As big ideas need even bigger spaces, the second new building of the SAP Potsdam office was opened on July 7, 2016. The team celebrated this event together with customers, partners and guests from academia, politics, business, and media. The designers of the Potsdam office drove the visual/event communication design as ONE team and with a great passion for detail.

Our goal for the communication design of the OPEN HOUSE event was to communicate the character of the new building at Jungfernsee. The consequent flexibility of furniture and workstations of the new building enables collaborative work. The architectural (and graphical) concept of the new building served as a blueprint and inspiration for the event communication design.

Let your creativity and imagination run free to unfold your individual, innovative forms– The central element of the communication design is the ancient Chinese Tangram game. Tangram consists of seven flat pieces, called tans. Its objective is to create varied forms and figures using all pieces, which should not overlap. This project was a collaborative process of 6 weeks – and some nights –, where the design system iteratively evolved. With this concept, we were able to inspire our employees to discover new angles of the building, while guests were invited on a journey to explore the new space.


Overview of different designed elements: Event program, badges, tape as signage support and tangram-magnets as give-aways. 


The core element of the communication design became the tangram puzzle, which was adopted from the architectural and graphical elements of the new building.


The concept equally adopts to digital and analog touch points.


The design concept expands to all aspects of the space, from patterns on the floor over taped-on signs…


…to ambient screenings.


The design was perfectly interwoven with the new building– even people who already knew the facility discovered new perspectives.

On top: everyone got fridge magnets as a gift– woop woop.

On top: everyone got fridge magnets as a gift– woop woop.

Further information

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