As at least all the fellows in Germany or Europe are desperately waiting for the summer to arrive I have chosen a sunflower picture to initiate my point… as with lots of people such an image simply has an effect..

…the work you do is not easier or harder, the time needed not shorter or longer… but somehow it feels better.. maybe just a little bit, and this is what my “color your life” is about… rather the EMOTIONal aspect.

When talking about theming a UI of course other very important aspects come into the game, like corporate branding, company logos and colors, fonts, and for sure accessibility aspects like contrast ratio. Even increasing user efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved by the right visual design. But the personal effect for me is rather an emotional one, it appears modern, it can show nice sceneries, it is simply a color dot in an often greyish software life.

I know this is just my personal opinion and everyone is different (you know we are in the UX space :o) ).. but just compare those two screens – which one would you prefer??

Picture: FPM for WDA based purchase orders search – standard CORBU theme vs. adapted with UI theme designer

Knowing the right screen is not perfect, I simply like it more… and this is an aspect often neglected when designing and delivering UIs to end users.

And the good news is the UI theme designer supports you – released in its first version with SP04 of the UI add-on 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver – being an easy but flexible tool to make those changes. SAP’s goal is to provide one theme designer for all major SAP UI technologies.

          Picture: SAP NetWeaver Business Client 4.0 for Desktop – Index page adapted with UI theme designer

The UI theme designer for sure has to and will continue to grow regarding its features and simplicity over the next releases (the UI add-on for SAP NetWeaver is shipped every 3 months, so no need to wait a year or more for the next version), and SAP is already on its way to collaborate with customers on usability and feature set of the tool to ensure it addresses the right business requirements (the well-known design thinking approach), but even what you can achieve with the current version is pretty impressive … as you can see.

It currently supports the theming of SAPUI5, Unified Rendering (i.e. Web Dynpro for ABAP / Floorplan Manager) and the main elements of the SAP NetWeaver Business Client. More to come…

                                  Picture: SAPUI5 based example shell control adapted with UI theme designer

And NO
… these screens have not been designed and adapted by a trained and experienced visual designer (as you can obviously see).. they have been done by myself!!! It took me about an hour to decide which background pictures to use (with little taste like myself this is indeed a tough job ;o) ) and then about 5 minutes to adapt the 3 original screens using the UI theme designer.

… now take a guess what a really skilled designer with a real taste and feel for colors and images as well as some CSS background could do ;o)


Ingo Deck



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  • Anonymous   5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Ingo. I like the NWBC Index page 🙂

    • Ingo Deck   5 years ago

      It was my pleasure.. Easy to write about such a nice topic.. 🙂 a really simple thing with a huge effect. And you are right.. And thanks for the feedback… the NWBC is probably the best example where everyone using it should make use of these theming options.. As the content is anyway well structured and some images and colors do not distract the user too much.

  • Anonym  5 years ago

    NWBC Looks Really Great ! is this tool already available for customers? If yes, please provide SAP note for reference.

    • Ingo Deck   5 years ago

      Hi Rajesh,
      thanks for the good feedback and YES this is available to customers via the UI Add-On 1.0 SPS 04 for SAP NetWeaver (7.0/7.01/7.02/7.03/7.31).

      You can find all related information on the SAP Service Marketplace here: -> SAP Support Portal -> Software Downloads -> then select “Support Packages and Patches” -> “A-Z Index” -> “N” -> then click on the displayed “UI add-on for SAP NetWeaver”

  • Anonym  5 years ago

    The UI is Fantastic.and I miss sunflower miss next summer now.

  • Anonym  5 years ago

    Hi Ingo Deck
    i am trying to implement sap goldreflection in UI theme designer for NWBC desktop 4.0 PL11 so my users can have this wonderful NWBC image background on their index pages and new page tab. but when you add an image to the background image field in UI theme designer the image doesn’t show in the background in the preview of the UI theme designer. It doesn”t show in NWBC either. however the background image shows if you add it UR control previews and UI5 control preview. also the Quick tab, expert tab and CSS tab are sometimes blank as soon as you select the NWBC application previews. please help what can be wrong? i have followed the instruction in but the UI theme designer still will not add the image to the NWBC application Preview. i run SAP Netweaver 7.31 with SAP basis SP10 and SAP Ecc 6 EHP6 in my environment

  • Anonym  4 years ago

    Hi Ingo,
    This document is absolutely superb. Anyone who read can understand easily. I am really impressed with UI Theme Designer. Looking forward to work with this for NWBC.
    I have 1 query : what all are the requirements or prerequisites for working with this.
    Once again you have done a great job. Expecting more from Ingo.


    • Ingo Deck   4 years ago

      Hi Namsheed,
      thanks a lot for the feedback, always good to hear that our products are helpful :o)

      Have you checked already the Theme Designer space on SCN ( Here you can find all relevant information around the Theme Designer, e.g. under Product Documentation also the links to the Developer Guide for UI Theme Designer. Here you also have a chapter on Prerequisites and many more helpful information.

      Hope this helps.

      Best Regards

  • Anonymous   4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Great designing.
    Do we need to have a system administrator role? I am working on NWBC 4.0 desktop version? How to change screens as you did…:)? I did not find any options.