The SAP Fiori Makers community was founded in March 2017 to enable developers and key users to apply SAP Fiori design in real-world projects. The most important activity of the community is our regular Fiori Makers call series. There we present Fiori projects from a design perspective and help you understanding best practices using our Fiori design guidelines.

Nothing beats the participation in these live calls!

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Many of you asked us to provide the Fiori Makers showcases as well in a format that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. This is why we started to produce the Fiori Makers Video Series. In the next weeks and months, we will continue to produce videos – so stay tuned for more.


Here we go with our first showcase video presented by August Engkilde and Martin Pock from 2BM. They give a project report of their design-driven approach for their customer SKOV. They present how they have designed an offline-enabled mobile application meeting the needs of service workers for large climate systems at chicken and pig farms worldwide.

In addition to the showcase presentation, Kai Richter, Chief Designer for SAP Fiori at SAP, explains how to apply the newest SAP Fiori concepts to the SKOV Fiori project. He also reviewed it from an SAP Fiori guidelines perspective and presented alternative designs for an optimized user experience.


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Find more project details in August’s blog post in the SAP Community.

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