It is simply a fact that most end users of SAP solutions today continue to work with dynpro based user interface (UI) screens. More and more they face also newer user interfaces based on Web Dynpro, Floorplan Manager or even other UI technologies like HTML5/SAP UI5. Also a mix with custom or third party screens is often standard in a users’ daily business.

For exactly these end user scenarios the SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) provides a role-based, integrative single point of entry to the SAP solution space independent of the used UI technology – which the end user doesn’t care about anyway 🙂

While focusing on the integration of dynpro, Web Dynpro and SAPUI5 based applications also any kind of web-based content can be easily embedded and accessed by users.

With this capability the NWBC can significantly facilitate the work with SAP solutions for end users by providing a uniform look and feel, one central point of access as well as personalization options.

Picture: Some new features with NWBC for Windows Desktop, Version 4.0

In its current version 4.0 we listened closely to the feedback from customers that has led to improvements like:

  • Reducing the NWBC real estate to allow more focus on the real content for a user
  • Following well known browser paradigms with a tab based navigation approach or a new tab page – reducing training needs
  • Offering a quick launch search field facilitating access of information and navigation for the user
  • Harmonized user experience using the new CORBU theme across UI technologies
  • Context based – non disruptive – enrichment of existing dynpro screens with new relevant content in a NWBC-rendered side panel

With all these new as well as the well-known existing capabilities of previous releases the NWBC provides a perfect option for customers to perform significant steps towards improving the user experience for their end users TODAY, while leveraging their existing investments.

And all this with very few effort needed as the NWBC is available at no additional costs and initial installation time and complexity is very low – anyone reading this can easily download (from SAP Service Marketplace) and install NWBC within minutes rather than hours.

Picture: examples of Dynpro, WebDynpro, HTML5 and Web Content embedded in NWBC for Windows Desktop 4.0

There is a lot more to experience around the NWBC which would blow up this blog, so feel free to browse through the SCN based SAP NetWeaver Business Client space or simply take a look at the video footage on YouTube. would also recommend the very interesting SAP external blog on SDN by John Moy.
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Enjoy diving deeper into the SAP NetWeaver Business Client and every feedback is very much welcome…


Ingo Deck



As there seems to be some interest in this topic based on the view counts, I decided to add some of those small tiny little things that are often missed. But most UX experts would agree that especially in a users’ world those small things can make a difference about ‘liking’ or ‘not liking’ :o)

In the illustration above the “reduced real estate” is already mentioned… and not sure how many of you already know that NWBC provides already a full screen view (like in modern browsers) which allows users to focus 100% on the content.

On top you will soon see the option to combine the tabs and the search row into one, gaining more space for the content while keeping the instant access to your most important navigation elements.

So here is a little visual comparison…

Of course this feature is available to the users’ personal choice via the NWBC personalization.

Maybe more to come…


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  • Anonym  8 years ago


  • Anonym  8 years ago

    Crisp article and fresh new format.

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    Nice overview, thanks! Lovely graphics.

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    Thanks .. I have 2 questions
    Q1. In the picture 4 I do not recognize any “old-classical” dynpro. The 2 first snapshots seem to be Webdynpro.
    Q2. Let assume I have used Personas to revamp some dynpro …. how could I integrate it in the NWBC framework ? Is it straighforward ? I am not sure I would like to do it … but I would like to understand the various capabilities.

  • Ingo Deck   8 years ago

    Hi Patrick,
    ad Q1) actually the first screenshot (of the picture where you see 4 screens) is a DYNPRO screen – a self made one (simplified sales order) but still dynpro – enriched with a side panel. Due to the Corbu theme used for the Dynpro (screen 1) and the WebDynpro (screen 2) screen, they look pretty harmonized hiding from the user their technical difference in the background. That was actually exactly what we were trying to achieve.. so thanks for this little online test :o)
    ad Q2) currently a SAP Personas modified/personalized dynpro screen renders at the end a page adressable via an URL. this URL can be embedded into the NWBC as any other URL as well via PFCG while some features like the context specific side panel are not available for the Persona screen. Please refer also to this blog and the embedded links to SCN there.

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    Ingo. Thanks for the content. Really looking forward to where the UI work currently underway at SAP goes. As a multi client support manager UI is a common gripe and one I believe presents a lot of opportunity for SAP and people like myself. Cheers, C

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    Hi Ingo Deck,

    I am new to NWBC and we have a requirement of displaying the business graph for the standard transactions of R3 in the side panel .. I am able to display the master details but the item details are not getting in to the table and the reports and hence not passing to the graph.. we have activated all the required services .. still facing the same issue .. any empty graph is also is not displaying .. but in the configuration page its there..

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    Thanks , I have a question could I change portal iView in NWBC portal their are Vertical Tab for each and every specific field and I want to it Horizontal form like that in Excel Sheet in their a option to open Sheet1/Sheet2/Sheet3…..SheetN.
    Is their any solution please discuss with me

  • Anonym  8 years ago

    Hi Ingo – SP 8 is out for NWBC now – the OSS 1707626 states “language selection during the logon procedure” – do you know what that is? I suffer on the NWBC client version for not being able to have the logon language selected from a backend system (HR) when I use SSO – the language is coming from the browser and not from the userprofile – this makes it almost impossible to support user with 10 installed languages (eg. MSS, ESS) – are there any plans to think about where the language is retrieved from? The browser make sense, but this is not flexible enough.
    Thanks Jürgen

  • Gerardo Aguilar   6 years ago

    I am new here Can you please help me how download it? Thanks