Remote Usability Testing

Event: SAP Usability Testing
Testing Dates: September 20-22
Location: Online 60 Minute Remote Sessions Via Zoom
Prerequisite: You do not have to be registered as an SAP SuccessFactors SuccessConnect Virtual attendee to participate.  Virtual usability testing is open to all SAP Customers and Partners.

What happens during a usability test?

Understanding your needs and the way you work, helps ensure that we build software that is right for your business. During these one-on-one 60 minute sessions you can usability test new and existing software and give your feedback directly to the product teams that build them. It’s a great opportunity to work directly with SAP to help shape the future of SAP products. We are testing our screens…not you, and there is no preparation that you will need in advance of your session. You will simply log into your appointment and the Development Team will provide you with a series of tasks to complete to see what steps you take to complete them. Can you find the buttons, does the terminology make sense, is this what you would use to complete your work, etc. then all your feedback is consolidated and any changes and updates are rolled into the product before the next release date.

How many sessions can I sign up for?

We ask that you limit yourself to no more than four sessions to allow other attendees the chance to participate. If product teams need additional information from you in order to qualify your registration for their topic, they will contact you within one business day of the date of your registration. You will also receive your meeting request to attend the virtual session after your NDA is signed, so please make sure that when you register your email address is correct and that you check your spam/junk folder if you do not see a reply.

Why should I sign up for usability testing?

Because by participating and working closely together through each phase of development, ensures that the most usable products and solutions with the best user experience ends up in the hands of you, our customer. Reserve your spot today and together we can help the world RUN BETTER.

If you have any questions about registration or usability testing in general, please send an e-mail to

Topic 1: Concur Expense: Attendees Web

Test the attendees design for NextGen UI for the Concur Expense solution, which aims to provide a better user experience in searching and adding attendees on an expense report.

Description Test out and provide usability feedback on new enhancements under the design phase for one of the most used areas in the expense report: searching and adding new attendees.
Roles  Users from any industry or role who have experience submitting expense reports by using NextGen UI in Concur Expense, searching and adding attendees

A plus: Roles in the pharmaceuticals industry

Previous Experience  Experience with searching and adding attendees in Concur Expense ideal, but experience submitting complex or simple reports not required

Experience using NextGen UI for longer than a month

Preview Test prototypes for a future design of the Attendees feature to determine the usability of proposed changes
Background Information  NextGen UI is the new UI for Concur Expense. “Attendees” is one of the most critical features, as one-third of expense reports have them. With the new UI, the user experience for attendees has changed, and users have been giving negative feedback, saying it is click heavy, time consuming, and not a straightforward experience. Users have challenges around finding where to add new attendees and navigating through the attendees screen.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 2: SAP Cloud ALM: Using Tag and Cross-Search

Test the new capabilities of tag and cross-search in the SAP Cloud ALM solution, which help you more easily figure out business objects relevant for your day-to-day work.

Description Test out and provide usability feedback on new enhancements under development for a future search experience in SAP Cloud ALM that offers you a comprehensive result list as starting point for your daily tasks.
Roles  All user roles, preferably users who have experience with application lifecycle management tools such as project leads or quality and test managers
Previous Experience  Beneficial: Some experience with tagging and cross-search

Important: General understanding of application lifecycle management

Preview Test a prototype for a future tag and cross-search functionality in SAP Cloud ALM. This is mainly about using the search and taking actions on the result list. The functionality can serve as an entry point to the business objects relevant to you.
Background Information  SAP Cloud ALM serves as companion for the implementation and operation of SAP solutions. Over time, you may accumulate many business objects that can be categorized well or, in the worst case, not at all. Browsing your data conveniently is key to easing the life of everyone working in SAP Cloud ALM in order to successfully implement new SAP solutions and keep operations more stable.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 3: SAP Companion: In-App Help and Learning

The SAP Companion service provides in-app help and learning content directly within SAP and third-party applications. Our usability test focuses on your role as an end user, using the provided help and learning content.

Description In our constant effort to simplify quick access to information – providing exactly the right help or tutorials in the moment of need – we want to test new development prototypes and early design mock-ups of our content presentation to our end users.
Roles  Applicable for all roles, as the help and learning content is planned to be offered to all end users
Previous Experience  No previous experience required
Preview Test an advanced prototype of SAP Companion, the customer-facing in-app help player, to determine the feasibility of proposed changes. We would also like to test the navigation within learning content (such as filtering and quickly finding the right information).
Background Information  SAP Enable Now is a solution for creating in-app help and learning content. SAP Companion is a delivery framework for providing this content directly within the target application. By delivering the right information to users in the right context, you can help them get done more in less time with greater accuracy. As we are now integrating SAP Enable Now as standard into many SAP solutions, it is becoming the main solution for user enablement. We are currently unifying our products for more consistency and better overall usability.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 4: SAP Sales Cloud: Product Survey Execution

Product surveys are a quick way to get feedback for multiple products at a time, covering huge stock-keeping units, or SKUs, available for every retail customer. Surveys help you improve customer experience and other aspects such as loyalty, brand recognition, and so on, increasing your revenue across multiple products. Join us to find out more about what your business requires.

Description Take a product survey that is intuitive and has interesting execution features such as mass answering, easier navigation across questions based on responses, and other features that help you gather data and derive insights to effectively cater to the needs of your customer.
Roles  Sales rep, merchandizer, or account rep with these core tasks:

  • Helping manage stores and customer relationships
  • Visiting stores and collecting data using surveys for analysis
  • Ensuring every product’s smooth promotion, pricing, and placement, helping guarantee customer satisfaction and retention
Previous Experience  Anyone with experience in dealing with a retail store, since this is all about products, products, and more products

A plus: Experience creating surveys to help in the growth of an organization or brand

Preview Get your hands on the latest features of product survey execution for use with the SAP Sales Cloud solution to help make your lives easier, such as:

  • Options to answer multiple questions in one shot
  • Logic definition to hide and show questions
  • Simple text for exceptions and errors
  • Filtering questions and products on various parameters

These and other features provide powerful data to your company. With these valuable insights, you can create a comprehensive feedback loop, helping ensure customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Background Information  Surveys are an integral feature in retail execution. Sales representatives use them to capture business-related data at customer locations. The information captured in the surveys offers you insightful direction for your next set of business actions. Our survey offering includes comprehensive survey design, execution, and reporting capabilities.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 5: SAP Sales Cloud: Sales Order

The SAP Sales Cloud solution helps salespeople create sales opportunities and quotes on products, which can then be converted into sales orders. Test a create sales order flow functionality, which allows you to create an order in a single flow while collaborating with your team and your business network and customers. It also enables you to make informed decisions based on customer and account insights or insights from your actions within the flow. 

Description Sales order creation aims to help salespeople improve their margins while also pushing out as much product from inventory. We have revamped the creation flow to include these use cases. Usability changes around product selection, product details, pricing information, and more have been included in this prototype.
Roles  Sales representatives who are responsible for creating sales orders for products

Sales managers responsible for managing sales representatives and handling accounts

Previous Experience  Experience working within the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application and SAP Sales Cloud

Experience currently working in the B2B sales area

Preview Test prototypes and proofs of concept for the future release of SAP Sales Cloud relating to creation of a sales order. During your usability test, where you can simplify screens based on a test script, you gain insights into the product and learn how it can be used for casual or advanced users of SAP CRM. Your feedback can help us improve the product.
Background Information  SAP Sales Cloud helps salespeople create sales opportunities and quotes on products, which can then be converted into sales orders. Creating a sales order is an iterative process: the user can modify products, find out more information about them, add discounts to them, apply offers on them, and get intelligence that can help their margin. By providing the right information to the right users in the right context, you can get more done in less time with greater accuracy.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 6: UI Sounds: Auditive Feedback for SAP Fiori

A superior user experience not only provides a visually appealing user interface, but also harnesses the power of sound. Auditive feedback is a short audio signal for particular UI events. It can last from a few milliseconds to several seconds depending on the use case. 

Description With the sounds feature in the SAP Fiori user experience (UX), we introduce for the first time auditive feedback for our latest products. We designed and produced several sounds for particular UI events, such as for notifications, errors, warnings, or successes. New personalization capabilities allow the user to change the sounds to the needs.
Roles  Any user role
Previous Experience  No previous experience required
Preview Test the first version of the sounds feature for SAP Fiori UX. Hear sounds of particular UX events, such as notifications, errors, warnings, or successes. Gain a greater understanding of one of the latest features of SAP Fiori, and help us shape the development with your feedback. Join us in testing the latest UI sounds, and share with us your impression on how you like them and whether they meet your needs.
Background Information  More and more clients are expressing the need for auditive feedback in our products. With the sounds feature, we’re delivering on our promise to create more-accessible software for various people and needs. Using personalization, you can adjust and change every sound to the given scenario. This can close the feature gap and help to ease the transition to our latest solutions.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 7: Unbiased Candidate Experience: Instant & Inclusive Job Applications

How do you envision the future of job applications? It’s time to think outside the box: Let’s challenge the status quo! Candidate experience meets unbiased hiring: We are on a mission to design a candidate intelligence tool that helps companies access a more diverse pool of talent in a more efficient way by making job applications incredibly fast while also increasing the quality of submissions.

Description Help us to make recruiting more inclusive and discuss with us what you need to attract and select top talent with diversity in mind.
Role/s HR Professionals, Recruiters, Partners, and all SAP customers who are involved in talent attraction/ recruiting are welcome.  Sign-up today!
Previous Experience You should be familiar with the hiring process. Experience with non-traditional tools in the domain of talent management is a plus, such as apps and any other platforms beyond SuccessFactors.
Preview In true user-centric fashion, you will interact with a prototype of a smart recruiting concept while sharing your feedback about the future of candidate experience and unbiased hiring.
Background Information SAP.iO helps innovators start-up and scale with SAP. We deliver new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.