Last Wednesday, the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) together with Service Design Berlin successfully organized and hosted the Service Design Drinks for the local design community. 130 participants with a service-oriented mindset from 66 companies came together at the SAP office in the middle of Berlin, Germany.

The non-profit organization Service Design Berlin aims to connect user experience, design thinkers, service designers and everyone interested in the discipline. Every time, the Service Design Drinks are dedicated to a topic.

This edition was hosted at SAP. The event created a platform to share experiences, explore new tools, and expand knowledge during discussions about Enterprise IT.

The Service Design Drinks kicked off with a short introduction into SAP and the DCC’s mission to change the perception about SAP user experience. The participants could gain first impressions of SAP’s commitment to simplicity and usability as well as SAP’s expertise in design through the presented cases.

To provide insights into the work and skills of the DCC Berlin, the team held a thought leadership presentation with insights on how to “Design for the back-office” in order to create business impact. Marion Fröhlich and Mauro Rego explained the difference between designing enterprise and customer apps, and presented guiding principles on the basis of different success stories, such as the Medical Research Insights, SAP Screen Personas and Fiori, which was well received by the participants: “Wow, this is really cool what you do.”

Marion and Mauro also shared the first steps on a tool developed at the DCC Berlin to better explore users’ needs for the development of enterprise apps. The tool enables designers to transfer the insights of the user research in a way that the information is more relevant for the project: by analyzing the created persona focusing on the person’s role and her/his relevance for the back office of the business. The feedback from the community was overwhelming: “Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful tool. I really learned something tonight.”

The Service Design Drinks was a great success. The DCC team was encouraged to sponsor and organize such an event again not only by the participants, but also by Service Design Berlin: “We really enjoyed doing the drinks at SAP and were very happy that all of you were so hands on about organizing the event. Everything was well prepared. We really liked the topic of the DCC’s talk and the fact that it was connected to the location, too. I think it is great for future events. I personally was very impressed by the fact that you were quite critical regarding SAP. This, combined with your improvisation, made your talk very authentic”, reflects Manuel Großmann, co-founder of Service Design Berlin.

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