You bring your own use case to this SAP Fiori Makers’ Design Boot Camp and together with our SAP designers, you’ll learn how to apply the SAP Fiori design language to create a great user experience for your end-users. This is a pure “learning by doing” workshop. At the end of it, you’ll have a validated design prototype as a great starting point for your development or – if you need to convince your stakeholders first – for your next project steering meeting. The value proposition for this workshop is simple: The best SAP Fiori Designers in the world – for 3 days.


Participants of the previous Design Boot Camp in Copenhagen say:

Selim Centiner

Havelsan A.S.

Jaime Ojeda Gonzalez


Ghayth Mkhinini


Technical Project Manager SAP SuccessFactors/

Fiori Consultant

SAP Fiori Consultant/


  • A Persona of your primary end-user
  • A Storyboard that explains the envisioned usage of the Fiori application and the related work context.
  • Mock-ups of the planned Fiori application (depending on the complexity of the use case this can be high or low fidelity mock-ups)
  • Validation results from an end-user validation conducted on Day 3 of the workshop


  • #1 Day – Learn general design basics and best practices on SAP Fiori floorplans. Discuss your use case in detail with your team and start with your conceptional design. At the end of day 1, we share the Persona and Storyboard with the other participants.
  • #2 Day – In a short session, you learn and get recommendations about design tools to create Fiori design prototypes. Most of the day, you spend in your team designing your Fiori app.
  • #3 Day – You learn how to conduct user validations and prepare your design prototype. You validate it with your end-users in a virtual session and use the input for a first iteration of your SAP Fiori app design. At the end of the day, you present your final results.

Prerequisites to join the Design Boot Camp

  • Know your use case and end-user needs
    You have conducted end-user research and you know the user needs (optimal: You have a “Persona” explaining your end-user’s goals and needs) and the use case in detail. To concentrate on design, we will conduct individual calls with you to understand your use case BEFORE the Boot Camp.
  • SAP Fiori Basic Knowledge
    You have basic knowledge of SAP Fiori. Get familiar with the SAP Fiori Guidelines (general section) and Fiori learning resources:

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