and design in the enterprise. She is an empathetic leader committed to building, coaching, and inspiring high performance design teams.

Meet Janaki at ASUG Annual Conference:

  • Organizational Readiness for Design Thinking

5/18/16, 12:45-1:45 p.m., S330B

Design thinking helps companies drive adoption and user satisfaction through great user experience. Change in organizational culture is often required to make this a reality. Learn how the organizational readiness framework from SAP can assess readiness and develop strategies to adopt design thinking, and hear a customer share their journey.

Get to know Ingo Deck

With 18 years of SAP experience, Ingo has always had a passion for great user experience. Ingo is a member of the SAP User Interface technologies product management. In the different positions he’s held, ranging from training, consulting, and presales, his focus has always been on the end users who work with SAP software.  Seeing that SAP Fiori is helping to make user experience a selling argument for SAP solutions is what motivates Ingo. In this context, Ingo takes care of the roadmap for SAP UI technologies and drive the topic of UI adaption for SAP Fiori. He also has a close relationship with ASUG in regard to the User Experience topic, while also supporting customers, who are starting their UX journey.

Meet Ingo at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 and ASUG Annual Conference:

  • Empower business key users to adapt their UIs

5/18/16, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., S228

Join fellow users in an ASUG and SAP interactive influence session where you will be able to provide feedback and ideas to SAP. Participate in the influence experience face-to-face using Design Thinking methodologies. No prior involvement with Influence is required to participate. Based on a few easy to understand scenarios, the UX Influence Council wants to find out how “change request to the UI” are handled nowadays at customers. What works for them, what are their main issues, what would they wish for in the future to help SAP aligning its roadmap to real customer needs.

  • Establish SAP Fiori Launchpad as the Single Point of Access for Business Applications

5/19/16, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Roundtable 5

This session will provide a short introduction to the SAP Fiori launchpad and the user interface (UI) integration levels, then open discusssion around what the required basic integration qualities (like SAP Single Sign-On) are in your company. What prevents you from implementing a single point of access, outlined in UI integration levels? What hinders you moving from the SAP graphical user interface (GUI) to the SAP Fiori launchpad on Portal?

  • Explore Intuitive and Code-Free App Extensibility

5/19/16, 3:00 p.m. – 3:20 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

Learn how power users can extend and customize apps. Adapt SAP Fiori apps and SAP S/4HANA software to fit the way you work. Find out how you can rename, move, or hide fields in the user interface without costly development work and complex processes. Discover code-free ways to adapt your user experience intuitively.

Welcome Peter Spielvogel

Peter Spielvogel, Senior Director Product Marketing for SAP Screen Personas, enjoys translating complex topics into simple language that everyone can understand. With his 20 years of experience in software development, product management and product marketing, he will share some examples of how customers use SAP Screen Personas to improve SAP usability, productivity and overall satisfaction with SAP ERP systems. Peter puts his focus on creating Fiori-inspired designs that provide a seamless experience with your ECC 6 or S/4HANA system.

Meet Peter at ASUG Annual Conference:

  • How Customers Use SAP Screen Personas to Run Simple

5/19/16, 2:00-3:00 p.m., S330B

50 percent click reduction, 20 tabs reduced to 4, training time down from 2 hours to 45 minutes – these are real numbers from live SAP Screen Personas customers. In this session, we will showcase the IT heroes and the steps they followed that used SAP Screen Personas to deliver a simple, role-based, and intuitive user experience to their business users.

A round of applause for Nis Boy Naeve

Nis Boy Naeve, Vice President of SAP User Interfaces, has been an expert for UX topics for the past ten years and has more than 20 years of experience in business applications, development, and management. Nis Boy is dedicated to helping customers and customer groups run successful business operations. Innovative techniques and practices drive him – along with kitesurfing and electric skateboarding.

Meet Nis Boy at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 and ASUG Annual Conference:

  • UX Strategy in the Age of SAP Fiori

5/17/16, 11:00-11:20 a.m., S330B

How did SAP Fiori evolve into what it is today? This session will shed light on the latest evolutionary steps for SAP’s user experience strategy. Find out how SAP’s technology will help both SAP and its customers execute the best user experience possible for business applications and processes. Provided as a lecture session.

  • Discover the Strategic Impact of User Experience Technologies

5/18/16, 4:00-4:40 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

This session will set the frame with SAPs overall user experience strategy and technology direction. Alongside SAP success story, Cargill, we will provide insight into the key technologies available to aid customers in utilizing SAP tools to better emphasize their personal strategies. Tune in to find out more about how SAPUI5, SAP Web IDE, SAP Fiori Launchpad, and mobile technology can deliver greater business efficiency and satisfaction. This will be an interactive session followed by an open discussion and Q&A.

The spotlight is on Kai Richter

Meet Kai at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016:

  • Adopt Next-Generation User Experience and Harmonized Visual Experience

5/19/16, 1:00-1:40 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

Use design to empower users to work more efficiently. Understand how SAP Fiori user experience concepts support users with context switching and decision making when using SAP S/4HANA software. Learn how you can collaborate more effectively with team members and manage interruptions during primary business activities.

Say Hello to Andrea

Andrea Anderson, VP for Design Thinking at SAP,  is a design-minded intrapreneur.  Understanding what humans need and translating it into solutions is her passion. To do so, she works with diverse teams across the globe to deliver delightful and useful solutions. Andrea will be around throughout the conference. Join her to learn a few simple things that you can do to improve user experiences. Andrea will also talk about how SAP uses design thinking and applies it to various products.

Meet Andrea at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 and at the ASUG Annual Conference:

  • A Design Thinking Mindset is Essential for your Career in the Age of Digital Transformation

05/18/16, 12:45 p.m. – 01:45 p.m., ASUG HUB (Show Floor) – Education Theater

As companies digitally transform, design thinking is being used as an innovation methodology across markets, industries and regions. Core tenets of Design Thinking (such as a problem-finding approach, focus on the user and his experience, a fail-early-and-fail-fast mindset and a collaborative working style) are key aspects companies are using to help drive breakthrough and continuous innovation. Companies are looking for design-minded intrapreneurs in their companies and for creative competencies across roles, from business to technology to product and service.


  • Design for Non-Designers                

05/18/16, 02:15 p.m. – 03:15 p.m., S330B with Dan Watters

This interactive session is a subset of our popular “Design for Non-Designers” course. We will focus on practical examples of basic user experience principles you should watch for when developing or modifying software applications. You will learn about some basic heuristics to practice and avoid when developing or adapting software solutions.


  • Apply a Design-Driven Approach to IT Projects 

05/19/16, 04:00 p.m. – 04:40 p.m., Digital Enterprise Platform

Learn and discuss best practices for bringing design and a design mind-set into your IT projects. Develop and deploy the right software for the right user, providing a consumer app experience.

Demo Stations

Demo stations are open during show floor hours at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016.

  • SAP Fiori UX Evolution

Benefit from a manifestation of digital age application automation that provides intelligent, context-based support for different personas. Explore the SAP Fiori user experience (UX) and understand why it won a Red Dot Design Award. See how SAP Fiori UX harmonizes the user experience for SAP S/4HANA software.

  • SAP Fiori Infrastructure

Learn best practices for customizing apps to meet your business users’ needs with integrated development tools. Simplify your landscape using SAP Fiori, cloud edition, and understand your deployment options and system landscape using a single point of entry. Enhance your SAP Fiori apps to integrate with mobile devices and create offline use.

  • User Experience as a Service

Empower nondesigners to create a great software experience. Modernize your software and create new applications following a design-led development approach using user experience as a service, or UXaaS, an integrated component of SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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