Tarun Bahal, Head of SAP Development, Cloud & Integration at Sika, will showcase their IoT project “Tank Management” SAP Fiori application for mobile usage. Sika is a specialty chemicals company in the building sector and motor vehicle industry. They supply liquid material stored in tanks at 1000’s of customer locations. Installed sensors provide level, temperature and geo location data. The “Tank Management” SAP Fiori app helps technicians and sales staff at Sika to monitor tank levels, optimize replenishment processes and maintain the tanks.

In addition to the showcase presentation, Kai Richter, Chief Designer for SAP Fiori at SAP, will join the call. Kai will review the Sika showcase from an SAP Fiori guidelines perspective and will present alternative designs for an optimized user experience.

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Tarun Bahal Kai Richter

Head of SAP Development,
Cloud & Integration

Chief Designer for SAP Fiori

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