Medical Research Insights, jointly developed by SAP and the German National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), got a Professional Strategy & Research Notable for the Core77 2014 Design Awards, recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise.


The Medical Research Insights solution enables medical staff to securely analyze clinical data to help improve cancer diagnostics dramatically. Doctors and researchers are now able to identify personalized treatment options and facilitate matching patients with the best clinical trials.

The tool gives instant access to clinical information from multiple sources for comprehensive cancer care and allows visualizing and analyzing complex data sets in real-time. The solution, consequently, enables doctors and researchers to save time and easily obtain meaningful data to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnoses and, ultimately, patient outcomes.


Read what the jury said about Medical Research Insights: “One of the toughest of all design challenges is the problem of designing something that really works well for expert users. We were especially impressed with the way this team made a system that helped medical professionals analyze clinical data to help dramatically improve cancer diagnostics and create personalized treatments. They did this in ways that are functionally reliable; that integrate many data sources; and permit the ability to accumulate and effectively use metadata over time.”


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