In this short video interview, Sam Yen, SAP’s global head of user experience and design, talks about how SAP is bringing the consumer experience into the entrprise. In Sam’s hallmark candid style, he explains SAP’s new user experience strategy of “new, renew, and enable” as well as how the launch of SAP Fiori fits into the strategy.

Also hear about consumer apps in the areas of fashion and sports that SAP has developed as well as what users can expect from SAP with regard to user experience in the near future.



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  • Nagesh Susarla   4 years ago

    Good interview,

    Very crisp and clear about the UX strategy, wish you all the best Sam in extending the strategy to all SAP products.

  • Raymond Pace  4 years ago

    Fiori applications are extremely usable across platforms. Is there a Fiori Design Principles resource that helps customers build SAP UI5 applications with these principles in mind?

  • Kai Richter   4 years ago

    Hi Raymond, thank you for this great feedback. We are planning to publish the Fiori Guidelines soon. We are working hard on producing and editing the contents right now. It will be made available through this site as well. So stay tuned :-).