Next SAP Fiori Makers call on Tuesday, October 22nd: A visual way of keeping track of your time sheet

In this call Jochen Kranzdorf from Swisscom in Switzerland showcase a custom-built SAP Fiori app for a well-known use-case. His team built this application as part of a series of more than 50 SAP Fiori apps. Swisscom employees use to enter their work time and distribute it to different projects. Time recording is one of the most known applications. See how Swisscom created a very visual SAP Fiori application that fit exactly their needs.
After the project introduction, Rainer Filsinger, a SAP Fiori Design expert at SAP, will review the showcase from an SAP Fiori Guidelines perspective – including do`s and don’ts and alternative design approaches, e. g. when using the latest SAP Fiori concepts.

Additionally Stefan Engelhardt, Software Architect with SAP, will do a feasibility check on how the presented screens could be done easily with SAP Elements.

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Jochen Kranzdorf Rainer Filsinger
Head of Web User Interfaces
SAP Fiori Design Expert

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  • William DYSON   1 year ago

    Greetings all. I was not able to join the call and I have reviewed the slides. As stated, this is a very well known use case and it seems everyone has their own vision regarding time collection. We too have some specific requirements, centered on remote work site specifics. We have several prototypes with features like geo locating to derive site specifics, work items, etc. I am interested in the response to the open question regarding app-specific user settings. The follow-up email from Christian eluded to an answer, but I was not able to locate this response. Also, I am interested in the architectural choices regarding on-premise, SCP, hybrid, etc., and the backend service development choices. Any information regarding the decision and the decision framework surrounding these topics would be interesting and appreciated.

  • Kishore Gokara   1 year ago

    Hello All,

    I was not able to join the call but I have gone through the review slides. I am curious to know some more details on the suggested alternative approach using Fiori elements.

    Can you share some high level information on how to achieve this using Fiori elements. I am not sure if this application can be generated purely using annotations especially on the object page part with calendar control.