Make the most of your SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference experience with an in-depth ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar on key SAP software topics on Monday, June 4, 2018. Register for our full-day ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar on “Digital Assistance Within the Intelligent Enterprise: Voice Interaction, Machine Learning, and Skill Building for SAP CoPilot”. Learn what it is all about:

How can an intelligent digital assistant for the enterprise help users be more efficient in their tasks? Where and how do digital assistants add which value, and why do we believe they will be indispensable in the future? Gain hands-on experience using design thinking methodologies to identify how the SAP CoPilot Web application, a digital assistant for the enterprise, can help users to be more efficient in their daily tasks and how it takes user experience in business software to a completely different level.

Get a detailed overview of the SAP CoPilot architecture and adoption options, together with a deep insight on the product direction. Identify potential use cases with SAP experts and elaborate on scenarios for user personas in your company. Understand how these scenarios can be made more productive, efficient, and intuitive by using a conversational user experience and the help of a digital assistant. Gain an understanding for Skill Building and learn how skills are actually being built. Learn how to design scenarios by building a design prototype for an example use case.

Agenda Overview:

  • Deep-dive introduction to SAP CoPilot: product demos, adoption, and architecture insights
  • Introduction to design thinking methodologies
  • Applying digital transformation methodologies to come up with use cases for an appointed persona
  • Design prototyping

Key Outcomes:

  • Gain a deep understanding of digital assistance in the enterprise using the example of SAP CoPilot
  • Learn about real-use cases and get a clear understanding of what can be achieved and when
  • Design prototypes exemplifying the above use cases


  • Vanessa Micelli-Schmidt, Product Expert, SAP
  • Michael Falk, Product Management, SAP
  • Stephan Engelhardt, Development Architect, SAP
  • Megan Zurcher, Design Expert, SAP

These popular seminars fill up quickly, so be sure to add a pre-conference seminar to your registration to secure your seat. See you at ASUG!

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