Whether you are looking for SAP’s latest design guidelines or something a little bit older, we’ve collected all the links for you in this one handy spot: The SAP Design Guidelines and Resources page right here on the SAP User Experience Community.

Included are links to the SAP Fiori design principles as well as the brand-new Web IDE design guidelines. You will also find links to many other design and UI-related guidelines, all sorted by technology: SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, native mobile guidelines, and more. 

Should you be looking for SAP user interface and design guidelines that are not linked from this page, just let us know by replying to this post or writing us an email.  

Oh yeah, one more thing. We will continually update the SAP Design Guidelines and Resources page as newer guidelines and resources become available. Each time we make a signficant update to the guidelines page, we will comment to this post. So click the follow conversation button below to make sure you stay on top of the latest news regarding SAP’s design and UI guidelines.

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  • Tim Back   3 years ago

    Hello Arnaud,

    unfortunately, this guideline doesn’t exist. When UI5’s UX3 control library was created it looked as if such a guideline was going to be compiled, however, this never happened. So, the reference in the name is wrong and it will be corrected in the upcoming UI5 release 1.28.

    Best regards,