Today we kicked off the very first SAP Fiori Roadshow. Michael Falk and Jan Rüssel, product managers and ambassadors for user experience and SAP Fiori at SAP SE, will spend the next twenty days traveling around Asia and Australia. On their journey, they will meet with customers and partners, speak at various conferences, and share insights into the future of SAP Fiori. Aside from spreading the word about SAP Fiori, the goal of the SAP Fiori Roadshow is to learn about the needs of customers and how SAP Fiori can help them to run simple.


SAP Fiori Roadshow stops include:

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20 days SAP Fiori Roadshow

From Orient to Down Under – Let’s call it a trip

The SAP Fiori Roadshow was an amazing and successful journey! We had the opportunity to spread the word about SAP Fiori, and got a lot of feedback on it. Here are our key takeaways:


We want to thank all Customers, Partners, Mentors and SAP Colleagues who made the first SAP Fiori Roadshow a wonderful experience and great success.

Now back home to Walldorf, Germany? Not so fast – We have arrived in Las Vegas to attend SAP TechEd!

Let us build on this and stay in touch

Jan & Michael


Canberra, Australia Day 3

September 15, 2016

Jan: On the last day of our trip we met with customers in the public human services and defence sector and realized how far advanced they are in their UX journey. It has been exciting to see how end users can now completely work with a Fiori UX. Their drive for innovation is demonstrated by their ambition to use bots to even improve efficiency in their processes. At the same time customers have clear plans to continue their UX journey by moving to S/4HANA.
There is excitement on implementing Fiori 2.0, especially because of adding notifications and having a role-based business insight with the Overview Page which is available with SAP Fiori Elements. The SAP CoPilot was again perceived as valuable and the right vision for SAP to execute on.

Canberra, Australia Day 2

September 14, 2016

Jan: At SAP Canberra we met with the UX working council for the public sector. Participants of our session today were customers from several federal agencies and SAP colleagues who are working in some of these customer projects.

Michael presented our UX Strategy and UX innovations and we expanded on some of the topics where customers shared their project experience e.g. on how to design before the start of development. We found that BUILD is seen as a great tool to scale validation and refinement of prototypes to ensure an effective app development. There was also a strong interest in Fiori for iOS apps especially on the apps EMR in the health sector and the asset maintenance worker. However, our quote of the day was on SAP CoPilot: “You have to look into this, it’s unreal. This is really really cool”

Following UX innovations I shared how to do Fiori app development with SAP Fiori Elements.
Having a strong developer and architecture audience, we collected questions or challenges colleagues have had in their projects and built them into the session on SAP Fiori Elements. We talked about the benefits using List Reports, Object Pages and Overview Pages as well as future concepts like the Flexible Layout or the Analytical List Page. Having discussed benefits like lower UI development effort and UX consistency, we looked under the hood and discussed the architectural concepts: how UI annotations are added to the Fiori programming model and how Fiori elements use these UI annotations to provide Fiori app UIs generically. We closed the session by looking at several pre-built examples for List Reports, Object Pages and Overview Pages including having a look at local annotation.xml files and checking out the annotation modeler. Finally we quickly created a new List Report and Object Page for an available OData service showing the comprising set of functionality that is provided out of the box without having to write a line of UI code.

It was of great value to have this session here on site to have some deeper discussions and Q&A on how to get started, investigate, get help when developing Fiori apps and share everything on SAP Fiori Elements which is a key pillar of providing SAP Fiori apps on a large scale for S/4HANA.



Canberra, Australia Day 1

September 13, 2016

Michael: Just arrived in Canberra, our last stop of the SAP Fiori roadshow.
In the next two days we will meet with public sector UX working groups and several federal agencies to exchange views on SAPs UX strategy  and latest SAP Fiori Innovations – so stay tuned for our final stories!


Perth, Australia

September 12, 2016

Michael: Yesterday evening we arrived in Australia again – this time, the SAP Fiori Roadshow is hitting the west coast.
Today we met several customers from the utilities and oil & gas industry. Besides getting insights into their business, we has quite interesting discussions on their particular UX strategies and roadmaps and what is key to their industry.

We learned that SAP Fiori is already business as usual and well known by these customers. They are curious about new innovations and interested in becoming early adopters for products like SAP BUILD, Fiori4iOS and the SAP CoPilot. In particular the SAP CoPilot generated waves of fascination and enthusiasm!

Here’s what customers said about SAP CoPilot:quote_Fiori2.0_2                     

Auckland, New Zealand

September 8, 2016

Michael: What I definitely learned on our trip so far? That my body can only cope with a limited amount of different timezones per week! But I got some work done, so at least it was productive 😉
Without any sleep I had an early bird breakfast here in Auckland at 6:30 a.m. and was able to energize my body and mind with wonderful smoothies from the breakfast bar. That gave me a kick start for my presentations on SAP Fiori 2.0, SAP CoPilot and Fiori implementation at the NZSUG summit.

While the SAP Fiori 2.0 design was again well received and got very positive feedback, we decided to have a more interactive session on SAP CoPilot which created great new valuable insights and potential customer scenarios – so far so good!

Jan: After a fairly good night’s sleep and a great breakfast, I adapted my presentation on the SAP UX Strategy to fit Michael’s sessions on Fiori 2.0 and SAP CoPilot better – which we afterwards wrapped up with the Fiori Architecture overview and outlook as well as Fiori deployment options including the SAP Fiori cloud edition.

The sessions were agin very well attended and it’s just great to see that no matter where we go (and we have been to a few places lately)  UX is high up on our customers’ agenda and that having SAP share its strategy is very important for them, too.
Overall we enjoyed the great conversations and recognized familiar faces at the end of the day, since many people attended all of our sessions!


Sydney, Australia Day 3

September 7, 2016

Jan & Michael: Today we spent the day in the SAP Sydney office and connected with local colleagues.
The information exchange on SAP’s UX Strategy was a great base for discussion and we enjoyed every bit of the conversation. After having a few hours to get some work done, we already had to head to the airport to catch our flight to New Zealand where we speak at the NZSUG summit tomorrow.
At 1 am we reached the hotel and were really looking forward to some sleep – especially considering the 4 presentations we have scheduled for thursday. 


Sydney, Australia Day 2

September 6, 2016

The SAUG National summit 2016 dedicated a day-long stream to the topic of user experience and SAP Fiori, featuring leading international experts. We wanted to support customers in creating a sustainable SAP user experience from strategy to implementation and optimization and it wowed the crowd. Our UX and Fiori strategy session as well as the Fiori launchpad session were fully booked – people even squeezed to the walls to take part!
The feedback was great so far and interested customers were also asking for possibilities of certification and selling of own apps via the SAP Marketplace.


Sydney, Australia Day 1

September 5, 2016

Two days, one event – The SAP Fiori Roadshow doesn’t get boring.
On September 5 and 6, 2016, we attend the SAUG National Summit 2016 in Sydney. Today is its first day and it’s of course dedicated to UX. A whole day UX track is set and ready to start. We are looking forward to our sessions about UX strategy, SAP Fiori launchpad and SAP Fiori Elements.

sydney collage


Singapore Day 2

September 1, 2016

Jan & Michael:
Invited by SAP’s managing director, we attended the Asian Innovators Summit held in the W hotel on Sentosa Island. Around 80 companies, startups and delegates from the public sector were present at the event.

The conference was all about innovations, both from customers as well as SAP. Customers shared their ideas delivering new experiences with the consumer at its center. We presented the UX innovations SAP has in stock as well as what is in the pipeline. The reception was fantastic and attendees approached us after the sessions to learn more about SAP’s offering and how to continue their UX journey. SAP’s presentations on machine learning and conversational user experience (SAP CoPilot) are pillars of our strategy and showcase how we adopt new trends.


Singapore Day 1

August 31, 2016

Jan & Michael:
After our one-day stop in Dubai and a long overnight flight, we happily arrived in Singapore.
The first activity on our agenda will be the “SAP Asian Innovators Summit” tomorrow with about 80 conglomerates, large & mid-sized enterprises and representatives of the public sector. We are very excited to meet with leaders, senior executives and entrepreneurs from technology and digital enterprises to discuss SAPs UX and Fiori product strategy.
Stay tuned!


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

August 30, 2016

Jan & Michael:
After getting to the hotel in Dubai around 2 a.m. and a few hours of sleep it was time to again pack the suitcases and visit our next site: the Arenco Tower. In a full day session we discussed key customer scenarios and how SAP Fiori and Fiori4iOS can add value along SAP’s User Experience strategy as well as taking advantage of HANA Cloud Platform and its services. We concluded the day with a very deep discussion on the processes of a large regional customer where we discussed how the customer can innovate using design thinking and key technologies on HCP like BUILD, mobile services and API management.

Our SAP Team (from right to left): Andre Russell, Michael Falk, Jan Ruessel and Eric Solberg 



Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

August 29, 2016

No time to unpack my luggage – SAP Fiori will be in the spotlight for the next three weeks. While Michael meets customers in Riyadh, I’m on my way to Jeddah. At the cost of the Red Sea, I’m meeting with customers to discuss the SAP user experience strategy and roadmap, the SAP Fiori design language, and how we can enable designers and developers to deliver apps suited to the roles of their users.

During our great meeting, I could see that customers perceive the User experience for S/4Hana as very attractive, which will play a key role in their plans to move to the cloud. Furthermore, they appreciate the value proposition of SAP’s cloud offering as well as the tools and services on HCP (e.g. SAP WebIDE and BUILD). And they find that SAP Screen Personas is a great solution to simplify the user experience for the business suite.


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

August 29, 2016

Yesterday we reached the first destination of the SAP Fiori Roadshow and Riyadh gave us a warm welcome: a balmy 42° C temperature!
Nevertheless, the SAP Fiori Roadshow is about to start and customers and partners in Riyadh are curious to learn more about the latest partnership between SAP and Apple, which aims at nothing less than taking the SAP Fiori user experience to the next level by combining the world-renowned user experience of the iOS platform with SAP’s expertise in business processes and software. 

After passing by in the SAP Riyadh office, we visited our first customers to discuss how Design Thinking and SAP Fiori can help them becoming more efficient and end user focused. First feedback we got is that “mobilizing” User Interfaces and making use of the native device capabilities is one of the key criteria to make companies and their end users successful in KSA. The new partnership between SAP and Apple and in particular Fiori4iOS was very well received and seems to have the potential to solve a lot of the current challenges customers are facing.

 Riyadh Collage 

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  • Anonym  5 years ago

    Great to have the experience team here in Riyadh today “Mike Falk, Jan Ruessel Eric Solberg”. The SAP KSA team have truly appreciated the insightful discussions around how we can deliver world class apps and rapid innovation to our customers today

  • Anonym  4 years ago

    It was standing room only at Michael and Jan’s UX/ Fiori sessions at our SAUG National Summit in Sydney last week. UX is one of the hottest topics for our members so we devoted an entire stream to UX. Michael and Jan gave key insights into SAP’s UX & Fiori strategy and roadmap, Fiori Elements, Fiori Launchpad and more all which were very well attended. They joined SAP Mentors, other UX experts as well as SAP customers who discussed how they transformed their SAP systems with UX and Fiori. Looking forward to future sessions.

  • Anonym  4 years ago

    Thanks Michael and Jan for joining us in Canberra. The global thinking and experience that you have been able to share during the morning has been fabulous. I was lucky enough to catch you guys at Saug Summit last week too. The customised content you have given us in Canberra, relevant to the attendees demonstrates the engagement level of the roadshow. I really hope this is something that you do again.

  • Javier Giangrande   4 years ago

    Hi Michael and team, in Buenos Aires – Argentina we are delivering big UX/Fiori projects (avg 500 PD each) in OSDE (Insurance), Turner (Media) and YPF (Oil & Gas) with good chances to extend them next year. Topics like Fiori 2.0 and CoPilot are of huge interest. It would be really good for our team and to boost the enthisiasm of these customers to have you here. Why not making next stop in Buenos Aires?

  • Anonym  4 years ago

    It was great to have Michael and Jan at our Asian Innovators Summit in Singapore. SAP is doing cool things to give our users a great experience. Customers were impressed. Thanks Michael for a great presentation.

  • Anonym  4 years ago

    A big thank you to both Michael and Jan for joining us in Australia. Your sessions had great contents and kept the audience engaged and excited. Like most of the people, I too liked Co-Pilot feature which was demonstrated and its for sure taking SAP in a different direction. The timing of your Roadshow was also crucial considering there are going to be lot of new stuffs coming out of Fiori 2.0. This has helped us being well informed as to the features and functionality which is going to be available sometime soon. We are all looking forward for similar roadshow events in Australia every year 🙂

  • Anonym  4 years ago

    Great job Jan and Michael, keep up the great work and we would love to see you guys again next year. Big thank you from the DFAT team.