The Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) from SAP partnered with Ford for the first time to host an innovation program at the Further with Ford event last month. Attendees included over 200 media and journalists from around the world. SAP demonstrated innovations and prototypes and generated a lot of interest and excitement around this event.

Ford shares the SAP’s passion and emphasizes that designing the best user experience is not just about creating stunning user interfaces or sleek looking products, but it’s also about focusing on user needs and expectations.

Sally Lawler Kennedy, Director of Innovation and Design Research, SAP DCC, organized this exciting event. Attendees could touch and try out these cool products and ask questions.


This standing room only event, started off with some leaders in innovation and user experience. To kick-off the event, Denis Browne, Senior VP, SAP Imagineering, SAP Screen Personas lead a discussion on innovation and user experience with Moray Callum, VP Design, Ford Motor Company, Eliad Goldwasser, Director of DCC, Americas, and Sally Lawler Kennedy, Director of Innovation and Design Research, SAP DCC

Then attendees spread out into breakout rooms where they had a choice of 8 sessions to visit. The products shown followed the SAP paradigm that places users back at the center of everything, shifting from focusing on features and functions to the overall end-user experience. The result brings simplicity to a complex world through design and design thinking. SAP presented demos of products and prototypes as great examples of people and teams who have embraced this new paradigm.

Here are a few of the SAP product innovations shown in the sessions:


SAP Connected Vehicles

SAP Connected Vehicles demonstrated a seamless, integrated, cloud-based solution by providing vehicle-centric connected fueling, parking, and restaurant services. By becoming an extension of your office, cars can be the workplace of the future and key players in the internet of things. Now you’ll never leave your car!


Check out SAP Connected Vehicles in this video.

Rethinking Information Processing for Medical Big Data

SAP is enabling the healthcare industry to make huge strides in fighting cancer by analyzing patient data in genomic research by providing real-time analysis of clinical data using both structured and unstructured information.

SAP developed innovative solutions aimed at significantly improving health outcomes while cutting costs and improving outcomes at each step of healthcare delivery and providing more personalized treatment for cancer patients. Take a quick tour of SAP Medical Research Insights here. In addition, check out another article on the award-winning SAP Medical Research Insights article here.


Connected Insurance

Do insurance companies have all the driver data they need to ensure that they are offering the right incentives to their best customers and quoting the best rates to prospects? Is your insurance overcharging you for your responsible 18 year old son’s auto insurance just because statistics say he’s at high risk?

Connected Insurance gives insurance companies a way to monitor your safe (and not so safe) driving and adjust your rates accordingly. Insurance companies can view real-time and historical data showing your speed, acceleration, and braking patterns (all with your consent, of course!) Big Brother can be saving you bucks!


Connected insurance software helps both drivers and insurance companies better analyze the huge amount of data that exists on drivers. Drivers can get direct feedback on how to improve their performance on the road and insurance carriers can access better information to help them evaluate drivers and factor this information into their insurance premium calculations. View a demo of Connected Insurance here.

BILT-Assembly Made Easy

Ever get a complicated “assembly required” barbecue or crib and scratched your head at the instructions? This app is for the do-it-yourselfer in all of us. BILT, a 2015 Appy award-winning, free mobile app with interactive audio, visual, and written step-by-step instructions for assembling, installing, or repairing various consumer products correctly— the first time.


3D product images that you can manipulate with your fingers makes your life a heck of a lot easier!  See the happy customers in the photo above? BILT also ensures superior brand experience and saves manufacturers money by having fewer returns and customer support calls.

Check out this video to see how the BILT mobile app works for manufacturers and consumers. You will love it!


Injury Risk Monitor

Professional athletes know that maintaining their body is their job, and when they are injured, their ability to work is compromised (tell that to Hunter Pence!). SAP explores the art of what’s possible by applying the latest technologies in analytics and in-memory computing to prevent sports injuries to athletes. The injury risk monitor prototype tracks historical and sensor data from wearable devices to help monitor and predict risk of injury to athletes so coaches and medical professionals can identify and address the risk of injury for their players.

injury risk mgmt

Check out this video to learn more about how predictive diagnostics is changing the game for professional cricket players. 

This event was a huge success and all the presenters did an amazing job to impress attendees. SAP is at the forefront of innovation and simplifying the user experience. Of course, we knew that already! 

More information on the rest of the breakout sessions:


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