We’ve updated the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines for web applications to version 1.76. This version includes features implemented with SAPUI5 releases 1.75 and 1.76, as well as updated guidance for UI elements and patterns.

New with this edition

Launchpad spaces

As of SAPUI5 version 1.75 you can use the new SAP Fiori launchpad spaces. A space serves as an entry point for a business role and is set to replace the launchpad home page with SAPUI5 version 1.79. Learn more about launchpad spaces, their components, and their use in this new article.

Accessibility in SAP Fiori

This new article provides an overview of key accessibility requirements. Learn what comes out of the box with the SAPUI5 framework, and what you need to consider when you design and develop SAP Fiori apps.

SAP Fiori design stencils for Adobe XD

As of this release, SAP Fiori design stencils are also available for Adobe XD. You can find them here.

Designing intelligent systems – User feedback

A new user feedback topic looks at the design considerations for collecting user feedback to train machine learning algorithms:

  • Should I ask users for feedback or just learn from what they do?
  • How can I make sure the feedback I get is specific enough to interpret and use?
  • What kind of feedback should I ask for in different scenarios?
  • Are users motivated to give feedback when they have the opportunity, or will I need to nudge them to get a response?

All these factors influence the interaction pattern, the choice of control, and the placement of feedback elements on the UI.

At the end of the article, you’ll also find a useful set of starter questions for your user research.

Updated guidelines for UI elements

There have also been some smaller updates to the guidelines for existing UI elements, including the following new features:

Highlighting table items – Additional colors

You can now use an extended set of semantic colors to highlight table rows. This is supported for various tables and lists, such as the responsive table and list.

New link type – Link with icon

You can now use a combined icon and link for cases where a familiar icon improves user orientation.

What else is new?

For a complete overview of all new and updated content with this guideline version, see What’s New in Guideline Version 1.76.

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  • Manadir Mahi   7 months ago

    Hi, thanks fro the guidelines. Currently, when opened the XD file, only a welcome artboard is showing (Delete me and create your own artboard…), is this intended?

    • Sunnya Beck   7 months ago

      Hi Manadir,

      to use the Adobe XD file as a stencil library as described in the Fiori Design Guideline within the section “Download and Installation” simply open the Adobe XD stencil file and save it as a duplicate.
      The duplicate is your working document for visualizing your SAP Fiori app. All the available stencils are now available as assets in the sidebar on the left. You are also able to search for certain stencils by using the search field at the top of the sidebar on the left.

      See also the description here: