SAP Fiori Makers’ Boot Camp on Mar 13-15 in Copenhagen

Based on your own use case and coached by our SAP designers, you’ll learn how to make use of the SAP Fiori design language. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have validated design prototypes, which will be a great starting point for your development or – if you need to convince your stakeholders first – for your next project steering meeting. Get the chance to design with the designers that have built the SAP Fiori design concepts.

Who can participate?

All customers and partners from this community can participate. We will build teams per customer/partner use case. Each team will be coached by a designer and consist of 3-5 people. Each team must bring experts on the use case, user needs, and technical aspects of the envisioned SAP Fiori app.


Prerequisites to join the Design Boost Camp

  • Know your use case and end-user needs
    You have conducted end-user research and you know the user needs (optimal: You have a “Persona” explaining your end-user’s goals and needs) and the use case in detail. To concentrate on design, we will conduct individual calls with you to understand your use case BEFORE the Boot Camp.
  • SAP Fiori Basic Knowledge
    You have basic knowledge of SAP Fiori. Get familiar with the SAP Fiori Guidelines (general section) and Fiori learning resources:
  • Participation fee: 1000 € per person

UPDATE March, 20 2018

A big thank you to all participants of the Fiori Makers Boot Camp in Copenhagen. It was a fantastic workshop with great people and great results. We will add an impressions video to this page soon, so that you can get a better picture on what really happens in a Fiori Makers Boot Camp.

Stay tuned – we will release the registration for our next design Boot Camp in June this year soon. If you are interested, just ping me on and I will get in touch with you as soon as the registration is open.

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