On Thursday January 10th SAP hosted their annual Developer Kick-off Meeting, d-kom for short. Being a global organization, SAP has the ability to tap into the greatest development minds all over the world. In order to ensure a majority of our developers can attend this fantastic event, SAP hosted 4 d-kom events in a single day (Shanghai, Bangalore, Walldorf, and Silicon Valley). In our video, you get a glimpse of some highlights in Silicon Valley and Walldorf.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Silicon Valley d-kom hosted by the Managing Director of SAP Silicon Valley, Max Wessel. In the opening keynote, Max echoed the following mantra (that currently resides in his twitter profile) “Build things that matter.” I was a big fan of this mantra as it articulated what the intelligent enterprise suite (and the intelligent technologies) will accomplish:

  • provide value for SAP customers
  • allow customer to easily extract value
  • provide value for the SAP development community

Provide and Extract Value

This last bullet is the most critical of the three. By “Build(ing) things that matter” for SAP customers, SAP development teams will work with technologies that excite them and expand their skillsets. This message of how intelligent technologies are mutually beneficial is what made this year’s SAP d-kom so exciting.

During the days sessions, machine learning consistently displayed how customers could see business value from intelligent technologies.  From being able to help data scientists automate the cleaning of data sets to helping developers determine what scripts are worth automating, it was clear that machine learning will undoubtedly provide customers business value.

Allowing customers to easily extract value is a critical component to SAP’s intelligent enterprise suite. Can the end user extract the value the software intended? This is where a consistent and intuitive user experience becomes critical to the success of the intelligent enterprise. Maricel Cabahub, SAP Chief Design Officer, gave a presentation discussing the importance of user experience in the intelligent enterprise, and how SAP Design is making this a reality for our customers. In her presentation, Maricel also touched on SAP Fiori fundamentals, SAP’s open source light-weight UI presentation layer.

Provide Value for the SAP Development Community

SAP Fiori fundamentals is another great example of an SAP technology that can benefit both our customers and our development community. It allows customers to create SAP Fiori applications on almost any technology stack, while allowing the developer community to use latest and greatest UI frameworks, such as Angular, React, or Vue.

SAP Fiori fundamentals is just one example of SAP empowering development teams. SAP d-kom 2019 had dozens of sessions on next generation technologies, many were focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence as these are some of the most sought after development skills of the future according to devex.com. The intelligent enterprise suite is now giving the SAP development community the opportunity to create solutions that can shape the future of SAP customers and their careers.

SAP is at a fantastic point in our history, where we are able to provide our customers with valuable new technologies, while equipping our development communities with the tools and skills to deliver these technologies.

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