At the beginning of a project there are often the same questions. There is a concrete situation or a concrete product and you have to do a deep dive to get the answers. Which story is strong enough to cover all products or services? For answering these questions, we introduce a method created by Valentin Heyde and Christian Riedel. 

When do I use this method?

Use this method when you want to identify the core story behind all communications relating to a brand or company. This method is particularly useful for group workshops.  

How do I use this method?

Use the questions and keywords in the core story canvas to identify the key elements of your brand or product. Start with the four fields on the left side:   1)    What? What is your product or service? 2)    For whom? Who are your customers? 3)    In competition with? Who are your direct or indirect competitors? 4)    Different from? What are you doing different from others?   Every team member should answer these questions alone. Afterwards all the results will be compared and the team learns about the different points of view to these core questions from the others in the team.     The team then answers all the questions on the right side, except the fields with a star (*).   1)    Topic – What is at issue? 2)    Conflict – What you are fighting for? 3)    Unique value proposition – What is special about your product/service? 4)    Heroes – Who plays the central role in your story? 5)    Stage – How do customers experience your story?     Once this is done, the team will be able to fill in “Point of view” and “Mission.”   1)    Point of view – What do you believe? 2)    Mission – How will you change the world?   Here you can find the emotional core of your story.     The last fields on the right are marked with a star (*) and will help your team to check your core story against the real world (today’s world).   1)    Today’s world* – What is the today’s problem? What makes your story important? 2)    History* – What from the past proves your story? 3)    Magic Facts* – Which facts make your story stronger? 4)    User Storys* – Which user stories support your story?   core_story_canvas_scribble_3 At the end you will get a first draft of your core story.   OUR CORE STORY: In a time when _____________________ (context) we believe _____________________ (belief) and imagine a world, that _____________________ (vision). That is why we are a _____________________ (organization, company, party) That offers _____________________ (product, service) For _____________________ (clients, customers) who want _____________________ (need, pain, want) and search/need _____________________ (benefit, value). Other than _____________________ (alternatives, competitors) We are able to _____________________ (feature) AND WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL _____________________ (MISSION).

What are the benefits?

Clear idea of the point of view and the mission, emotional and new way of thinking about the brand or the company, long-term strategy which influences your product development. This Core Story Canvas is a wonderful tool to use it in group workshops.     Duration: Up to 1 day Number of people: 2 or more Level of expertise: Intermediate   Authors: Valentin Heyde, Christian Riedel Source:

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