Learn about the SAP Leonardo Design-Led Engagement Process

Get a high-level look at the Leonardo Design-Led Development process with this interactive awareness session. Leonardo is the SAP innovation system that intelligently connects people, things and businesses. Get an overview of the role, approach and tools we use to co-innovate with customers in Leonardo projects.
1211  | 
Hailey Temple

Personality – The Interesting Ones Have It!

A well-designed personality is not only key in getting users to accept a digital assistant, it also has fundamental implications for our increasingly digital lives. We build relationships with other humans through emotional connection rather than just mere information exchange. Research proves that we act and remain attached, not because of reason, but because of […]
933  | 
Maricel Cabahug

Fishbowl – A Deep Dive

In this article we're providing hints and tips on using Fishbowls in customer and end user research.
655  | 
Clarissa Goetz

Fishbowl – A User Research Method for Future Scenarios

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘Fishbowl’? I bet you’re not thinking about people sitting in circles and discussing a topic vividly. It’s totally fine if you were thinking about an aquarium. However, we want to talk about Fishbowl as an excellent, future-oriented user research method.
1110  | 
Ramona Winkler

Ten Design Thinking Workshop Principles – Part I

In this series of four articles, I would like to describe ten workshop principles that have become essential for me, based on well over 200 shorter and longer formats, which I have designed and implemented in the last few years for a wide range of topics, challenges, participant groups and (business) contexts.
2884  | 
Jochen Guertler

Ten Design Thinking Workshop Principles – Part 2

In this small series of four articles, I would like to describe ten workshop principles that have become essential for me, based on well over 200 shorter and longer formats, which I have designed and implemented in the last few years for a wide range of topics, challenges, participant groups and (business) contexts.
1337  | 
Jochen Guertler

Ten Design Thinking Workshop Principles – Part 3

In this small series of four articles, I would like to describe ten workshop principles that have become essential for me, based on well over 200 shorter and longer formats, which I have designed and implemented in the last few years for a wide range of topics, challenges, participant groups and (business) contexts.
857  | 
Jochen Guertler

Ten Design Thinking Workshop Principles – Part 4

In the following, I would like to describe ten workshop principles that have become essential for me, based on well over 200 shorter and longer formats, which I have designed and implemented in the last few years for a wide range of topics, challenges, participant groups and (business) contexts.
833  | 
Jochen Guertler

5 Ways Warm-Ups Align Mindsets to Innovate

Warm-ups and ice breakers are the perfect tools to access creativity and unlock innovation. After observing the impact they have on groups at design thinking workshops, the AppHaus decided to host a meetup to introduce others to the value behind fun, yet strategic, pre-workshop activities.
2088  | 
Madelyn Andree

Innovation is a journey, not a destination

Successful design-driven companies go beyond using design as a service, and see it instead as a catalyst for culture change and as a tool to drive business strategy and innovation. However, they do not get there overnight. Creating a culture of design-led innovation is a journey that takes time and commitment. From our experience at […]
1088  | 
Janaki Kumar

Engaging Employees with a Tangible Storytelling Tool

Testing new methods is the best way to succeed Hélice Experience is a Brazilian design start-up based in Porto Alegre which was founded by Fernando C. Guimarães, Rafael Barcellos and Alexandre Press in 2014. They offer strategy execution and engagement services. A lot of companies facing or experiencing a change turn to Hélice Experience to […]
1797  | 
Gloria Costa

Swiss Post’s Vision of Augmented Reality Powered By “Scenes”

Are augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) just a few more buzzwords or will those become real trends in a world where IoT and Industry 4.0 are increasingly important? According to Augmented/Virtual Reality Report 2016 by Digi-Capital1, $686 million were inested in AR/VR in 2015. By 2020, this number is expected to grow towards $120 billion2. Therefore, […]
1900  | 
Constanze Reichelt

What does it take to Innovate?

We like to think of innovation as being at the confluence of technical feasibility, business viability and human values. However, while most organizations possess the business knowledge and technical skills to execute and produce incremental innovations, we’ve learned through our work that many still lack the human component. That is the value of design: it […]
1034  | 
Janaki Kumar

Don’t Wait, Innovate!

Introducing SAP's initiative to foster a #design-led #innovation #culture. This is first in a series of blogs on with frameworks, assessment tools and strategies to be the change agent in your organization.
970  | 
Janaki Kumar

Language and Content Can Make or Break the User Experience

Language in a user interface is important to make users feel comfortable, confident, and successful. You build a relationship with users, build trust, and give users a remarkable user experience in your software.
1154  | 
Sophia Marx

Working with SAP “Scenes” – 15 Minutes to Convince 30 People of a New Process

Background: Our CRM system contains huge volumes of data relating to our customers and contact persons. The quality and up-to-dateness of this system, however, are an issue. Many colleagues question the relevance and usability of the data analyses, complain that data maintenance is too complicated, and moan about the application being too old. In short: […]
2247  | 
Tomas Schiffbauer

Prototyping Better Service at Frankfurt Airport with “Scenes”

Fraport AG, the airport managing group of Frankfurt Airport, is using Design Thinking methods and tools to improve security issues as well as the service at Frankfurt Airport. We had the pleasure to interview Till Eichenauer on how this tool was used and perceived at Fraport.
2708  | 
Gloria Costa

SAP Fiori 2.0: The Object Page – Part 1: Its History

Representing business objects in a consumable yet sufficiently powerful way is a challenge on its own. Since joining SAP in 2006, I have witnessed a number of different approaches on how to provide a floorplan that can provide an easy overview of the most important aspects of the business object at the same time show […]
3537  | 
Kai Richter

SAP Fiori 2.0: A Primer on Embedded Analytics

This article provides an overview of the embedded analytics concept. It explains why it represents a change in the traditional way of working, and why this is significant for the regular business user. Introduction Traditionally, there has always been a strict separation between analytics and transactional work. This was originally in part due to the […]
3967  | 
Kai Richter

The Design of SAP Fiori 2.0 Controls: There’s No Control for That?

UI controls are the basic building blocks of any graphical user interface. Through controls, we express the interaction options to the user and we communicate the state of the system. Controls are combined into composites and patterns and are finally arranged on a screen. Having a sufficiently complete and powerful selection of controls is a […]
3415  | 
Kai Richter

SAP Fiori 2.0: The Ideal Overview

This series of blogs discusses aspects of SAP’s latest iteration of the SAP Fiori design language: SAP Fiori 2.0. In this article, I will discuss the idea of the overview page in the context of the SAP Fiori environment, and how it can be used to bundle information and functionality centered around one task context […]
13981  | 
Kai Richter

Create Your Company’s UX Strategy

By now, most IT leaders have become convinced of the need to move their organizations away from a mindset of delivering functions and features, and move toward a focus that puts the user’s true needs at the center, employing design thinking principles. Discover and Plan – Where to start?Why should you create your own UX strategy? Where do you start, […]
2056  | 
Andreas Hauser

Prepare for On-Site Interviews with End Users

By Clarissa Goetz and Ramona Winkler   So, you’re in the lucky position to have end users lined up for research interviews. Great! Now, do you need to prepare for this interview at all? And if so, how? If you want to get the most out of the on-site visit, it’s best to prepare in […]
1444  | 
Ramona Winkler

SAP Fiori 2.0: The Dynamic Page

This article is part of a series of articles that explain the design rationale behind some of the changes that come with the next evolution of SAP Fiori. In this article, you will learn about the dynamic page, a new layout that will be used as the basis for most of the standard pages in […]
5077  | 
Kai Richter

SAP Fiori 2.0: From Vision to Product

About two years ago, we were exploring how we could bring SAP Fiori to the next level. SAP Fiori had already conquered the heart of our customers and SAP had decided to make it the new standard for all SAP products. But SAP Fiori was still young and incomplete as a design language, and so […]
3183  | 
Kai Richter

SAP Fiori 2.0: The Launchpad (Part 2)

The first part of this article described how we have significantly improved the application management in the new evolution of SAP Fiori, making it easier for the user to navigate between applications or to discover new functionalities. This second part now will focus on the most prominent design changes to the launchpad in SAP Fiori […]
6155  | 
Kai Richter

SAP Fiori 2.0: The Launchpad (Part 1)

This is the first part in a series of articles meant to give some more background information on the most important aspects of SAP Fiori 2.0, the user experience for S/4HANA. In this post, I will explain the different ways you can organize and manage applications in the SAP Fiori launchpad. The launchpad is the environment […]
8889  | 
Kai Richter

Use the Hierarchy of Decision-Making for Designing Precision-Targeted Dashboards

Business Intelligence applications such as dashboards have evolved into the ultimate analytics, decision-supporting tools for business leaders. Empowered with ever-advancing data mining and in-memory technologies, a well-designed dashboard can help decision makers track every single aspect of business performance – past, present, and the prognosticated future. BI tools such as dashboards can serve as the […]
1319  | 
Trang Nguyen

Why a Closed Loop Team Develops Better Products

Time pressure, tasked divided up into sequential processes and handed off from one role to another, teams scattered around the globe (or even “just” in different buildings), abstract artifacts sent back and forth by email… a combination of many or all of these factors is often the reality in software development projects in large organizations. […]
1283  | 
Hanswerner Dreissigacker

A Recipe for Leadership

If you ask people around you who their favorite/most inspirational leaders are, most likely you will hear names like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson. We have idolized a handful of popular leaders for traits like vision or charisma, without entirely understanding their personalities or studying their failures. Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Jeffrey […]
965  | 
Janaki Kumar

Designing the New Digital Society

Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost on Design, SAP, IoT, and why Germany is lagging behind its EU neighbors in the digital transformation.
1853  | 
Esther Blankenship

Build Fiori-Inspired Designs with SAP Screen Personas

If a Fiori app does not yet exist for your specific business scenario, you can build Fiori-inspired flavors using SAP Screen Personas. This allows you to provide your users a similar look and feel to native Fiori apps, ensuring consistency across SAP functionality.
2966  | 
Peter Spielvogel

Web Components, Project Instances and Console Logs: A Triptych of Contemporary UX Prototyping

Creating new UI elements and floorplans is a challenging task and creative in so many ways, one of which is being flexible while prototyping for software. Prototyping There is a quite large literature supporting the use of prototypes within the design process, but in this article, we would consider the need for a prototype as […]
1386  | 
Konstantinos Drachtidis

Scenes: A New Method and Tool to Create Storyboards

"Scenes" is a tool and a method that was created to empower business leaders and professionals of all industries to shape their ideas and scenarios in the form of fun illustrative storyboards without the need of refined drawing skills. Learn how you can use it.
13594  | 
Karen Detken

Design & Co-Innovation Center favorite design videos of 2015

At the Design & Co-Innovation Center, we foster T-shaped design teams by continually expanding our knowledge and skillsets. To achieve this, we host numerous learning opportunities for our team from Bikablo drawing workshops and Drupal learning sessions to guest talks on a range of topics like photo journalism and visual storytelling. In continuation of this […]
1328  | 
Anthony Jakubiak

What Makes a Good User Experience?

For the past 8 years, I have focused on designing digital experiences in a variety of industries and for a variety of clients. Throughout my career, I have gleaned a few lessons that helped me create actionable, simple, relatable, engaging, and delightful experiences. Here are some of them: ☆ Make it Actionable In each application, the […]
3690  | 
Navdeep Ganesh

6 Recommendations for Creating Smartwatch Apps

The smartwatch, although still somewhat in the novelty stage but without the geek image of wearables like Google Glass, is one of the next frontiers for  app designers and developers. Fun and exciting for consumers, designing for this new form and situational factor is most certainly a big challenge for designers and developers. How do […]
1925  | 
Hanswerner Dreissigacker

What Are D-Gates For?

Have you ever wondered how SAP ensures high-quality user experience for new applications? Let me start with the story ...
4570  | 
Markus Paeuser

How to Boost the Design Factor in Your Company (Part 1)

In this two-part interview series, I talk to Ulrike Weissenberger, VP of Global Design Enablement, and Hanswerner Dreissigacker, VP of Global Design Frontrunner Apps who were respectively early proponents of user-centered design and design thinking at SAP.
1723  | 
Esther Blankenship

How to Boost the Design Factor in Your Company (Part 2)

This is the second post in a two-part interview series about changing software development culture from one focused mainly on features and functions toward one that invests meaningful and appropriate resources on user experience and design. When teams and management are asked to change the way they have always done things, that is when things […]
1631  | 
Esther Blankenship

Warm Ups: 123 “TA-DA”

Continuing on from our One Hand Paper Airplanes exercise, here’s a new and fun warm-up to try from the Design & Co-Innovation Center. In this warm-up exercise, we’re learning how to embrace our stumbles and falls along the journey to success. Finding out what didn’t work lets you know what does. So when you take […]
2315  | 
Kevin Langer

Book Reviews (User Interface, Graphic, and Web Design)

In this post, you will find links to the almost 70 reviews of selected books on user interface design, graphic design, and web design that were written for the SAP Design Guild from 1999 to 2012. Although a few of the books (and their respective reviews) might show their age, many are as interesting and […]
3878  | 

A Quick Intro to SAP Fiori Floorplans

If you are just getting started designing SAP Fiori apps, you might be asking yourself what a floorplan is. The term floorplan is used differently in different design contexts. In relation to SAP Fiori, when we talk about floorplans we are referring to predefined layouts for common use cases. These layouts can be used to compose a simple and […]
4859  | 
Carolin Klimek

Prototyping SAP Fiori Applications

Recently, we released our new SAP Fiori Design Guidelines to our customers and partners. The feedback so far has been great, and we are glad to regularly share the updates of what we learn on our SAP Fiori journey. As part of this update, we have also introduced our new design stencils that allow designers […]
4690  | 
Carolin Klimek

“Design Doesn’t Fall from the Sky” – a Story in Postcards

Three designers from the Design and Co-Innovation Center had the idea to create a series of six postcards which communicate SAP’s aim of humanizing software. At this point you might think: Relax, three designers – six postcards? But design doesn’t just fall from the sky. Follow them on their design journey!
2479  | 
Klara Truong

Method Mondays: Never stop learning. 5 methods for innovation you should try in your team

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” At the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) at SAP we frequently organize the so-called “Method Mondays”, a regular one-hour meeting series in which the team members share, practice, and test different methods. In this article […]
2685  | 
Ann-Sofie Ruf

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) – Part 2: ARIA

The first part of the article discussed the need for complex Web controls, presents various Web content types, and explains why there is a need for something better than current solutions offer – this is where ARIA comes in. This second part of the article introduces ARIA itself and describes its specifications, basic concepts and […]
3237  | 
Stefan Schnabel

Making Stores Smart with Beacon Technology

The idea of Bluetooth beacon technology is fairly simple and Apple is emerging as the ”top dog” as the beacon-wars are heating up. PayPal (PayPal Beacon: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/beacon ) and Qualcomm (Gimbal: http://www.gimbal.com/) are gearing up to challenge Apple with beacon hardware of their own. And retailers like Target (Cart Wheel) and smaller vendors like Estimote, […]
5740  | 
Holger Maassen

SAP UX and Design Leaders Share Insights and Inspiration

Some of our UX and Design leadership team members, under Sam Yen, are addressing these ideas and providing perspectives, insight and inspiration through a series of blog published on SAP Business Trends.
4593  | 
Katie Moser

When Time Matters: Designing High-Speed UIs

Do you need your users to work really fast with your UI? Have you reached the point where further automation is no option? Will your users be highly trained to the very end of the learning curve, able to operate the UI in their sleep, but still you need to squeeze out the milliseconds out […]
3584  | 
Bernard Rummel

Page Description Diagram

Wireframes are schematics or blueprints – a way to show clarity of purpose and function, showing quality of being easily seen or expressed, remembered, understood, etc.. And it’s up to you how schematic or how precise it has to be. As architect I worked with various deliverables and so I do now as information architect […]
3544  | 
Holger Maassen

How SAP Screen Personas Fits the 2015 SAP UX Strategy

SAP Screen Personas has evolved from a standalone browser-based application to become a comprehensive personalization framework integrated into the SAP GUI family. Customers can use SAP Screen Personas to modernize SAP GUI screens to look like Fiori or match their corporate design guidelines.
4484  | 
Peter Spielvogel

CIO or KTLO? The Choice Is Yours

I’ve spoken with many CIOs recently, and it’s fair to say the role is changing. Not long ago, it was fine for them to dedicate about 80% of their time to optimizing and ensuring the uptime of key business systems, and for the remainder, to peer over the horizon at what was ahead for the […]
2007  | 
Andreas Hauser

System Usability Scale – jetzt auch auf Deutsch.

The System Usability Scale (Brooke, 1996) is a widely used, standardized 10-item questionnaire to measure user satisfaction. For German users, a group of SAP usability professionals made a translation available in 2013 which we proudly re-post in this community.
4158  | 
Bernard Rummel

Quick UX Assessment? Start with the System Usability Scale.

You need a quick usability assessment of an already deployed system? The System Usability Scale can give you a pretty precise spotlight on where to dig deeper for usability issues - and where to unpack the rest of your UX toolbox. This post provides details and some tools to get started right away.
4014  | 
Bernard Rummel

How the Heidelberg Windmill made us forget our laptops

Why and How-to Run Letterpress Workshops in a Digital Enterprise. Designing business software and classic letterpress printing have more in common than you can believe. Below you will find why and how you could organize one in your company as well.
3022  | 
Alessandro Sposato

Part 1 – Agile UX: Understanding the Agile World from a UX Perspective

Over the past 10 years SAP has successfully introduced and established great methods for development teams to faster and better design and develop products. Lean software development, agile software engineering and design thinking all successfully help us to deliver great software solutions for our customers and drive innovation. In part 1 of this two-part article […]
10788  | 
Lydia Waldmann

Part 2 – Agile UX: Designing the User Experience in an Agile World

In part 1 of this article, I summarized the background and basics of agile user experience (UX). In this follow-up article, I’d like to move away from the theory and tell you more about my practical and personal experiences working with these methods. With the rise of agile and lean approaches across our industry, UX […]
6755  | 
Lydia Waldmann

Rewards and Pains: User Research in Brazil

Article by Denise Pilar and Felipe Martins from SAP Labs Latin America User-centered design can be a challenge in Brazil where the organizational UX maturity level is low. Teams have to overcome management objections to user-centered design and navigate cultural considerations. This article presents ways to handle the most common objections and discusses what can be done in spite of the inherent difficulties.
3713  | 
Denise Pilar

Looking for Design Guidelines from SAP?

Whether you are looking for SAP’s latest design guidelines or something a little bit older, we’ve collected all the links for you in this one handy spot: The SAP Design Guidelines and Resources page right here on the SAP User Experience Community. Included are links to the SAP Fiori design principles as well as the brand-new Web IDE […]
3873  | 

Collect Them All! (An Activity to Bring People Together)

In preparation for an SAP-internal UX event, 2 colleagues and I designed ten method cards that dealt with “secret” UX methods – methods that are not that widely known or so new that not many people had heard of them before.
4737  | 
Stef Huber

Personalities You’ve Met at Workshops

At the Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) at SAP, our team members have facilitated a number of workshops, especially Design Thinking (DT) Workshops. We learned that preparing and presenting the workshop content is only half of what is required to deliver a successful workshop. The other half is managing different types of participants to make […]
3112  | 
Tim Thianthai

Webinars from SAP on User Experience

SAP user group members can participate in the live webinars. All customers can listen to the recordings, which are available from the SAP Service Marketplace - Knowledge Transfer Webinars page.
1992  | 
Esther Blankenship

The Value of User Experience

Why should You invest in User Experience and Design? - Improving UX offers the opportunity to realise business value.
7493  | 
Tobias Gollwitzer

Warm Ups: One Hand Paper Airplanes

In a recent workshop the DCC hosted, we did a particularly challenging and fun warm up of holding a paper airplane contest. Easy, right? But there’s a catch. The paper airplanes can only be built with one hand.
14581  | 
Kevin Langer

Checklist for Remote Usability Tests

I like working with good, reliable checklists. Here is one that I created after I had conducted a couple of remote usability test sessions, in order to keep an eye on the most important things that require my attention when using this method. Today, as I’m more experienced, I find myself completing most of the […]
2630  | 
Ramona Winkler

Visual Facilitation Training

Visual Facilitation is an innovative way of representing the information through the use of graphic symbols and minimal text. It can also be used as real-time note taking method at meetings, seminars, and conferences.
3071  | 
Tim Thianthai

How designers can work better with developers

In many software projects, there is a cultural and communicational gap between designers and developers. To overcome this gap, design initiatives often focus on the developers only. Here I want to offer a few tips targeted at designers, based on my experiences as a developer working with designers in various software projects. Know technical requirements […]
1989  | 
Andreas Linke

Remote Card Sorting– How We Did it for the Redesign of the SAP User Experience Community

Card sorting is a user research method which is typically done manually and with pen and paper. In this article, I will explain how we turned it into a remote method. To be honest, we improvised. We had done the card sorting activity in person already with many customers, but we wanted to get feedback from users further afield.
2372  | 
Christine Ley

Discover Your Wow Factor with Customer Journey Mapping

A Customer Journey Map can help you discover, design and deliver your Wow Factor and an incredible customer experience! Here are three ways to discover your wow factor with Journey Mapping.
3956  | 
Jennifer Kramp

Prototype 4 Empathy

Prototyping for empathy is a method that is used by the d.School in order to immerse one you in the situation of your client, user, etc.
2386  | 
Stef Huber

Business Origami

Business Origami is a method that has been invented by the Hitachi Design Center. It uses paper cut-outs as symbolic representations of people, groups, channels and environments, to create a miniature model of a system.
7023  | 
Stef Huber

Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is a storytelling method introduced by Joseph Campbell who analyzed vast numbers of myths and fairy tales. He found that all heroes follow a journey with 12 distinct steps, although not all 12 are mandatory for the story.
2578  | 
Stef Huber

Experience Mapping

An experience map is a method you can use to get insights into the holistic experience of your target group (be it users, customers, clients) in order to understand and visualize the ups and downs of their experience across the service or ecosystem.
4341  | 
Stef Huber

KANO method

Professor Noriaki Kano (1984 Tokyo Rika University) developed a method to analyze which product attribute/feature, service or process is more desirable than others.
2454  | 
Carolin Klimek

Newspaper Exercise

The combination of a new approach and something familiar like newspaper headlines motivates users in the creative thinking process.
1328  | 
Carolin Klimek

Collaborative Brand Persona

The idea of collaborative brand persona started with a project team meeting with people from marketing, IT, sales and customer service. All of them had different agendas and they all had one thing in common: their company brand.
1743  | 
Carolin Klimek

“Start & End” Storyboard

Storytelling is an established and popular tool for movies, television, comics and many other areas of visual media. Storyboards help to add real-world context. People, places and e.g. devices will be involved and it is easier to keep your mind on the flow.
2028  | 
Carolin Klimek

Core Story Canvas

At the beginning of a project there are often the same questions. There is a concrete situation or a concrete product and you have to do a deep dive to get the answers. Which story is strong enough to cover all products or services?
3932  | 
Carolin Klimek

“If you want to go far – go together”: A DCC-Retrospective

On September 2nd – 4th, 2014, design managers from all over the world met at the Academic Design Management Conference to discuss their insights and past experiences. A good opportunity to have Janaki Kumar and Tobias Haug, the team leaders of the Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) from SAP, share their retrospective with us on the founding and development of their teams.
3509  | 
Klara Truong