SAP Screen Personas is a user experience tool that allows companies to improve their productivity by personalizing SAP ERP screens. With it, users can group related information, automate repetitive keystrokes, and deliver the SAP Fiori user experience. It runs on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You can learn more about it on the SAP Design page.

On the Wednesday of SAP TechEd Las Vegas, 77 SAP Screen Personas fans met for an evening of dinner, drinks, and user experience transformation. The event, sponsored by SAP partners Mindset Consulting, Illumiti, and Convergent IS; brought together a variety of customers, employees, and partners representing 16 of the industries served by SAP. For members of the product team that attended that night, myself included, it was a fantastic opportunity to put some faces to names, as well as learn more about how our customers use SAP Screen Personas.

An early highlight was the speech that kicked off the event, given by SAP’s Chief Design Officer, Maricel Cabahug. She spoke about how SAP Screen Personas is a key pillar of SAP’s UX strategy and an important factor in delivering the SAP Fiori user experience. Fitting in with the theme of SAP TechEd, she also discussed how the product is vital for customers moving toward the Intelligent Enterprise.

Having the opportunity to speak face-to-face with our customers was another highlight for me. Here are some my favorite quotes from the evening:

“We looked at a bunch of options and SAP Screen Personas was the biggest win for us.”

“Having SAP Screen Personas on mobile is just a game changer for us.”

“With SAP Screen Personas, we’re able to offer help text and guided navigation throughout this very complex transaction.”

“SAP Screen Personas led to fewer keystrokes, fewer opportunities for entering bad data, and less training.”

“[SAP Screen Personas] took a five-minute process down to a 30-second process.”

The SAP Screen Personas team would like to extend its gratitude to Gavin Quinn (Mindset Consulting), Lorraine Howell (Illumiti), and Brad Braun (Convergent IS) for sponsoring the event; as well as Maricel Cabahug for taking the time to kick off our evening and help our customers learn more about SAP Design.

If you’d like to learn more about the SAP Screen Personas sessions at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, you can check out this blog.

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