Next SAP Fiori Makers call on August 16: Flexso’s Fiori application for flexible reward planning at KBC Bank

In this call, Thomas Nelissen, SAP Developer & Solution Architect at Flexso showcases a custom-built SAP Fiori app called Flex plan, which was designed to help KBC’s employees to plan the usage of their flexible rewards part of their salary.

After Thomas’s introduction to the KBC project, Rainer Filsinger for the SAP Fiori Design language, will present the showcase from an SAP Fiori Guidelines perspective – including do`s and don’ts and alternative design approaches, e. g. when using the latest SAP Fiori concepts.

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Thomas Nelissen Rainer Filsinger
Thomas Nelissen Rainer Filsinger
SAP Developer & Solution Architect Design Expert for SAP Fiori

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