The global research and advisory company Forrester Research, Inc., cited SAP User Experience Design Services among Global Service Design Agencies. For their report “Service Design Agency Overview, 2013 (December 2013)”, Forrester surveyed 103 service design agencies in the EMEA, North America, Asia Pacific, and Brazil.


SAP UX Design Services Around the Globe

There are a few agencies active in the multiple regions EMEA and North America. Amongst them is the Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) at SAP running a design lab in Palo Alto in the San Francisco bay area, one Co-Innovation Center called AppHaus in Heidelberg, and one office in Berlin, Germany. SAP counts 51 to 100 full-time User Experience Designers and Design Thinkers, which is highly above average.


SAP IX Design Services’ Expertise

Forrester reports that clients approach service designers to create new products or to improve the customer experience and to develop customer insights. Accordingly, qualitative customer research, experience strategy, and technology development are our primary capabilities. Business analytics and brand strategy come in second.Whereas the focus traditionally was on the end-to-end customer journey, it nowadays is on web, mobile, and tablet interactions.We have top experience with the web and mobile/tablet as well as other channels. Our multidisciplinary team of service designers leverages human-centered design practices with multiple touch points, such as co-creation and prototyping. This enables us to identify the customer’s needs and to develop effective solutions. Our industry expertise centers on automotive, energy, technology, and entertainment, but also healthcare expertise is in demand.


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