For approximately the past year, I have been involved in bringing a new personalization solution to market. The official name is SAP Screen Personas. You may have seen it at SAP TechEd last month.

While customers have long been able to modify SAP screens to improve end-user efficiency, this process has traditionally required advanced programming skills. And, most personalization projects typically take weeks or months to complete. SAP Screen Personas now allows personalization without programming. In fact, a business user with PowerPoint skills can create an attractive SAP screen in minutes.

Introducing SAP Screen Personas

Let’s take a step back and define what we are talking about. SAP Screen Personas is a browser-based rendering engine for classic SAP Dynpro screens. The Dynpro rendering technology comprises well over half the screens in the Business Suite. SAP Screen Personas keeps the back-end transaction processing infrastructure in place but provides consumer-grade personalization features that improve the visual appeal, end-user productivity, and performance of SAP.

SAP Screen Personas Contract Administrator Dashboard

SAP start screen personalized for contract administrators at a medical device company.


Focus on the Business User

SAP Screen Personas helps IT Managers simplify business application screens quickly and easily for business users, allowing them to access only the data they need to transact business. This translates into increased business user productivity, a more satisfying user experience, reduced training time for SAP users, and lower cost of personalizing SAP screens.

SAP Screen Personas before and after VA03 screens

VA03 sales order screens before and after simplification with SAP Screen Personas.


If you have asked any of these questions, you should explore SAP Screen Personas.

  • “How do I make my business users more productive with SAP business applications?”
  • “How do I improve the satisfaction of my business users regarding the user experience of the SAP systems they use?”
  • “How do I reduce the time and cost of personalizing SAP screens for different roles?”
  • “How do I make my SAP screens more intuitive and easier to use?”

If you are interested in learning more about this solution, you may find the information you are seeking on SAP Community Network: answers to some frequently asked questions from TechEd Las Vegas.

For SAP Imagineering, Peter Spielvogel.

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  • Anonym  8 years ago

    It’s great to see some people thinking not about replacing SAPGUI but making it better.

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    8:( wonderful user experience : I have tried a long comment (20 lines) …. and I have got a SQL – Apache error message (that’s against the basic principle of a good user experience).
    Sometimes I am wondering …….

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    I was in TechEd but I have found on the web some copy of the presentations used during this event.
    In this page it would be useful to add the 1 or 2 slides which does position Personas vs Type of User.
    It may help people.

    I must admit I am still confused on the product positioning (prgmatic, tactical vs strategic).

    The VA0x example given adds to the confusion as it is one the most common SAP transactions.
    Based on my personal understanding of SAP direction, I would have expected that SAP would work to revamp the User Experience with the publicized strategic approach : WDA – NWBC – FPM – SidePannel.

    The other question I have : we see a strong push on User Centric Design (I prefer this wording vs DT). To desing screens to enable a good user experience requires some dedicated skill.
    Question : do you position this tool a pragmatic one for IT to design a better user experience or do you position it as an end user tool ? Does it mean UCD is so easy that end user can do it on their one ?