Remote Usability Testing

Event: SAP Usability Testing
Testing Dates: June 15-17
Location: Online Remote Usability Testing Sessions Via Zoom
Prerequisite: You do not have to be registered as an SAPPHIRE NOW attendee to participate.  Virtual usability testing is open to all SAP Customers and Partners.

What happens during a usability test?

Understanding your needs and the way you work, helps ensure that we build software that is right for your business. During these one-on-one 60 minute sessions you can usability test new and existing software and give your feedback directly to the product teams that build them. It’s a great opportunity to work directly with SAP to help shape the future of SAP products.

How many sessions can I sign up for?

We ask that you limit yourself to no more than four sessions to allow other attendees the chance to participate. If product teams need additional information from you in order to qualify your registration for their topic, they will contact you within one business day of the date of your registration. You will also receive your meeting request to attend the virtual session after your NDA is signed, so please make sure that when you register your email address is correct and that you check your spam/junk folder if you do not see a reply.

Why should I sign up for usability testing?

Because by participating and working closely together through each phase of development, ensures that the most usable products and solutions with the best user experience ends up in the hands of you, our customer. Reserve your spot today and together we can help the world RUN BETTER.

If you have any questions about registration or usability testing in general, please send an e-mail to

Topic Overview:

Topic 1: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: Discovery Center for SAP BTP

SAP Discovery Center provides an easy way to adopt SAP Business Technology Platform to turn data into business value. 

Description SAP Discovery Center guides you in piloting, developing, and operating business scenarios on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). It helps you start projects faster and accelerate innovation with ready-to-implement missions. Services in SAP BTP optimize the business processes and create an engaging digital experience. Supported by role-based relevant content, mission experts, cloud platform boosters, and best practices, SAP Discovery Center is with you at every step of the journey.
  •  Developers and enterprise architects who want to explore best practices for becoming fully competent on SAP BTP; those who want learn about and explore services offered by SAP BTP and implement partner solutions (for example, Accenture and nSPRO) on SAP BTP using partner missions
  • SAP consultants who help customers implement SaaS extensions for SAP products (such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Customer Experience, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Concur solutions) or develop applications on SAP BTP 
  • SAP partners (such as Semos, Delaware, itelligence, EPI-USE, OpenText, Deloitte, and Ingentis) who are shipping custom apps on SAP Store who want to publish missions to enable digital adoption for their apps. For example, see
Previous Experience You must have experience with SAP BTP (or the former SAP Cloud Platform).
Preview We want to test the following key functions and features in SAP Discovery Center:

• Explore and browse experience in catalogs

• Start a mission and explore dynamic missions

• Explore services

• Explore estimator and create estimates with preferred services

Background Information SAP Discovery Center gives customers a new way to experience SAP BTP by focusing on their business scenarios and what they are trying to achieve – from a business perspective rather than a technical perspective.

Customers don’t need to know how to use it but rather where to use it. So instead of trying to make the technology fit, we’re approaching the challenge by letting customers explore the possibilities of SAP BTP in terms of business scenarios. Users can view and manage projects in one simplified way – engaging with other members of the same team. By getting your feedback, we can improve and enhance the customer experience.


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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 2: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: Extend the Functionality of SAP Fiori Apps with the Side Panel

Explore the fundamental layout change that will affect many SAP Fiori apps, and help us shape up the final concept with your valuable feedback.

Description The side panel for SAP Fiori is a new and intuitive way to display actions and tools that are related to the main content of the page. It provides users with easy access to what they need to seamlessly complete complex tasks in a variety of contexts.
Role/s No specific roles are required.
Previous Experience You will be able to take part in the session regardless of your experience.
Preview You will see different page layouts and we will ask you to complete few tasks in our app prototype. The session consists of tasks and questions related to the interaction design. We would like to get your valuable feedback on the experience. This will help us enhance our concept and improve the user experience even more.
Background Information The side panel concept offers application teams the possibility to display additional information or tools to perform actions within the main floorplan. With regard to its content, the side panel is flexible and suitable for variety of use cases such as planning, modeling, editing, and modifying complex processes.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 3: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: Floorplans in SAP Fiori: Navigation Experience in the Object Page

In the SAP Fiori UX, the Object Page is the most used floorplan. An intuitive navigation in this page is fundamental for all following actions such as display, edit, or create content. Experience our new and improved navigation options, such as the anchor bar, the tab navigation, and the visualization of sections within the Object Page.

Description The Object Page in SAP Fiori displays and categorizes all relevant information about an object. Structured content can then be accessed using an anchor or tab navigation. However, quick access to the desired information can be difficult for complex and comprehensive business objects. To improve efficiency and effectiveness, we have designed new options for the anchor and tab navigation of the Object Page.
Role/s No specific roles are required.
Previous Experience Familiarity with SAP Fiori applications is preferred but not a must.
Preview During the usability study you will get the chance to experience our different navigation options for the Object Page with interactive prototypes. Among other things, you’ll navigate between different levels of information, comparing the original design with the improved version.

Your feedback will not only affect the Object Page but can also be used as a paradigm for all SAP Fiori areas where anchor or tab navigation is necessary.

Background Information In almost every company it happens that users regularly need to create, display, or edit business objects. This is where the Object Page in SAP Fiori comes into play. It allows you to present and access all the information of your business objects in an organized manner.

Users of an Object Page don’t want to waste time solving the mystery of where resources and information are hidden. Therefore, an easy-to-understand navigation in complex business objects is essential for a good user experience.

To minimize the difficulties of complex navigation and maximize efficiency in everyday work, we have designed new navigation options for the Object Page that now need to be tested.

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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 4: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: Intelligent Situation Automation (Beta)

The Intelligent Situation Automation service (beta) is an extension of situation handling in SAP S/4HANA Cloud running on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). It processes situations raised in SAP S/4HANA and resolves them automatically using business rules, thus reducing the time users spend on routine manual and repetitive tasks.

Description With Intelligent Situation Automation built on SAP BTP, you can configure rules and automate resolutions for business situations in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. This saves time on manual and repetitive mundane tasks. You can also monitor and analyze these situations, enhancing business performance.

Intelligent Situation Automation is available in the Cloud Foundry environment in SAP BTP and uses SAP’s business rules service for automation configurations.

When you log on to SAP Fiori launchpad, you may receive notifications about certain business events (situations) that require your attention. You can choose to resolve a situation so that a business process moves forward to completion. These notifications are generated by the situation handling framework in SAP S/4HANA and can be resolved automatically by Intelligent Situation Automation.

Intelligent Situation Automation comprises applications to automate, monitor, and analyze situations in SAP S/4HANA.

Role/s Business process configuration expert
Previous Experience Knowledge of situation handling in SAP S/4HANA is useful.
Preview You will be presented with test script and logon credentials. We would like to get your feedback on the experience.
Background Information Our goal is to automate as many business processes (situations in SAP S/4HANA) as possible, in order to save time on repeated mundane tasks. In addition, we would like to provide the ability to analyze situation data for better business insights, action recommendations, and root cause analysis.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 5: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance: New Worklist for Access Reviewers

Use the new reviewer inbox for SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance software to make rapid and compliant risk-aware decisions about the certifications of users and roles for accessing SAP systems on premise and in the cloud. 

Description  Reviewing the assigned roles and systems of your users on a regular basis is quite a time-consuming compliance activity. Ideally this task should be performed with all needed compliance information at hand and with minimum effort. During this study, you will get a chance to evaluate the latest mock-ups and designs we have for using the new SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance reviewer inbox.
  • IT security professionals who work with compliance tasks such as review of user role assignments
  • Members of compliance teams that manage and work with SAP authorizations
  • Line managers who approve access to roles and systems for their employees
Previous Experience If you have been involved into decisions about granting access as a manager, IT security personnel, or business role/process responsible in your company, you are invited to subscribe to the session.
Preview You will be testing the prototype of our SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance reviewer inbox for reviewing the current access of your users or employees to systems and which roles and groups are currently assigned to them. You will make decisions to further grant or revoke that access based on consideration of usage and risk data.
Background Information SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance is the new, all-SAP Fiori-based solution to manage access and SoD risks for on-premise and cloud systems. It helps ensure that compliance requirements are met and that access to systems always matches principles of SoD and minimum access.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 6: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: SAP Customer Precontract Exploration and Scoping Experience – The New Way to Sell

Are you interested in the new product-agnostic approach to central business configuration so you can define your scope across multiple cloud solutions from SAP? 

Description Discover and familiarize yourself with SAP’s industry offerings, select processes, and review high-level scope. ​Share information about your company, invite colleagues for collaboration, review initial scope selection, select features and functions, and review the product proposal.
Role/s Business process professionals, associated partners, consultants, project managers, heads of application management. In general, we are looking for testers who are defining the scope of an implementation project.
Previous Experience Experience with implementation projects is a prerequisite for participating.
Preview Using a prototype, you will discover and select processes, features, and functions based on your business areas and industries. You will share information about your company and invite colleagues for collaboration. As a result, you will get product proposals for cloud solutions from SAP that suit your needs.

During the usability test you will able to discuss the user experience and the general concept of the tested solution before it will be finally implemented.

You will also have the chance to talk about the individual needs you and your company have in respect to defining the scope of your project.

Background Information The precontract experience is part of SAP Central Business Configuration, which will be a tool for all customers and partners who want to implement cloud solutions from SAP.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 7: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: SAP Fiori Launchpad Spaces

Discover the spaces and pages experience inside SAP Fiori launchpad, and help us to improve the new features and possibilities with your feedback.

Description With more flexibility than before, you can create and customize your experience in SAP Fiori launchpad to your needs.

In this session, you can explore how we simplified the overall experience, find out how you can benefit from the new features, and help us improve SAP Fiori launchpad even more by telling us your opinion.

Role/s No specific qualification is required.
Previous Experience No previous experience is required.
Preview You will be testing new designs of SAP Fiori launchpad before they are finally released, by clicking your way through an interactive prototype. There you will discover the spaces and pages with their new features and possibilities.

Your feedback on topics like navigation, layout, and personalization will have an impact on the further development of our concepts.

Background Information Users will have the ability to structure content on their SAP Fiori launchpad in a more flexible way, making use of the new layout options and various tile sizes that better accommodate the amount and type of their content. We also enable the creation and maintenance of multiple pages in SAP Fiori launchpad through a structured hierarchy, which helps reduce previous overwhelming collections of tiles on SAP Fiori launchpad.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 8: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: SAP for Me

The SAP for Me portal is your digital companion that creates transparency about your SAP solutions. For 60 minutes, experience how SAP for Me easily connects the most important information based on your specific SAP solutions, your interests, and preferences.

Description SAP for Me, introduced at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, creates transparency for all your SAP solutions in one place. During this session you will have the opportunity to get to know the latest version of SAP for Me and to test new functions in the context of the upcoming releases. You will learn about the future of your interaction with SAP and see the latest innovations. Your feedback is very welcome. We offer you the opportunity to directly influence the future development of SAP for Me, as we stay true to the concept of building our portal WITH our customers and FOR our customers.
  • All users who have an existing relationship with SAP, especially system administrators
  • Anyone who uses a mobile device during daily work
Previous Experience No special knowledge is required.
Preview In this session you have the opportunity to test the latest prototype of SAP for Me, which creates more transparency about your SAP solutions based on your roles and interests. You can also view information relevant to you and take immediate action if necessary. You can expect to:

  • Go through the onboarding to personalize your SAP for Me experience
  • Get an overview on your systems and related tasks
  • Experience the SAP for Me mobile app
  • Share system-related information with your colleagues in SAP for Me
Background Information SAP for Me is your digital companion that creates transparency about your SAP solutions. On your company’s path to becoming an intelligent enterprise, it provides relevant insights, accelerates important actions, and helps ensure quick and easy interaction with SAP.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 9: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: SAP Landscape Management Cloud

The SAP Landscape Management Cloud service enables you to run your SAP landscape in a cost-efficient way and get insight into your infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) costs with an SAP system-centric view across your entire SAP landscape.

Description While SAP Landscape Management software, enterprise edition, focuses on the automation of system administration activities for on-premise or hybrid SAP environments, SAP Landscape Management Cloud extends this functionality for on-demand cloud infrastructures. The cloud service offers features that are critical for running an SAP landscape partly or entirely in an IaaS environment in a cost-efficient way.
  • SAP basis administrators
  • SAP system owners
  • SAP operators
Previous Experience You have experience with management and operations of SAP landscapes.
Preview In the session you will:

  • Define and apply availability patterns over SAP systems
  • Snooze and wake up SAP systems
  • Analyze the cost for your landscape
Background Information To get the flexibility to scale rapidly to meet changing business needs, a growing number of companies are turning to IaaS. However, while an IaaS environment enables you to deploy solutions quickly, it also comes with some challenges:

  • How can you avoid unexpectedly high costs?
  • How do you get an SAP-centric view on your IaaS costs instead of a resource-centric view?
  • How do you scale your SAP environment up and down to make the most of the flexibility offered by your cloud provider?

Available as software as a service (SaaS), SAP Landscape Management Cloud helps you gain an orchestrated view of your SAP landscape across multiple cloud providers and enables you to address these challenges.

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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 10: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: SAP Process Insights

The SAP Process Insights solution will help you understand your business processes by showing your business process performance indicators (PPIs) and ERP system usage, and provide recommendations to enhance your business processes.

Description We’ve heard from customers and partners that it is difficult to understand where to start when they want to improve the business processes. SAP Process Insights will analyze current data from your SAP ERP application, compare your process performance against industry peers, and identify the most relevant recommendation for you to quickly improve your business process. It also provides continuous monitoring so users can see how business process performance has been changing.
  • Process managers or anyone who owns and manages one or more business processes, to ensure the day-to-day operational efficiency of processes and to improve them incrementally
  • Transformation drivers or anyone who is driving a transformation project in an organization and needs to identify which processes can be radically transformed and get an outline for how this can be done
Previous Experience You have experience in business process management.
Preview You will be presented with our latest mock-ups and asked questions as you click through them. We would like to understand your ideal workflow and get your feedback on the experience.
Background Information Our goal is to understand your ideal workflow and what you need to manage and optimize your business processes.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 11: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: SAP Road Map Explorer, Business View

With the SAP Road Map Explorer tool, you can easily find out about available and planned innovations related to your area of business and products. SAP Road Map Explorer and its new “business view” will provide all SAP customers with an intermediate layer in which road map priorities by product, industry, or process will be shown. At the same time, it will offer additional details and timelines for the road maps. The business view is offered on top of the current expert view (Kanban board). 

Description Many customers already use SAP Road Map Explorer to discover all the available and planned innovations SAP offers. Now we’re going one step further to meet the needs of different audiences for the SAP road maps.

With the new business view, we want to reach out to the intermediate levels in a company, where people need to know road maps in their granularity and at the same time get a strategic vision for the different products in the portfolio. The business view will give an overview of the road map priorities, smart suggestions, and links to related assets, and it will showcase highlights.

We would like to capture insights about the enhanced smart filter bar and the view for innovations with multiproduct assignment, including functionalities related to integration topics. With your feedback, you will contribute to shaping the future of SAP Road Map Explorer.

Role/s Users responsible for IT or business planning concerning optimization and transformation:

  • Line of business managers and specialists
  • IT managers and specialists
Previous Experience Knowledge of SAP road maps or SAP Road Map Explorer is a “nice to have” but not mandatory.
Preview You will be presented with our clickable prototype of the new “business view” concept, and we will ask you a few questions to get your ideas on making SAP Road Map Explorer even better.
Background Information SAP Road Map Explorer shows a comprehensive overview of all available and planned innovations, which you can filter depending on your area of business, products in use, and more. Our goal is to meet your needs in the area of road maps.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 12: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: Situation Handling in SAP S/4HANA – Configure a New Situation

Situation handling is a framework that automatically detects and informs you about upcoming issues in your business that require your attention. It supports you in handling all kinds of issues effectively in your daily business. Join our session and do a usability test. 

Description With situation handling you can choose from various options to inform your users about certain situations in your business, such as notifications, list views, or dedicated object pages. Related to these situations, you can suggest informed decisions. This is supported by providing context-related data. Furthermore, you’ll get proposed actions to solve the situations as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Business configuration users who are responsible for maintaining, supporting, and customizing SAP ERP
  • Power users who have detailed knowledge on business processes and configuration handling of SAP ERP software
  • IT administrators and development managers whose teams are using SAP GUI or Web and work with sales and distribution, materials management, plant maintenance, enterprise asset management, finance, or other SAP ERP components
Previous Experience You are using SAP Fiori UIs to complete transactions. You have basic knowledge of business processes and workflows in SAP.
Preview You will create and configure a situation object in the context of an SAP business process. During your usability test you will configure the situation object based on a task-based test script. You will gain insights into the product and learn how it can be used for casual or advanced users of SAP ERP. You’ll get the chance to give us feedback on our product.
Background Information Situation handling allows you to track and collect comprehensive analytical data on business situations and how they are handled, which helps you monitor and continuously improve your own business processes as part of Intelligent ERP. With situation handling, you can:

  • Gain efficiency and safety through the automatic detection of urgent or important issues
  • Speed up issue handling by automatically informing the right users
  • Enable your users to act immediately
  • Provide intelligent support that helps your users make the right decisions
  • Monitor the handling and lifecycle of situations
  • Collect data for further processing and automation
  • Improve your business processes
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 13: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: The New Way of Work – Employee Experience with Remote Work

We would like to understand your experiences working remotely with your team. We want to hear how you feel it has impacted your happiness, mental health, career, and relationships with your team members, direct reports, and manager.

Description 2020 forced most people to work in a completely new way, away from their office, team, direct reports, and manager. There is a flood of articles on how this has impacted mental health, relationships, and careers.

During this session, we would like to hear your story – what you have done to cope and what you have found that works well for you. We also know that onboarding is a big challenge for the employee, manager, and team members, and would love to hear your personal stories here as well.

This will help us gain insights on how we can leverage technology to help employees see progress at work. We want to understand what makes them more productive in the unique situation they are in, and help them have more meaningful conversation with the teams they work in.

  • Line managers
  • Project managers
  • Team members
  • Basically, anyone who is interested in sharing their experience working remotely is invited.
Previous Experience If you work in a team or manage employees and have a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.
Preview We would like to hear your story – how you have dealt with working remotely from your team, and how this has affected your health, career, and relationship with your team and manager. We would like to understand what motivates you every day at work, and what you miss.
Background Information As employees, we have time-sheet, goal-setting, performance management, and many other tools that our companies ask us to use. We would like to redesign these tools so that employees find a personal benefit in using them. These tools should help us see progress in our work and skills, and help us have meaningful conversations with our managers, direct reports, and teams.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 14: SAPPHIRE NOW for Cross Topics: UX Illustrations for SAP Fiori

UX illustrations for the SAP Fiori design system were created to improve the SAP product experience. This testing will give you the opportunity to influence and evaluate how illustrations enhance the user experience and overall perception of the product look and feel. 

Description As we evolve the UX illustration library for SAP Fiori products, measuring the impact the illustrations have on the user experience is critical to providing value to users and customers. This testing will measure how illustrations paired with solution-oriented messaging enhance the product experience.
Role/s Business users of SAP products, such as:

  • SAP Ariba solutions: Strategic buyers, casual buyers
  • SAP SuccessFactors solutions: HR professionals
  • SAP Fieldglass solutions: Buyers, suppliers, and workers
  • SAP Sales Cloud solutions: Retail managers, sales representatives, customer service managers
Previous Experience You use SAP products on regular basis as a business user.

If you only use SAP products to develop, please specify the product name with “(develop only)” in SAP Products in Use field when you sign up. e.g. S/4 HANA (develop only).

Preview In this session, you will evaluate UX illustrations in the context of SAP Fiori products. During your usability test, you will be guided through different interaction flows to assess the effect these illustrations have on the user experience of SAP products.

Your feedback will help us to improve the product. With the feedback we want to discover:

  • How are the illustrations perceived?
  • Do illustrations help connect users to the product experience?
  • Do these enhancements positively affect product usability? Are they helpful for users?
  • What challenges have they experienced in the product that are related to messaging and tone?
Background Information SAP Fiori is the design system that defines a consistent look and feel of SAP products. As part of this design system, UX illustration’s role is to enhance the user experience of SAP products by providing a genuine, consistent experience that users connect deeply with, that drives the purpose of our products but also shows the human side of it. Through enhancements to the user experience, we want to ensure that our users find value in what we’re providing them, in the most human-centered way possible.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 15: SAPPHIRE NOW for CX: Project “Spartacus” Quotes

We intend to test a sales rep (buyer or seller side) through a simple price negotiation journey. The sales rep user will request a discount on an order in the cart and receive a counteroffer, which the user will accept, ending the journey.

Description For project “Spartacus,” an online storefront, we are developing a quote feature that allows buyers to submit their orders for a quote prior to checkout. This test ensures that the users can both request a quote and understand where their quote is captured, and can check or retrieve it when they receive a response.
  • Ideally sales reps (either buyers or sellers), or sales rep managers or approvers
  • Anyone who is a purchaser in merchandising, who needs to stock a retail location, or who performs bulk transactions on B2B sites; B2B development partners or subject matter experts
Previous Experience You purchase wholesale goods online from a vendor, you sell wholesale goods as a vendor, or you are a manager or approver in such situations.
Preview You will be presented with our latest shopping cart mock-up, where you will begin the process of trying to secure more favorable terms (such as price) prior to purchasing a “mock” high-value order. The order has already been created for you, but your challenge will be to reduce the cost your company will pay for the goods and increase your overall profit margin.
Background Information Our goal is to improve the intuitiveness of online price negotiation of high-value orders. We want to make sure that our near-future development screens provide great discoverability of options and ease of use.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 16: SAPPHIRE NOW for CX: SAP Upscale Commerce – Onboarding and Navigation Experience

Come test an advanced version of the SAP Upscale Commerce solution, including the onboarding screens and home page that allow you to set up and manage e-commerce stores and sales channels. 

Description SAP Upscale Commerce allows for an easy and fast onboarding experience based on the user’s role and needs. After the initial onboarding, it also provides a useful navigation and overview page.
Role/s Users who have worked in the role of an e-commerce system administrator, marketer, or merchandiser within an e-commerce management tooling application
Previous Experience You have used an e-commerce management application such as Shopify, the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, SAP Upscale Commerce, BigCommerce, or something similar to configure or manage an e-commerce storefront.
Preview During the usability test, you will walk through the onboarding process and provide feedback around your experience and expectations around the home page and navigation inside the application. Your feedback will help us to improve the product.
Background Information SAP Upscale Commerce facilitates the creation of rich, mobile-first shopping experiences that can be deployed quickly through a software-as-a-service commerce solution. You can launch new products and test markets and pop-up stores with intuitive mobile apps and progressive Web stores optimized for mobile, Web, tablet, and desktop devices.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 17: SAPPHIRE NOW for Finance: SAP Fiori Apps for Controlling: Internal Orders and Settlement Rules

SAP Fiori apps are used in finance solutions from SAP to maintain and analyze master data. We would like you to test new apps for internal orders and settlement rules in the area of overhead cost controlling.

Description We would like to ask you to test following new SAP Fiori apps or prototypes:

  • Manage Internal Orders
  • Manage Settlement Rules

During this study, you will get a chance to evaluate the latest mock-ups and designs we have for controlling master data.

Role/s Overhead cost accountant (controller) who works with internal orders and the settlement process
Previous Experience Experience with internal orders and settlement in overhead cost controlling is necessary.
Preview You will be presented with our latest SAP Fiori apps or mock-ups and asked to use them to perform a set of tasks. We would like to get your feedback on the experience. We would also like your opinion on how these apps would support your daily work.
Background Information Our goal is to develop new SAP Fiori apps in the area of controlling in SAP S/4HANA Cloud and on premise. We need your input to improve the user experience and design of the apps to best fit your business needs.
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 18: SAPPHIRE NOW for Finance: SAP S/4HANA for Advanced Compliance Reporting

SAP S/4HANA for advanced compliance reporting is the next-generation reporting platform that aims at bringing digital transformation into the critical area of compliance reporting and monitoring. Built as a component of SAP S/4HANA, the advanced compliance reporting (ACR) solution offers state-of-the-art features that help ensure that even the most complex and diverse legal reporting needs of customers are addressed in a uniform, easy-to-use, and efficient manner. The ACR solution also acts as a framework facilitating creation of additional legal reports for specific business requirements and the enhancement of the standard reports. 

The solution harnesses the best-of-breed technologies such as SAP HANA, core data services, SAP Fiori, SAP Integration Suite, output management, BRF+, and more to facilitate reports being created with built-in capabilities such as real-time reporting, easy adoption of legal changes, embedded analytics, and efficient auditing, by using the built-in runtime environment provided by ACR. 

Description Companies operating in every country across the world require legal reports to be submitted to government authorities. SAP has heterogenous country-specific reports to cater to these legal reporting requirements. Multinational corporates must work with these complex, nonuniform statutory reports, which reduces their productivity.

With changing economies and unprecedented tax reforms across the globe, there has been a marked increase in the changes to existing reporting regulations and introduction of new reporting regulations. Examples of big reforms are MENA VAT, India GST, and UK Tax Digital Reform. Such continuous changes can put our customers at risk of noncompliance, with penalties going up to millions of dollars. There is a dire need in the market to harmonize legal reporting globally and bring in efficiency to help customers to stay compliant.

SAP S/4HANA for advanced compliance reporting is the next-generation reporting platform that aims at bringing digital transformation to the critical area of compliance reporting and monitoring.

Role/s The target group involves IT users, system admins, business users, tax accountants, and tax admins.

The solution caters to every industry and can be used by any customer to help with legal compliance.

Previous Experience You have basic knowledge of an advanced compliance reporting application and how a report is generated in this application.
Preview You will be testing how the report preview will appear for the end user. This is an SAP Fiori screen where the complete view of document is visible. This screen also allows the user to edit the details in the report before submission to the government. Your feedback will help us to improve the product.
Background Information Intro video:
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There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 19: SAPPHIRE NOW for HR: SAP Work Zone

SAP Work Zone provides access to relevant business applications and processes, information, and communication with a single entry point for work.

Description SAP Work Zone empowers users with a personalized and intuitive digital workplace solution that provides relevant business insight and applications in one place. You will use SAP Work Zone to consume business information, create content, and collaborate with others.
Role/s Business users: Communication managers, HR managers, or any other office-based employee in a large company
Previous Experience Preferred but not a must is familiarity with content management systems, online site builders, SAP portals, or the SAP Jam site.
Preview During this test you will explore and use SAP Work Zone. You will navigate between pages, workspaces, and business applications, create content such as articles, cards, and events, manage your personal profile, and use workspaces to collaborate with others.
Background Information SAP Work Zone is a cloud-based digital workplace solution that provides an easy-to-use and collaborative framework for people-centric experience creation. It helps improve the experience people have with business applications and processes across the entire organization so they can run more efficiently.
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Topic 20: SAPPHIRE NOW for IT: Explore SAP Business Technology Platform with a Free Tier Experience

SAP is working on a free tier model for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Preview and try this free tier model concept, from registration to first steps exploring the content to trying out the services. Validate our design concepts from your individual or your company’s point of view, and share your requirements based on your role and responsibilities. Provide feedback and influence the future experience before its full release.

Description Free tier model for SAP BTP offers free plans to try services running on SAP BTP.
With this to-be-released free tier model, SAP allows interested individuals, customers, and partners to explore services running on SAP BTP. Users get access to the free tier model by signing a Pay-as-You-Go or CPEA agreement. Within one account, free as well as paid service plans are accessible to allow for a seamless content transfer to productive use.
Role/s IT professionals exploring product-as-a-service (PaaS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. No specific knowledge of SAP BTP is required.
From a technical perspective, cloud or solution architects, IT consultants, cloud administrators, or application/service development roles are preferred.
Previous Experience
  • You have experience with pro-code or low-code.
  • You have experience with SAP’s PaaS or SaaS solutions.
  • Basic knowledge of SAP Business Technology Platform (formerly SAP Cloud Platform) is appreciated.
Preview You will be testing a design prototype for the future free tier model for SAP BTP.
Based on your role, responsibility, and experience, you will have the opportunity to explore a free tier model for SAP BTP, from discovery, through registration, to a first hands-on experience with content, tools, and services that are part of SAP BTP.
We would like to have an open discussion and to collect your comments and questions. Your feedback will help us to improve the future experience.
Background Information SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the platform for the Intelligent Enterprise. Customers can achieve agility, business value, and continual innovation through integration, data to value, and extensibility of all SAP and third-party applications and data assets.
With this to-be-released free tier model, we aim to enhance our trial offering for end users and provide a seamless path from exploration to productive use. A preliminary version of the free tier model will be available to CPEA and Pay-as-You-Go customers at Sapphire. Individual users and partners will get access to the free tier model in the second half of the year.
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Topic 21: SAPPHIRE NOW for IT: Interactive Architecture Diagram for Integration with SAP BTP

Get your hands on a new low-code/no-code tool concept that allows you to connect and integrate your solutions running on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) using an interactive architecture diagram. 

Description Have you ever experienced challenges when connecting SAP products together? It is not always easy to connect your dots when a business scenario requires it. With this tool, we want to make this simple and fast. It aims to be a central place for enterprise architects, solution architects, and developers to find a real-time collaboration environment to speed up your implementation processes with a low-code/no-code experience.

Your participation and feedback are highly appreciated. You have the chance to directly influence the way this new tool will be developed in the future, as we really want to design it for you.

  • Enterprise architects
  • Solution architects
  • Integration developers
  • Partners integrating solutions running on SAP BTP
Previous Experience You should have a minimum of 1 year of professional experience in integrating solutions from SAP.
Preview During a 60-minute virtual session, you will have the chance to test the latest lab version of our tool. You will be asked to perform a few tasks using a click-through prototype and provide your feedback on it. This is what is in for you:

  • Get an overview of your solutions and their potential connections.
  • Explore the overall experience of the interactive architecture diagram.
  • Connect products using the architecture diagram.
  • Adapt the diagram the way you need it.
  • Add 3rd party services to your diagram. 
  • Run a mission supported by automated features.
  • Get a preview of real-time collaboration features.
Background Information Our goal is to provide a low-code/no-code experience for implementing business processes the easiest way as possible in a user-friendly environment. As a part of SAP Business Technology Platform, our tool automatically and intelligently connects all available technologies with your product portfolio, to always offer the right combination that matches your business needs.
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Topic 22: SAPPHIRE NOW for IT: SAP Data Intelligence – Replication Flows

Replication flows will enhance existing data replication capabilities and will allow customers to easily create, run, and monitor data replications in the SAP Data Intelligence solution. They will enable users to efficiently move a large number of data sets from a source to a target system. 

Description  Mass data replication is one key topic for any larger IT organization: several hundred data sets, such as core data services views for SAP S/4HANA, SAP tables, or other database tables, need to be integrated from different sources into target systems. Replication flows aim to simplify the process of performing mass data replication with SAP Data Intelligence, reducing the total cost of development and ownership. During this study, you will get a chance to evaluate the latest mock-ups and designs we have for setting up and monitoring such mass data replication.
  • Anyone whose daily work is about modeling data integration and data transformation
  • Anyone who frequently models data flows between various source and target systems (SAP as well as non-SAP)
Previous Experience If you have experience with setting up or modeling data integration, we’d like to invite you to our study. Your experience can be with:

  • The replication projects in SAP solutions such as SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, or SAP HANA Cloud
  • SAP’s data replication tools, such as SAP Data Services, SAP Smart Data Integration, or SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server
  • Non-SAP data replication and transformation tools
Preview You will be presented with our latest mock-ups. We would like to get your candid feedback on their usefulness. We will ask you additional questions to get further input based on your role and experience.
Background Information Our goal is to offer a replication solution in SAP Data Intelligence that makes it easy and cost-efficient to set up, run, and monitor data replication. We need your input to see how well our current streamlined ideas support our users’ daily work in data replication.
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Topic 23: SAPPHIRE NOW for IT: SAP Fiori Tools – Accelerate Your Development with the New Low-Code Features for Forms-Based Applications

SAP Fiori elements helps ensure design consistency and compliance with the latest design guidelines, while significantly reducing the amount of front-end code needed to build SAP Fiori apps. SAP Fiori tools are designed to let developers easily create and modify apps with SAP Fiori elements.

Description SAP Fiori tools allow users to easily build and modify apps using SAP Fiori elements with a minimum of user interface coding. While SAP Fiori elements is used internally to build SAP Fiori apps for SAP S/4HANA, SAP is investing heavily to simplify the way customers and partners build SAP Fiori apps. In this usability session, you can try out this newest set of features in SAP Fiori tools and provide feedback to the development team on the future direction.
Developers, product owners/managers, business analysts, consultants, and managers of IT departments who are building or planning to build SAP Fiori apps
Previous Experience
  • You are using SAP GUI to complete transactions.
  • You have basic knowledge of business processes and work flows in SAP.
  • Some development experience and IDE experience is an advantage but not a must have.
You will test an end-to-end scenario using a set of SAP Business Application Studio extensions to create a form-based app using SAP Fiori elements, as part of a new workflow. You will create the app, modify it, and add features using the different tools available.
Background Information
SAP Fiori elements is a library of several common page types that gives you a head start on developing applications that connect to data in SAP back-end systems. SAP Fiori elements is built on top of SAPUI5, SAP’s HTML5 development toolkit. The main idea behind SAP Fiori elements is to generate an SAP Fiori app at runtime from an existing OData service with additional metadata (annotations). This means that standard apps require little to no UI code. SAP is building a set of tools – the SAP Fiori tools – that allow everybody to easily build apps and modify them, while leveraging all the benefits of SAP Fiori elements.
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Topic 24: SAPPHIRE NOW for IT: Unified Connection Management in SAP HANA Cloud

Connection management will be deployed into SAP HANA Cloud. It contains overall information of existing connections with data transfer jobs, and it provides create/edit/delete functions to manage them.

Description You will have a chance to test and provide usability feedback on new enhancements under development for a future connection management in SAP HANA Cloud that provides a single view to efficiently manage all your connections and data replication processes associated with them. You will also create and manage data transfer jobs without service transition.
  • Database administrators, cloud and on premise
  • Data engineers and data integrators
  • Database developers
Previous Experience You are a user who has experience monitoring and administrating database landscapes. Preferably, you have created DB connections before, but this is not a must.
Preview You will be testing a connection management application with an interactive prototype where you will be working for managing cloud connections and data transfers for maintenance and improvement of data in business operations.

During the usability test you will see how the future connection management works in SAP HANA Cloud, and we look forward to your feedback based on your professional experience.

­Background Information SAP HANA Cloud allows you to build data solutions with modern architectures and gain business-ready insights in real time. As the data foundation for SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP HANA Cloud offers the power of SAP HANA in the cloud with cloud or hybrid deployment, elastic and low total cost of ownership, high processing performance through multimodel hybrid transactions, and real-time analytics processing.

The connection management is planned to be deployed in SAP HANA Cloud, which will allow its users to create, monitor, and administrate database instances.

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Topic 25: SAPPHIRE NOW for Midmarket (SMB): SAP Business Ecology Management: Estimate the Carbon Footprint of Your Products Using Existing SAP ERP Data

SAP Business Ecology Management is the solution for small and midsize enterprises to manage and reduce carbon emissions using business data gathered from ERP solutions such as SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One.

Description Gain access to the latest version of SAP Business Ecology Management, navigate through the application, and create your first product carbon footprint calculation.
  • All different kind of users responsible for auditable environmental KPIs that help meeting standards such as the Greenhouse Gas protocol and thereby keep the promise to become climate neutral.

Example roles are:

  • Shop floor technicians and energy management experts
  • Managing directors, leadership team
  • Sustainability experts
Previous Experience No previous experience is necessary, but business knowledge of sustainability and product cost estimates can be helpful.
Preview During this test, you will get the chance to create a carbon footprint calculation of all products of a company. You will model the energy flows, calculate carbon emissions for individual products, and get an overview of the carbon flows.
Background Information In these challenging times, sustainability becomes more and more important. With new carbon taxes introduced, tracking and managing of carbon emissions must succeed. This is where SAP Business Ecology Management comes into play, providing an overview of the carbon flow across the whole business – making it simple to win sustainably. SAP Business Ecology Management is the product for carbon management to help your small or midsize enterprise reduce the carbon footprint of your products.
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Topic 26: SAPPHIRE NOW for Midmarket (SMB): SAP’s Next-Generation Search and Nudge (The New Way of Work)

This is a new function to help users get the information they need quickly, whether they are looking for business documents or searching for help or troubleshooting information. The function is also intelligent, providing suggestions and recommendations to help the user work more effectively, in connection with a chatbot or the Web assistant. 

Description Experience the new way of search with examples of how to quickly find your important topics, processes, and related documents. In connection with the chatbot and the Web assistant, this new search will guide you to the desired results.
Role/s All kinds of users involved in implementing and using cloud products such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Business One solutions can test the next generation of search and nudge functions.
Previous Experience No previous experience is necessary, but business knowledge with cloud products from SAP such as SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One, and SAP SuccessFactors or SAP Concur solutions can be helpful.
Preview In the test you will experience how to find your business objects and related documents and processes using the next-generation search in one place, assisted when needed by the chatbot or Web assistant.
Background Information Today’s users want to interact with their cloud ERP software in new ways:

  • Users no longer need to travel through UIs to find particular data and documents, or spend time searching multiple repositories to find help. Instead, powerful Google-like search capabilities help users find relevant data and business documents in the system, as well as providing relevant help whenever needed.
  • Users no longer have to initiate every task or action. Instead, the system recognizes the user’s work patterns and priorities, and helps them to work more efficiently by “nudging” them – for example, in case of urgent tasks, or by proactively providing relevant assistance when they get stuck.
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Topic 27: SAPPHIRE NOW for Midmarket (SMB): SME Process Map

With the process map, you will experience the next-generation user interface paradigm that aims to achieve process excellence, driven by business users.

Description The process map is a refreshing take on bringing business users closer to the business processes they participate in, all the time. It is a new user interface paradigm that reimagines work access and application navigation by putting business processes at the center of the application to improve process clarity. It empowers users to monitor and optimize processes, so that they stay actively engaged in a continual process improvement. We look forward to your feedback on how the process map could support you and contribute to the success of your company by helping it achieve process excellence.
Role/s In general, we are looking for end users working with any ERP solution from SAP, such as SAP Business ByDesign, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and the like. We would prefer users in the following roles:

  • Business process experts
  • Business users playing roles like operational purchasers, purchase managers, sales representatives, service agents, financial accountants, and others
  • Managers
Previous Experience Having experience using an ERP system is a must. Experience in business process modeling or experience in sales, purchasing, or financial processes would be a plus.
Preview Process map aims to help users to:

  • Understand the setup processes
  • Access work easily
  • Attend to critical tasks as early as possible
  • Monitor process health and performance
  • Take necessary steps to optimize processes
Background Information Currently, business process optimization is mostly driven by a small group of process experts. The business users who are the real participants in the processes play little or no role in this process.

The process map brings business users closer to a business process they participate in, and helps them understand it well and adopt it. Users can then go ahead and improve it in a way that works not only for their company but also for themselves.

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Topic 28: SAPPHIRE NOW for Supply Chain: Launchpad for SAP Predictive Asset Insights

The launchpad for the SAP Predictive Asset Insights solution is the initial starting point and control center for daily asset management . A launchpad should be personalized and action-oriented. This session is for reliability engineers, maintenance engineers, and managers to review and give feedback about the launchpad that will be used to keep assets running.

Description The launchpad for SAP Predictive Asset Insights is the initial starting point and control center for daily asset management . A launchpad should be personalized and action-oriented. This session is for reliability engineers, maintenance engineers, and managers to review and give feedback about the launchpad that will be used to keep assets running.
Role/s Reliability engineers, maintenance engineers, and managers
Previous Experience You are a reliability engineer, maintenance engineer, or manager and are familiar with the day-to-day management of assets.
Preview During your usability test, you will give input on visualizations, lists, and tasks that you experience and perform daily to help guide the launchpad solution. You may also review launchpad concepts and gain insights about the product.
Background Information SAP Predictive Asset Insights, formerly known as SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, cloud edition, is an Internet of Things solution to predict maintenance and service needs. SAP Predictive Asset Insights enables maximizing asset availability and moving from reactive maintenance and service to predictive maintenance. Key benefits include improving service effectiveness, lowering maintenance costs, and increasing asset availability. Key features include a 360-degree view of assets, advanced analytics, intuitive and scalable machine learning, and digital twin–based simulations.
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