Next SAP Fiori Makers call on May 2nd: 2BMs Fiori application for Contract Management

In this call Sebastian Molding Bork and Sarah Deloughery from the SAP partner 2BM showcase a custom-built SAP Fiori app for Service Contract Management. See how 2BM elegantly designed a Fiori application for a very complex customer use case.
After the project introduction, Rainer Filsinger Design Expert for SAP Fiori at SAP, will present the showcase from an SAP Fiori Guidelines perspective – including do`s and don’ts and alternative design approaches, e. g. when using the latest SAP Fiori concepts.

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Sarah Deloughery Rainer Filsinger
Sebastian Bork Sarah Deloughery Rainer Filsinger
Enterprise application
consultant & UX (2BM)
Design Lead and
Design Thinking Workshop
facilitator (2BM)
Design Expert
for SAP Fiori (SAP)

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