In this interview Dr. Johannes Milde, CEO of Siemens Building Technologies Division, outlines the benefits the Building Performance Management Cockpit, a co-innovation project with SAP UX Design Services, provides for Corporate Real Estate Customers.

By combining Siemens’ expertise of building automation and application consulting with SAP’s expertise of integration consultancy and commercial systems, the Building Performance Management Cockpit increases the competitiveness of real estate companies.

Corporate customers with large real estate portfolios have a strong need for meaningful data of various sources to efficiently manage their portfolios. The Building Performance Management Cockpit enhances transparency and allows all responsible entities to realize building-related cost-saving potential, resulting in better strategic and operative decisions for cost optimization.


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Siemens and SAP create transparency for corporate real estate customers

At SAPPHIRE, SAP’s largest global partner and customer conference held in Orlando, Florida at the beginning of June 2014, Siemens and SAP introduced the Building Performance Management Cockpit, a new solution for corporate real estate customers. Dr. Johannes Milde, CEO of the Siemens Building Technologies Division explains the background.


What is the reason for Siemens and SAP collaborating on a new offering for corporate real estate customers?

Major corporate customers with extensive real estate portfolios have told us that simply collecting and evaluating energy consumption data is not enough to efficiently manage their building portfolios. They need significantly more data from different sources. Are the rents they charge in line with the market? What is the occupancy rate of their rental properties? How high are maintenance costs?

Some of this data comes from technical building automation systems, some from commercial systems. SAP is a leading provider of such commercial systems, for instance enterprise resource planning software. The Siemens Building Technologies Division is a leader in the field of building automation. Our energy efficiency solutions and consulting services are based on many years of experience collecting, visualizing and evaluating building-related energy data. In light of this, both companies complement each other perfectly to offer corporate customers, many of which are customers of both companies, an innovative and efficient solution.

In addition, both SAP and Siemens have extensive building portfolios: SAP has approximately 450 buildings in 230 locations, and Siemens has approximately 3,000 buildings in 2,500 locations. Both companies know very well what it takes to professionally manage corporate real estate holdings. This experience has shaped the joint solution.


What will the Cockpit be used for and what does it do?

The Cockpit creates transparency regarding the building performance and allows the managers in charge to make fast and precise decisions on how to optimize building-related costs. The new solution offers predefined user profiles for all essential user roles: from the facility manager to the project manager, and from the energy manager to the chief financial officer. For each role, the relevant key performance indicators are displayed in an easy-to-understand format. Today, this transparency is either difficult to create or is missing altogether in many companies.

There simply is nothing comparable on the market in terms of scope and depth. In addition, we offer not only a software platform but also an application specially tailored to corporate customers. It is supported by consultants with the proper expertise and promises to deliver very fast results.


How does the Cockpit ensure that the buildings in a real estate portfolio will be used more efficiently?

The Cockpit creates transparency, eliminates data silos and identifies potential cost savings. It offers real estate managers the foundation for strategic and operational decisions on cost optimization. This, in turn, increases competitiveness. When we look at how traditional energy efficiency projects are being developed today, it becomes apparent that the economic interests of customers are only partially determined by the energy efficiency aspect. Many other types of information are just as relevant, including the age of the building, the market value of the property, occupancy rate and usage purpose, rental or lease models and much more. The Building Performance Management Cockpit combines all this disparate information, giving building owners a sound decision-making basis in order to optimize operating costs.

You are partnering with SAP. Don’t the services you offer overlap?

The Building Performance Management Cockpit combines the proven Siemens Advantage Navigator, which aggregates and analyzes data about the technical operations of buildings, with SAP’s high-performance HANA database technology, which consolidates all relevant information for professional real estate management. This technical solution is supported by application consulting from Siemens Building Technologies as well as integration consulting and associated services from SAP and SAP partners. The expertise of Siemens Building Technologies complements that of SAP very well. There is no overlap, and customers benefit from the bundled know-how of both partners. This offer is particularly interesting for customers who already use major SAP modules in their companies – and there are many of them.


You mentioned that SAP contributes the technology and Siemens Building Technologies energy data and consulting services. More than half of all customers think of you as a technology and system vendor, not as a consulting company. How does that coincide?

First of all, Siemens does contribute technology as well – everything that is needed to collect, aggregate and analyze operations data from the technical infrastructure systems in buildings. We’re already doing this today with Siemens Advantage Navigator. In addition, our new Desigo CC integration platform is an ideal tool to network the individual systems in a building and to connect them to higher-level systems such as the Advantage Navigator and the new Building Performance Management Cockpit.

We have been expanding our consulting services in the last few years and have already earned an excellent reputation. We have strengthened our consulting business by acquiring companies such as Pace Global, Site Control and EUtech and are making ongoing investments to expand even further. Initial success with major customers such as Credit Suisse Real Estate, GlaxoSmithKline, Michaels and Marriott and Rezidor Hotels has made us confident that our new offering and our partnership with SAP will be well received by large corporate customers.


More information: Building Performance Management Cockpit Website

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