In this post, you will find links to the almost 70 reviews of selected books on user interface design, graphic design, and web design that were written for the SAP Design Guild from 1999 to 2012. Although a few of the books (and their respective reviews) might show their age, many are as interesting and relevant as the day they were written. We therefore would like to continue to offer this valuable resource to our readers.

As the SAP Design Guild website will be retired this year as part of an effort to simplify the interaction points between interested parties and SAP, the SAP User Experience Community team has migrated this and other popular information from the SAP Design Guild to the SAP User Experience Community. To find all of the migrated posts from the SAP Design Guild, simply click on this link:

The list below is ordered alphabetically by the initial of the book’s first author. If the book title is a link, the book has a companion Website or other online information is available for it.

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Cover of Usability Management bei SAP Projekten Abele, Petra; Hurtienne, Jörn; Prümper, Jochen Usability Management bei SAP-Projekten. Grundlagen – Vorgehen – Methoden (in German) 2007 Vieweg; ISBN: 3834802441 (Paperback) Usability: CustomizingReview
Cover of Effective Prototyping Arnowitz, Jonathan; Arent, Michael; Berger, NevinEffective Prototyping for Software Makers 2007 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 978-0120885688 (Paperback) Design: PrototypingReview
Cover of Making the Web Work Baxley, BobMaking the Web Work – Designing Effective Web Applications 2002 New Riders Publishing; ISBN: 0735711968 (Paperback) Design: Web design, Web applications, MethodologyReview
Cover of The Craft of Information Visualization Bederson, Benjamin B.; Shneiderman, BenThe Craft of Information Visualization: Readings and Reflections 2003 Morgan Kaufmann;ISBN: 1558609156 (Paperback) Information: Information presentationReview
Cover of Biomimicry Benyus, Janine M. Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature 2002 Harper Perennial; ISBN: 0060533226 GeneralReview
Cover of Contextual Design Beyer, Hugh; Holtzblatt, KarenContextual Design: A Customer-Centered Approach to Systems Designs 1997 Academic Press; ISBN: 1558604111 (Paperback) Usability: Methodology – Contextual design, User task analysisReview
Cover of Participatory IT Design Bødker, Keld; Kensing, Finn; Simonsen, JesperParticipatory IT Design 2004 The MIT Press; ISBN: 026202568X General: IT DesignReview
Cover of Windows and Mirrors Bolter, Jay David; Gromala, DianeWindows and Mirrors : Interaction Design, Digital Art, and the Myth of Transparency 2003 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262025450 Design: GeneralReview
Cover of Sketching User Experiences Buxton, BillSketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design 2007 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 0123740371 DesignReview
Cover of Handbook of Usability Testing (2nd ed.) Chisnell, Dana; Rubin, JeffreyHandbook of Usability Testing: How to Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests (2nd ed.) 2008 John Wiley & Sons; ISBN-10: 0470185481; ISBN-13: 978-0470185483 (Paperback) Usability: TestingReview
Cover of Effective Use Cases Cockburn, AlistairWriting Effective Use Cases 2001 Addison-Wesley; ISBN: 0201702258 (Paperback) Usability: MethodologyReview
Cover of Understanding Your Users Courage, Catherine; Baxter, KathyUnderstanding Your Users – A Practical Guide to User Requirements Methods, Tools, and Techniques 2004 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 1558609350 Usability: MethodsReview
Cover of The Art of Seeing Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly; Robinson, Rick E. The Art of Seeing – An Interpretation of the Aesthetic Encounter 1991 Getty Publications; ISBN-10: 0892361565; ISBN-13: 978-0892361564 GeneralReview
Cover of Semiotic Engineering De Souza, Clarisse SieckeniusThe Semiotic Engineering of Human-Computer Interaction 2005 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262042207 General, MethodologyReview
Cover of UX Best Practices Degen, H.; Yuan, X. W.UX Best Practices – How to Achieve More Impact with User Experience 2011 McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; ISBN-10: 007175251X ISBN-13: 978-0071752510 General, User ExperienceReview
Cover of Hertzian Tales Dunne, AnthonyHertzian Tales: Electronic Products, Aesthetic Experience, and Critical Design 2005 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262042320 General, DesignReview
Cover of Interactive Visualization Ferster, BillInteractive Visualization: Insight through Inquiry 2012 The MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0262018152; ISBN-13: 978-0262018159 Information: Information presentationReview
Cover of Information Dashboard Design Few, StephenInformation Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data 2006 O’Reilly; ISBN: 0596100167 Design, Information: Information presentationReview
Cover of The Plenitude Gold, RichThe Plenitude: Creativity, Innovation, and Making Stuff 2007 The MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0262072890; ISBN-13: 978-0262072892 DesignReview
Cover of Intersection Guenther, MilanIntersection: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap between Business, Technology, and People 2012 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN-10: 0123884357; ISBN-13: 978-0123884350 GeneralReview
Cover of Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL Hansen, Derek; Shneiderman, Ben; Smith, MarcAnalyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL 2010 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 9780123822291 Information: Information presentationReview
Cover of The Mobile Frontier Hinman, RachelThe Mobile Frontier: A Guide to Creating Mobile Experiences 2012 Rosenfeld Media; ISBN: 1-933820-55-1 (Paperback); ISBN: 1-933820-05-5 (Digital editions) Design: MobileReview
Cover of Access by Design Horton, SarahAccess by Design 2005 New Riders Press; ISBN: 032131140X Usability: Universal usabilityReview
Cover of Information Design Jacobson, Robert (Ed.)Information Design 2000 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262600358 (Paperback) Information: Information designReview
Cover of Designing with the Mind in Mind Johnson, JeffDesigning with the Mind in Mind: A Simple Guide to Understanding User Interface Design Rules 2010 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN-10: 1-012375030X; ISBN-13: 978-0123750303 (Paperback) Usability: UI designReview
Cover of GUI Bloopers 2.0 Johnson, JeffGUI Bloopers 2.0: Common User Interface Design Don’ts and Dos 2007 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 0123706432 (Paperback) Usability: UI designReview
Cover of Web Bloopers Johnson, JeffWeb Bloopers: 60 Common Web Design Mistakes and How To Avoid Them 2003 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 1558608400 (Paperback) Usability: Web designReview
Cover of GUI Bloopers Johnson, JeffGUI Bloopers: Don’ts and Do’s for Software Developers and Web Designers 2000 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 1558605827 (Paperback) Usability: UI designReview
Cover of The International Hanndbook of Creativity Kaufman, James, C.; Sternerg, Robert, J.The International Handbook of Creativity 2006 Cambridge University Press; ISBN 139780521838428 GeneralReview
Cover of Systemisches Design Khazaeli, Cyrus D.Systemisches Design (in German) 2005 Rowohlt; ISBN: 3499600781 Design: GeneralReview
Cover of Elements of Graph Design Kosslyn, Stephen M.Elements of Graph Design 1993 W. H. Freeman & Co; ISBN: 0716722631 (Hardcover); ISBN: 071672362X (Paperback) Information: Information presentationReview
Kumar, Janaki Mythily; Herger, MarioGamification at Work: Designing Engaging Business Software 2013 The Interaction Design Foundation; ISBN-10: 8792964079; ISBN-13: 978-8792964076 GamificationReview
Cover of Observing the User Experience Kuniavsky, MikeObserving the User Experience: A Practitioner’s Guide to User Research 2003 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 1558609237 (Paperback) Usability: MethodsReview
Cover of Design Research Laurel, Brenda (Ed.)Design Research: Methods and Perspectives 2003 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262122634 Design: GeneralReviewReview (2)
Cover of How Designers Think Lawson, BryanHow Designers Think 2005 Architectural Press; ISBN: 0-7506-6077-5 DesignReview
Cover of Universal Usability Lazar, JonathanUniversal Usability 2007 John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0470027274 Usability: Universal usabilityReview
Cover of Universal Principles of Design Lidwell, William; Holden, Kritina; Butler, JillUniversal Principles of Design 2003 Rockport Publishers; ISBN: 1592530079 Design: GeneralReview
Cover of Throughtful Interation Design Löwgren, Jonas; Stolterman, ErikThoughtful Interaction Design 2004 The MIT Press; ISBN: 0262122715 Usability: UI designReview
Cover of Laws_simplicity Maeda, JohnThe Laws of Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life 2006 The MIT Press; ISBN: 0262134721 General, Design Review
Cover of Introduction to Information Vosualization Mazza, RiccardoIntroduction to Information Visualization

2009 Springer; ISBN: 978-1848002180 (Softcover) Information: Information presentationReview
Cover of Technology as experience McCarthy, John; Wright, PeterTechnology as Experience 2004 The MIT Press; ISBN: 0262134470 GeneralReview
Cover of Digital Ground McCullough, MalcolmDigital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing 2004 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262134357 (Hardcover) GeneralReview
Cover of Designing Interactions Moggridge, BillDesigning Interactions 2006 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262134748 (Hardcover) DesignReview
Cover of Inventing the Medium Murray, Janet H.Inventing the Medium 2012 The MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0-262-01614-1; ISBN-13: 978-0-262-01614-8 DesignReview
Cover of The Design Way Nelson, Harold G.; Stolterman, ErikThe Design Way: Intentional Change in an Unpredictable World (2nd Ed.) 2012 The MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0262018179; ISBN-13: 978-0262018173 DesignReview
Cover of The Design of Everyday Things Norman, Donald A.The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded EditionBlog post on upcoming Udacity course based on the book 2013 Basic Books; ISBN-10: 0465050654; ISBN-13: 978-0465050659 (Paperback) General, DesignReview (older edition)
Cover of Living with Complexity Norman, Donald A.Living with Complexity 2010 MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0262014866; ISBN-13: 978-0262014861 (Hardcover) General, DesignReview
Cover of The Design of Everyday Things Norman, Donald A.The Design of Everyday Things 1990 Currency; ASIN: 0385267746; MIT Press; ASIN: 0262640376; Basic BooksISBN: 0465067107 (Paperback) General, DesignReview
Cover of Scientific Collaboration on the Internet Olson, Gary M.; Zimmerman, Ann; Bos, Nathan (Eds.)Scientific Collaboration on the Internet 2008 The MIT Press; ISBN: 0262151200 (Hardcover) GeneralReview
Cover of  A Whole New Mind Pink, Daniel H.A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age 2005 Riverhead; ISBN: 1573223085 (Hardcover) GeneralReview
Cover of Design Thinking Plattner, Hasso; Meinel, Christoph; Weinberg, UlrichDesign Thinking (in German) 2009 mi-Wirtschaftsbuch; ISBN-10: 3868800131; ISBN-13: 978-3868800135 (Hardcover) General: Innovation, DesignReview Review (German version)
Cover of Design Meets Disability Pullin, GrahamDesign Meets Disability 2009 The MIT Press; ISBN: 978-0262162555 (Paperback) Design, Accessibility, Universal Usability Review
Cover of Processing Reas, Casey; Fry, BenProcessing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists 2007 The MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0262182629; ISBN-13: 978-0262182621 DesignReview
Cover of Presentation Zen Reynolds, GarrPresentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery 2008 Addison-Wesley Longman; ISBN: 0321525655 GeneralReview
Cover of Net Smart Rheingold, HowardNet Smart: How to Thrive Online 2012 The MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0262017458; ISBN-13: 978-0262017459 GeneralReview
Cover of Microinteractions Saffer, DanMicrointeractions: Designing with Details 2013 O’Reilly Media; ISBN-10: 144934268X; ISBN-13: 978-1449342685 Usability: UI designReview
Cover of Design is the Problem Shedroff, NathanDesign is the Problem: The Future of Design Must be Sustainable 2009 Rosenfeld Media; ISBN: 1-933820-00-4 (Paperback + PDF); ISBN: 1-933820-01-2 (2 PDF editions) General, DesignReview
Cover of Designing the User Interface, 5th edition Shneiderman, Ben; Plaisant, Catherine; Cohen, Maxine; Jacobs, StevenDesigning the User Interface (5th Edition) 2009 Pearson Addison-Wesley; ISBN-10: 0321537351; ISBN-13: 978-0321537355 (Hardcover) Usability: UI designReview
Cover of Designing the User Interface, 4th edition Shneiderman, Ben; Plaisant, CatherineDesigning the User Interface (4th Edition) 2004 Pearson Addison-Wesley; ISBN: 0321197680 (Hardcover) Usability: UI designReview
Cover of Leonardo's Laptop Shneiderman, BenLeonardo’s Laptop 2002 The MIT Press; ISBN: 0262194767 (Hardcover); ISBN: 0262692996 (Paperback) GeneralReview
Cover of  Paper Prototyping Snyder, CarolynPaper Prototyping 2003 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 1558608702 (Paperback) Design: PrototypingReview
Cover of Information Visualization (2nd Ed.) Spence, RobertInformation Visualization (2nd edition) 2007 Prentice-Hall (Pearson); ISBN: 0132065509 (Hardcover) Information: Information presentationReview
Cover of Information Visualization Spence, RobertInformation Visualization 2000 Addison-Wesley (ACM Press); ISBN: 0201596261 (Hardcover) Information: Information presentationReview
Cover of Shaping Things Sterling, BruceShaping Things 2005 MIT Press; ISBN: 0262693267 (Paperback); ISBN: 026219533X (Hardcover) General, DesignReview
Cover of In the Bubble Thackara, JohnIn the Bubble – Designing in a Complex World 2005 The MIT Press; ISBN: 0262201577 General, DesignReview
Cover of Press On Thimbleby, HaroldPress On: Principles of Interaction Programming 2007 The MIT Press; ISBN-10: 0262201704; ISBN-13: 978-0262201704 Design: UI designReview
Cover of Visual Thinking: For Design Ware, ColinVisual Thinking: For Design 2008 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 0123708966 Design, Visualization Review
Cover of Information Visualization, 3rd edition Ware, Colin Information Visualization, Third Edition: Perception for Design 2012 Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN-10: 0123814642; ISBN-13: 978-0123814647 Design, Visualization Review
Cover of Cultivating Communities of Practice Wenger, Etienne; Snyder, William M.; MacDermott, RichardCultivating Communities of Practice 2002 Harvard Business School Press; ISBN: 1578513308 GeneralReview
Cover of Bringing Design to Software

Winograd, Terry (Ed.)

Bringing Design to Software

1996 Addison-Wesley; ISBN: 0201854910 (Paperback) Design: Software design, UI designReview


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