For one year now, we have been running a work group which is working intensively on the user experience strategy. This group includes representatives from some of our largest customers and SAP’s experts on design, applications, and technologies. All parties share a high passion for user experience and the desire to optimize the offering of business applications for everyone. The resulting UX strategy was defined and published in April this year and after another round with the work group has now been updated with a new iteration (SAP UX Strategy document or SAP UX strategy presentation).


What happened since the first release of the strategy?

Well, we rolled out the strategy in various formats to a large number of customers. In this process we collected all the additional feedback we got. Our development units are following through on the defined strategy. The release of SAP Fiori was perceived as a game changer by our customers.  It is extremely simple to use, available everywhere as it runs on all devices and quickly deployed due the new delivery model from SAP. Already over 100 customers are currently introducing SAP Fiori apps to their users.

SAP will continue to deliver more Fiori apps as promised into existing environments. But SAP Fiori proved to be more. SAP plans to apply the Fiori concept across all it’s solutions. Soon it will become the leading design for SAP’s HANA and cloud offering. Over time SAP Fiori will be the new SAP user experience.


In the course of our engagement with over 70 customers, we realized that reaching the right user experience in an specific environment is not only dependent on the application offering or the right UI technologies. Even more important is a deep understanding of the users’ needs and with that the right matching to SAP’s offering. This offering consists of out-of-the-box solutions and do-it-yourselves enablement tools. This requires a combination of skills varying from business knowledge, user understanding, design and technical skills. These skills are extremely rare and a lot of customers asked SAP for help. So SAP started to offer UX Design Services. Actually, this newly created team has been so successful over the last months that customer already ask for their services to bring design thinking into innovation projects which do not even deal with SAP software.


So how does all this affect the UX strategy SAP has defined?

Sam Yen, SAP’s global head of user experience and design, discussed the strategy with the above mentioned work group in a two-day face-to-face meeting. The overwhelming feedback was that it is the right direction to go. The new-renew-enable approach as well as the tool and technology set has been confirmed. Expanding SAP Fiori and the UX design services offering complement the strategy well. With SAP Fiori, SAP has set a clear design direction for the future. The UX design services offer help to all our customers to get the right focus on user experience.


For more details please refer to the updated SAP UX Strategy document  or have a look at the SAP UX strategy presentation.

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  • Gilles JUNG   7 years ago

    Thanks a lot for these explanations.
    One question : What about Visual Composer ?
    Kind regards

    • Nis Boy Naeve   7 years ago


      The strategy document and the slides are focusing on the key and strategic elements of SAP’s UX strategy and UI offering.

      The recommendation for building SAPUI5 applications is to use the provided tool set of SAPUI5 and SAP Gateway. There are specific tools available including respective Eclipse plug-ins. For the future SAP plans to release a pure browser based web application tool kit. This web application tool kit is planned to come with light weight graphical editing options to build SAPUI5 applications.

      SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer is available since some years. It is planned that in its upcoming version it will be able to render the created user interfaces leveraging SAPUI5 to help existing Visual Composer users bridging their path to HTML5.

      So customers who are already using Visual Composer can safely continue using it. SAP plans to enhance it further making it ‘HTMl5-ready’.

      However if you start building new SAPUI5 applications we recommend to use the respective SAPUI5 tools.

      Nis Boy

    • Anonym  6 years ago

      Hi, Nis …. What do you recommend to start with SAP UI5 ?… I would like to develop some demos…. may be,,, SAP Enterprise Portal 7.31 for run SAP Ui5… for the presentation layer….

    • Nis Boy Naeve   6 years ago

      Hi Josue,
      To get started with SAPUI5 I actually recommend to look at our open source offering of SAPUI5 – OpenUI5.
      At you find all the basic information. Look at “Get Started” and also at the linked developer guide.
      If you want build SAP Fiori like apps we have also published the UI guidelines here at –

      Does this help to get started?

      Thanks and regards
      Nis Boy

  • Anonym  7 years ago

    Hi Gilles,

    I believe that, Visual Composer is tentatively planned for SP11 of NW, this December.
    The new version includes SAPUI5, which makes it very interesting!


  • Anonym  6 years ago

    SAP Visual Composer in ‘HTML 5’ is available now! It a wonderful tool and I really don’t see a reason for not using it.