Rules of Engagement

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Netiquette when initiating a post or discussion

  1. Search before you start to write to be sure that your topic has not been covered already
  2. Create a clear title for your post or discussion – make sure the subject line is clear, unique and topic-related.
  3. Do not post the same information in several areas. If a post or discussion is relevant to multiple areas, submit it in the most relevant area and use tags to connect it to other areas. Identical information in multiple areas may be deleted.
  4. If you are an SAP employee posting information about an SAP product or service, login as an SAP employee, not as a private user.
  5. Please allow up to 5 working days for your article to be reviewed and scheduled for publication.

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Netiquette when commenting on an existing post or discussion

  1. Read the post, discussion, or comment carefully before responding and make sure that your response is unique and adds value to the conversation or post. Post with intent to help versus intent to show that you know more.
  2. Make every effort to ensure that your own post is correctly written – but understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language so be tolerant of others’ lapses in spelling and grammar.
  3. Ask for clarification respectfully if you believe something is poorly phrased.
  4. Create context – a simple link is not enough to comment or answer. Include an explanation of why the link will be helpful. Similarly, there should be more than just a link to another post or website in a post or discussion.

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Good Community Behavior

  1. Identify yourself properly – use your real identity and humanize your own personal brand.
  2. Use your own photos – If you use a photo (which is your choice), please use a real headshot, without sunglasses, full face to represent yourself to the community. No logos or other graphic content that isn’t your own intellectual property may be used.
  3. Write in English and avoid slang – understand that there are many languages and cultures represented in the Community; however the posting, discussion and commenting language of the SAP User Experience Community is English. Please avoid slang, SMS abbreviations, and “textese”.
  4. Share your expertise transparently and publicly – The SAP User Experience Community is a site which encourages public knowledge exchange.
  5. No solicitations – If you wish for people to know your affiliation with your company, put those details in your profile and make those attributes accessible and visible to the community. Do not embed links to ads in posts, comments or replies. Do not send other users email solicitations and advertising. Do not attempt to artificially boost your visibility. If you want someone to trust you enough to buy what you offer, share your expertise transparently and publicly. Use that to build a reputation and relationships.
  6. Be professional and courteous – No need to SHOUT (use unnecessary capitalization). Most people participate here because they enjoy helping others, not because it’s their job to do so.
  7. Be responsive – If someone has asked for clarification or additional information to your post or discussion, please respond in a timely manner.
  8. Send an email to the SAP User Experience Community manager ( if you believe a post, discussion, or comment is inappropriate, offensive, or defamatory. Clearly state what fault you found with the submission and include a link to it in your email. If you believe that a post or discussion constitutes copyright infringement, please visit the Copyright link at the bottom of each SAP User Experience Community page and follow the instructions there.

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Grounds for Rejections of Content or Removal from the Community

  1. Point-cheating – Creating, rating, responding to any content for the purpose of increasing one’s own or another’s points. This includes collaboration with other users to rate content highly, creating “fake” users to rate one’s content highly, or any other points motivated activity that does not benefit the community at large.
  2. Defaming another – Posting or commenting disparaging statements that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image.
  3. Sexually explicit content – is neither appropriate nor allowed in this community.
  4. Posting confidential information – The community is open to the public. Therefore, it is inappropriate to post any confidential information (such as product information that is not yet public). By posting content, you grant SAP a license to that content and represent that you have the authority to post the content as detailed in the SAP User Experience Community Terms of Use.
  5. Inappropriate Content and Copyright Infringement – If, after reviewing a submission to the SAP User Experience Community, we find that some of the material in the document appears to contain inappropriate content, it may be removed on those grounds. As a reminder, the SAP User Experience Community Terms of Use, require that all content submitted to the SAP User Experience Community must be original content created by the author or reproduced with the permission of the content copyright owner. If you want to post on the SAP User Experience Community previously published quotations or passages (from print or web sources), illustrations, photographs, or graphics, you must have written appropriate permission or license from the content owner. Again, if you believe that a post constitutes copyright infringement, please visit the Copyright link at the bottom of each SAP User Experience Community page.

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What to Expect From Moderators

In accordance with the SAP User Experience Community Terms of Use, we may take some or all of the following actions:

  1. Reject your past, current and/or all future submissions
  2. Revoke your SAP User Experience Community membership
  3. Delete all of your accumulated points

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Controlling Terms

Please note that in case of any inconsistency between these guidelines and the SAP User Experience Community Terms of Use, the SAP User Experience Community Terms of Use shall control.