The idea of collaborative brand persona started with a project team meeting with people from marketing, IT, sales and customer service. All of them had different agendas and they all had one thing in common: their company brand.  

When do I use this method?

You need to align with different stakeholders on a common vision for your brand. The branding needs to fit across a range of products. Please note that this method does not go into depth but it is a tool that helps you maintain consistency through many projects. Do not use this method if you want to develop a new brand.  

How do I use this method?

Brainstorm “strengths” and “limitations” by writing keywords on post-it notes. The first brainstorming defines the current state. Repeat the brainstorming to define the future/target state. Then evaluate the results together on a canvas and build your “brand toy” (using a tool e.g. or modeling material).  

What are the benefits?

The team will get a mutual understanding with common goals and a common vocabulary. The emotional point of view provides valuable insights. This method brings your brand closer to all projects and reinforces customer brand recognition.   brand_persona Duration: 3 hours Number of people: 2 or more Level of expertise: Intermediate   Author: Markus Lackner (kraftwerk) Source:

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