The combination of a new approach and something familiar like newspaper headlines motivates users in the creative thinking process.


When do I use this method?

Use this method when you want to develop a vision for a product, especially how it will be perceived by the market.


How do I use this method?

Each participant writes the headline of a newspaper article. The headline should reflect what that person would like to read when the new product comes out. All headlines are posted on a wall and each person explains his or her headline.


For example:

“PRODUCT XY is the new reference for business user experience”

“COMPANY XY does it again”

“PRODUCT XY brings UX to another level”


What are the benefits?

A fast method to get a feel for the different directions the product vision could take.



Duration: 3 hours

Number of people: 2 or more

Level of expertise: Newbie

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