SAP Screen Personas is a critical part of the SAP user experience strategy. It is the ideal solution for scenarios not yet covered by Fiori applications or for an organization’s custom transactions. Customers can use SAP Screen Personas to simplify their existing SAP GUI screens or WebDynpro ABAP applications to meet their unique needs and increase productivity. You can build Fiori-inspired flavors to provide a similar look and feel to native Fiori apps.


SAP provides design guides and Fiori-Inspired sample content for SAP Screen Personas.


In this video, we explain all the steps you need to create a Fiori-inspired List Report, including:

* analyzing the transaction flow

* creating a Fiori theme,

* building a Fiori-inspired version of transaction


This example simplifies transaction COIS using some simple scripts. We show how to add Fiori design elements in the right positions on the screen, using the information in the style guide to create a simplified and intuitive screen.


Here are step by step instructions for a generic Fiori-inspired List Report Floorplan



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