Remote Usability Testing

Event: SAP Remote Usability Testing
Testing Dates: November 29 – Dec 1
Location: Online 60 Minute Remote Sessions Via Zoom
Prerequisite: You do not have to be registered as an SAP TechEd attendee to participate.  Virtual usability testing is open to all SAP Customers and Partners.

Please Note: We will have a registration desk onsite at TechEd in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Developer’s hub (November 15-16) but we will only offer remote usability testing virtually two weeks after the event November 29-December 1.

What happens during a usability test?

Understanding your needs and the way you work, helps ensure that we build software that is right for your business. During these one-on-one 60 minute sessions you can usability test new and existing software and give your feedback directly to the product teams that build them. It’s a great opportunity to work directly with SAP to help shape the future of SAP products. We are testing our screens…not you, and there is no preparation that you will need in advance of your session. You will simply log into your appointment and the Development Team will provide you with a series of tasks to complete to see what steps you take to complete them. Can you find the buttons, does the terminology make sense, is this what you would use to complete your work, etc. then all your feedback is consolidated and any changes and updates are rolled into the product before the next release date.

How many sessions can I sign up for?

We ask that you limit yourself to no more than four sessions to allow other attendees the chance to participate. If product teams need additional information from you in order to qualify your registration for their topic, they will contact you within one business day of the date of your registration. You will also receive your meeting request to attend the virtual session after your NDA is signed, so please make sure that when you register your email address is correct and that you check your spam/junk folder if you do not see a reply.

Why should I sign up for usability testing?

Because by participating and working closely together through each phase of development, ensures that the most usable products and solutions with the best user experience ends up in the hands of you, our customer. Reserve your spot today and together we can help the world RUN BETTER.

If you have any questions about registration or usability testing in general, please send an e-mail to

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