A community call series for developers and key users to learn how to apply SAP Fiori design in real-world projects.

SAP Fiori Makers offers you a peek behind the scenes of real-world SAP Fiori customer projects. Design-minded SAP partners showcase their SAP Fiori app designs and present their insights from their implementation projects. SAP Design has reviewed these apps and will give additional tips and tricks for creating a great user experience using SAP Fiori. The design showcases are brought to you through a virtual community call.

If you “make” SAP Fiori, either as beginner or experienced SAP Fiori developer, you are invited to register for free and join the call series. The calls will take place every first Thursday of the month. We will offer two slots – one for EMEA/APJ and one for the AMERICAS.

Register for SAP Fiori Makers:

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Even Fiori Makers need a break! In August there won’t be a community call. Next showcase will take place in September. Register now and get the invitation and dial-in details shortly before the next call.

Happy summer break!

Call #2 – July 6th:


Due to a short-term cancellation of the partner presentation, Kai Richter – Chief Designer SAP Fiori – jumped in spontaneously and presented an update to the SAP Fiori 2.0 design concepts, including

  • The SAP Fiori Launchpad & navigation
  • The Me-Area with the App Finder, User Settings, and Frequently Used apps
  • Specific floorplans like the Overview Page, Object Page, and Analytical List Page
  • Dynamic Page and Flexible Column Layout Controls


The presentation was mainly based on a demo. For further details on SAP Fiori 2.0, please refer to the following presentations/videos:


Call #1 – June 1st:

SAP Fiori Makers Call #1

SAP Fiori Makers Call #1



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SAP invited Rafael Miranda, SAP UX team leader at Itelligence UK to give a project report of their design-driven approach for their customer Smyths Toys Superstores.

In addition to Rafael, Kai Richter, chief designer and head of SAP Fiori design concepts, joined the call to explain how to apply the newest SAP Fiori concepts to the Smyths showcase. Kai and his team define the SAP Fiori design concepts that are rolled out via the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines.





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  • Leonardo Pavía   2 months ago

    Hi friends, I can’t find instructions about how to join to this call. Do I need an specific software, account or something else? Thanks for your help.

    • Leonardo Pavía   2 months ago

      Ok I just got an email with instructions to join. Thanks.

    • Janina Ziegler   2 months ago

      I’m looking forward to meeting you virtually tomorrow! 🙂

  • Mark TAYLOR   2 months ago

    I can’t find instructions about how to join to this call?

    • Janina Ziegler   2 months ago

      Hi Mark, if you subscribe you will get the call invitation shortly after. If you subscribe for the second slot you will still make it to the call today at 5 pm CEST.

  • Gregor Wolf   2 months ago

    Dear Christian,

    thank you for this initiative. I wasn’t able to join the call in person but just looked through the slides. It’s great to learn on real-world examples to improve Fiori. And I think the learning goes in both directions. From the implementer to SAP regarding customer requirements and from SAP to implementers who learn to improve their solutions.

    Best regards

    • Christian Geldmacher   2 months ago

      Hi Gregor, thanks for your kind feedback. Hope to have you with us in the next calls. And you are completely right – both sides learn from this initiative.

  • Pedro Gonçalves   3 weeks ago

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      CU there

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